Twitter Marketing: the Best Twitter Strategies for Bloggers in 2021

The best twitter strategies for bloggers in 2020

Blogging and social media marketing are complementary channels for almost every business online today. 

Years back, Twitter was just a platform for millennials to hang out, drop updates and follow trends but today, business e are built on Twitter. Brands are now going on twitter to tap into its large user base. 

With the platform’s 300 million monthly users, businesses can tap into the social network for audience growth. 

Some of these online businesses could be big stores, agencies, organizations, institutions and many more. Blogs today depend on traffic and lead generation to survive the test of time. 

Twitter has helped me build relationships with influencers, grow an audience base, generate traffic and leads to my blog. This makes it a powerful tool in the marketing space today. 

Over the years, I’ve also worked closely with a few companies to manage and grow on their brands on Twitter.

I’ve also written a bunch of articles on twitter marketing and management. 


Well, I have the necessary knowledge and experience to pass on to you. 

Just like I’ve mentioned earlier, twitter basically has been the foundation to my blog’s success. As a matter of fact, not just me, I have a couple of blogging buddies who have done mighty things online using Twitter. 

To delve a little deeper, with the right approach and strategies, you can begin generating 1000s of traffic from the platform. This may or may not be fast though. 

Today, twitter isn’t what it used to be. 

It’s not like Pinterest or Facebook that can easily drive 1000s of visitors to your website. 

Twitter requires patience, time and readership. 

What does this mean? I’ll explain;

To be able to see tangible results from Twitter, you need to invest time (or money) to the right strategies or tools to ensure you grow your audience base on the platform. 

The bigger your audience (or follower-ship) on Twitter, the better marketing results you’ll see. That’s to say, Twitter is indeed time-sucking but in this long guide, I’ll be revealing the best and easiest twitter marketing strategies you can implement right away to grow your blog brand on the platform.

Twitter: Understanding the Twitter Algorithm in 2021

Firstly, what is twitter marketing?

Well, here’s my definition of twitter marketing;

“Twitter marketing is simply the process of getting your message or offer out across to the right twitter users at the right time”

What does this imply?

To grow a blog brand on twitter in 2020, you must have an offer, a message or an objective that you want to help your target audience accomplish. 

Three things involved in growing every twitter brand organically? The best brands today have;

  • And offer message or objective. 
  • An audience they understand deeply. 
  • A Twitter marketing plan. 

10 years back, twitter algorithm was super easy to crack and marketing personnel could get messages across to users on the platform for free without even implementing strategies or tweaks. 

The Twitter application today aims at building a friendly social network, where users come for news, company (or brand) updates, check their favorite celebrities, gossip blogs and many more. 

No one wants to meet bots and spammers on social media platforms. 

In fact, I think sometime last year, Twitter was doing a mass clean up on its users. Fake accounts, bots, inactive and spam accounts are being closed to ensure a ‘safer’ tweeting environment. 

I’ve looked into (and worked with) about 3 brands to manage their Twitter accounts; what I’ve noticed is that the most successful brands always have a clear message, offer and an objective. 

What is it that you want to do?

What do you stand for?

What are you an expert in?

What do you help your customers or clients do?

What pain points does your blog content pieces help readers solve?

These are questions you must answer in order to have a solid twitter brand that kills it. 

All other strategies and tweaks would fall after you get clear on why.

Secondly, a deep understanding of your target audience is crucial as well. Come to think of it;

How can you propose an offer to a person you don’t even know and understand?

To create irresistible offers or messages, you must understand your target readers, fans and how they think. 

You must have a deep understanding of what they do, their social and psychological status, financial strengths, weaknesses, and many more. 

You must know the reasons for certain actions your target audience takes. In other words, you must know your ideal reader like yourself. 

Finally, a Twitter marketing plan that kills it. 

When you have a little goal in mind, you must have a clear path on how to get there. Twitter today works for those who have clear strategies on how to achieve the results that they want. 

Having a good plan could take your Twitter account from 0-10,000 followers in less than 6 weeks. 

No that’s not made up, we’ve grown our own twitter account to 10,000 in a few months. 

Follow UniClix On Twitter

Now that you’ve understood the basic twitter algorithm that is still working for businesses, marketers, and bloggers, let’s go ahead and dive into the main thing that brought you here;

Twitter Marketing: the Best Twitter Strategies for Bloggers in 2021

For better understanding, I’ve broken this long list into 3 categories, this way, you know what you want to read first or last. 

  • Strategies to Generate Traffic
  • Strategies to Grow Influence
  • Strategies to Boost Engagements Quickly 

Strategies to Generate Traffic

Here are some of the most powerful strategies to generate traffic from your twitter pages (that still work in 2021):

Grow your followers to 10,000

Growing your Twitter followers is the basic structure you every brand needs for a successful twitter marketing strategy. 

Growing your Twitter followers will not only help you generate more free traffic to your blog but will also increase engagements and interactions. 

Though it’s different in some cases, for most twitter accounts, more followers means more eyeballs on your tweets hence more clicks to your links.

There are lots of different ways to grow your twitter followers and lucky for you, we’ve written an extensive guide about this in the past. 

In the post, we revealed the most hidden twitter strategies that took us from 0 to 10K followers on the platform in less than 3 months. 

Ok, how did we grow that fast?

Well, the simple most important thing is we built a tool that helped us attain this milestone. 

It’s Uniclix!

Uniclix is a social media management tool that lets users manage their social media presence without wasting much time and big budgets. In Uniclix, we also built a cool twitter tool for our users. 

What this tool does is it uses keywords, data and similar accounts to increase your followers. 

Read the full guide here:

How to Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours [2019 Secret Hacks Revealed

Bonus: How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets

Pin your favorite blog post on your page

This has proven to be one of the best ways to attract traffic to a website or a blog. Your pinned tweet is literally the first thing anybody who visits your page sees. 

It’s stuck below your profile and gets all the reach. 

That’s how to get clicks to your blog. 

  • Do not put funny texts or quotes as your pinned tweet. Look for your favorite blog post in terms of CTR and value. 

The easier a post attracts readers (higher CTR), the better chances it has as your pinned tweet. 

Create an enticing bio with a CTA

Your bio is real estate investment twitter (and every other social network out there). You can drive a good amount of clicks to your blog posts by writing enticing bio with a call to action (CTA).

Why’s a CTA necessary?

Well, without a CTA, they’ll be nothing to click or learn more about. Your bio should offer your readers something quick but valuable. 

Is it a blog post? Free template, guide, course, ebook, or video?

Customized Twitter Bio

Schedule your old, top-performing content pieces

Most times, after we hit publish on a blog post, we share it out a couple times or probably schedule it a few times and after we publish newer posts, we forget about it. 

Some of these blog posts are killer posts and would continually perform and attract clicks.

This is one reason I advise putting more effort into evergreen content than timed-content. 

Side Note: Want to schedule your social media content? Use our very own tool, Uniclix and let us know what you think.

Use Uniclix to schedule your tweets frequently

Creating a plan and scheduling your tweets has become even more important today. Content planning on twitter will help you add better value to your followers. 


Imagine, you plan out different content ideas like short tips and tricks, opinions, blog posts, quotes and infographics. Then you schedule one of each of the content type above to be published at least once everyday. 

This means one tip (that ads value), one opinion (on something related to your industry), one blog post link, an influential quote, and one infographic every single day. 

That’s a ton of value in a day. 

Twitter content planning is now more important and you should be doing that right now.

Hashtags have been a thing for quite some time now. It’s a word, phrase or a sentence preceded by the pound sign (#). 

Trending Twitter Hashtags

They can increase the visibility of your social media posts but if we’re been honest, adding a bunch of twitter hashtags within your tweets and hoping it ‘explodes’ doesn’t cut through. 

But I’ve noticed a little twitter feature that would help you add just hashtags that are a bit trendy at the moment of tweeting. 

Noticed this?

Recommended Twitter Hashtags
Wednesday Trending Hashtags on Twitter

When you try to add a hashtag within your tweet, twitter automatically suggests hashtags and shows how many tweets had been sent using the hashtag within the last hour. 

Pretty cool, yeah?

Now, put more focus on trendy hashtags to better your chances of ‘getting seen’.

Twitter Ads

Yes, Twitter Ads made the list. Social media networks are businesses, they have employees and pay taxes. Social media ads are one major way they make money. 

If driving traffic is your objective, learning the twitter ads basics and giving it a try would be great. 

Here are 3 blog posts to help you get started with twitter Ads:

Twitter Ads Guide for Beginners Lilach Bullock

9 Twitter Advertising Guides That’ll Help You Generate Better Results for Less – Neil Pate

Your Complete Guide to Twitter Ads – Rapid Boost Marketing

Strategies to Grow Influence

Here are some of the best strategies to grow your (blog) influence on Twitter. 

Participate in Twitter Chats

Participating in twitter chats has proven to be a great way to build your influence on Twitter pretty fast. Twitter chats are discussions held on twitter around a particular industry, niche or topic. 

Looking for twitter chats to join? Check this out:

The Ultimate List of 134 Trending Twitter Hashtags for Businesses in 2019

When questions are asked, drop answers and show expertise. Join discussions, ask questions and provide value to participants in discussions. 

To add to this, you could pitch twitter chat hosts to be a special guest in their #twitterchats. It goes a long way in building your (blog) influence. 

Collaborate with niche influencers

Partnering with niche influencers is one of the fastest ways to grow your influence. You can easily tap into their influence (audience) by collaborating with them. 

How can you collaborate?

You don’t need to overthink it, blog post contributions, expert roundups, interviews and video collaborations are a great way to start. Influencers always welcome these collaborations and are almost always interested in them. 

Want to learn how to create an expert roundup post? Read this:

Share your masterclasses or webinars 

Master classes and webinars are one of the fastest ways to build influencers online today. People want to see people live, ask questions, learn from them and watch them talk. 

Webinars are powerful and with the proper approach, it can be the foundation for your blog marketing
Hosting a webinar or master class? Carry your twitter followers along. Tweet it out, ask for retweets or get influencers to share them out for you.

Focus on adding value rather than getting results

To add value is to make a positive impact on something or someone. Your followers expect free content or some sort of value for following your page. 

Adding value to your followers has never been more important yet most marketers tend to forget this. To create a balance, the majority of my tweets focus on adding value rather than asking for retweets, clicks or shares. 

Around fifty to eighty percent of your tweets should add some sort of value to your followers. 

Repurpose your blog articles on twitter

Sometime last year, twitter increased the twitter maximizing character count to 280. This means, we get to pass even longer messages on Twitter. 

That’s a huge change since twitter began with 140 characters which was a little bit low for conveying messages on the platform. In fact, some blog post headlines can’t fit into 140 characters but with 240, we can do more. 

Go through your blog posts and pick out certain paragraphs that can instantly add value to your followers. Here’s an example;

Customized Tweet

Schedule 3-5 of these everyday. 

Strategies to Boost Twitter Engagements

Strategies to boost twitter engagements in 2021? Here are some of the best we’ve found out. 

Use 2-3 Hashtags per tweet

Hashtags are still very important even though I’ve noticed a decline in how effective they are. Hashtags are one of the best ways you can increase your reach and engagements regardless. 

Unlike other strategies to grow your engagements, using hashtags is in fact the easiest way to attain more reach. The better a hashtag performs, the better results you can get. 

To use hashtags effectively, there are 2 steps;

  • Find hashtags in your niche. 
  • Select top performing tags to use. 

I use a free tool, hashtagify which lets you see the popularity of any hashtag you want. Sounds great, yeah?

Hashtagify also suggests a couple similar hashtags to any hashtag you search for. 

Hashtagify suggestions

This basically helps you find hashtags in your niche fast rather than having to manually search around. 

Check to see the popularity of each hashtag before adding it to your arsenal. 

Quote and tag people

Quotes have been proven to attract engagements better than most types of tweets. Quotes generally resonate with everyone hence is easy to relate and engage with. 

Quotes are super effective in doing 2 things;

  • Increasing your chances are engagements. 
  • Building better relationships with influencers. 

Building better relationships with influencers is key today because it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your influence, engagements and business. 

How do you build relationships with influencers?

Simply find their content pieces, pick out certain lines, phrases, sentences or paragraphs and tweet it out. Don’t forget you to always tag the influencer and link back to the original content. 

I’ve built great relationships quickly by quoting and tagging niche influencers.

Share content by industry influencers and businesses

A bit similar to the previous tip, sharing influencers content and tagging them could lift your engagements. 

People always love it when other people share their stuff online. Businesses will always appreciate your tweet and sometimes reshare. 

Simply finding great content pieces, tweeting and tagging the original owner would go a long way to growing your retweets, likes and reshares. 

Small businesses and niche influencers are the best to target for this strategy. 

Ask questions in tweets

Questions triggers answers and replies. Asking strategic and engaging questions on your twitter would go a long way growing your brand.

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