Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy (That Actually Works)

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide For Business

With 330 million monthly active users and young demographics worldwide as of the first quarter of 2019, Twitter is one of the biggest social networks worldwide and a great platform for most marketers. The Twitter platform allows users to post messages containing 280 characters or less on their public or private feed; so having right twitter marketing strategy is a key for any influencer and business. 

Starting up a Twitter page for your company is easy. Anyone can come up with a Twitter handle, upload their profile photo, fill out their bio and send out their first Tweet.

Well, Twitter marketing is not that simple.

The average lifespan of one tweet is only about 18 minutes. Over 7,000 new tweets are sent every single second.

The shelf life of one tweet is four times shorter than anything you post on Facebook.

This makes it hard to get your messages to stick and make an impact. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

That’s why your tweets and Twitter marketing techniques have to pack a punch to get people to take action and pay attention to you.

Growing your Twitter account  takes more than sending out Tweets whenever your company has a product being released or an upcoming event. It’s about engaging with your target audience and interacting with them. Successful Twitter marketing is powerful. If you can become a pro with this fast paced social networking site, you’ll unlock new opportunities to grow your business online.


As a business owner you know that your company needs a Social Media presence.  

You may even be sending out an occasional tweet or two.  Great. Now what? Well that depends on what your Twitter marketing goals are.  Create new sales leads? Learn about and connect with customers? Seeing what the competition is up to?  Stir up a buzz about a new product launch? Share your product knowledge as an expert in your market? Build up a cult-like following loyal to your brand?  Or, perhaps you want to find and engage with top industry influencers.     

Yep, all this is possible with Twitter marketing.  

Utilizing Twitter efficiently is a great way to grow your business.  Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned “Tweeter” this article will show you how to implement a successful marketing strategy.  Without a well thought out plan you may end up wasting your time and in the long run you risk doing more harm than good for your brand.      


Plan your work and work your plan.  

Consider why your business is using Twitter.  If your answer is something along the lines of “because everyone else is” then, my friend, you’ve got some work to do. And yes, twitter marketing strategy its a must for you. 

First off, take some time and think of what business objectives you would like to accomplish using Twitter.  From your objectives then set your goals, timelines, define success and develop a strategy to get there.  For example, let’s assume that you want to promote your brand to attract new customers and increase long term customer loyalty (objective); then you might create a series of posts offering a free trial in order to gain potential new customers (goal).      

Be sure to also set time parameters and define success.  Doing this at the start will make it easy for you to measure progress towards your goals.  Is it one conversion each day, or 10 new leads a week, or 50 new followers by the end of the month? Is your marketing campaign working?  Are you getting the results you want? Monitor the process to be sure your strategy is producing the positive results you want from Twitter.  Otherwise you may need to pivot and adjust your marketing message to make sure it’s on point.

Other points to consider as you develop a successful marketing game plan:

  • You may have multiple social media accounts so there is a temptation to post the same content across multiple platforms.  Resist. It’s best to keep your Twitter presence exclusive. Each platform has its own unique user base so you ideally want to focus on building your presence one network at a time.  This also helps you come across as truly authentic and develops a trust with your specific tribe. keep authentic twitter marketing strategy for each account.   
  • Identify your specific target audience.  This is key in twitter marketing. It’s a big Twitter world out there and that makes it easy to miss your mark if you’re not laser focused.  Who would use your product? Who would follow your brand? Focus on crafting a message that speaks to your audience. This will encourage your future customers to engage with your brand.
    • With a Uniclix Twitter Follower app you can grow your community on Twitter by targeting the right audience. Think of our Booster tool as a matchmaker that connects you with people most interested in what you have to offer.
  • Key Tips on how to use Twitter Follower app for successful Twitter marketing: 
      • Follow relevant users only: Find users by interest, hashtags, location, and channels. Just set your target and we will find you most relevant active users to follow.
      • Unfollow Inactive users: Find inactive or non-engaging users that you follow. With few clix a day clear your follow list and get rid of spammers.
  • Research your market competition.  Gathering valuable information about your competitors will assist you in creating a unique twitter marketing message.  What are they doing well? What can you do differently? what is their twitter marketing strategy? Consider all the angles.  Your research might just reveal an opening for your business brand to step in and dominate the market. Knowing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is vitally important.    
    • Uniclix Stream tool is a great way to manage mentions and Monitor keywords and hashtags. Search by Keyword function will allow you to discover social conversation by hashtag, keyword in all languages to hear what people are saying about your industry, competition and your brand. 
  • In essence Twitter as a social media tool is a conversation between your brand and your fan base. So, use the Twitter platform as an extension of your overall social media strategy. In other words, while the content presented is unique to your Twitter followers, does it compliment your brand’s overall image?  The answer should be yes.   

When you get serious about twitter marketing strategy your business can see dramatic results.  Having a Twitter marketing strategy in your playbook arsenal is vital in helping you achieve your business goals.    


Now that you have a Twitter marketing game plan in place it’s game time.  Let go over the top Twitter marketing suggestions for your business. Master these and you will be well on your way to success. 

Create a great Twitter profile

Not only is your Twitter profile the face of your business, it is the virtual window to your company. A professional profile helps to develop trust with your audience and gives your fan base a direct channel to engage with you.  Twitter gives you limited real estate (280 characters) so be sure to choose your words and hashtags with care. For best results, make sure to optimize your profile settings. For example, with a few simple edits you can target a specific physical area and make it easy for folks to connect with your brand and your products.  

It’s not enough to just open the virtual doors and say ‘open for business’ you have to actively engage people.  Optimizing your profile is a terrific start. Also, if possible have your profile verified by Twitter. Verified equals trust.  A blue checkmark next to your account name is prime real estate as your fan base will know that they can trust your Brand. Nicely done.  

Create valuable content

No brainer.  Everyone is competing for eyeballs.  Twitter forces you to keep it short (280 characters) but your tweets should still be in line with your brand’s image, very easy to read, and most importantly likely to appeal with your target audience.  You can also use a URL shortener (possible link?) to shorten the amount of space used in a tweet. Also the use of hashtags allows you to designate content so that your tweets are grouped with other relevant Twitter information.  Your following will grow if you make it easy for other users to find your content. Your content message needs an audience so be sure to use hashtags properly to help you find it.  

One of the most effective ways to create worthwhile content is to help your audience.  In other words, create content that your followers will actually read and then use accordingly.  This can be accomplished through offering suggestions, or a how to guide, or solving a common problem.  Engage and learn what your followers desire and what they respond to.   

Through use of Uniclix Content Curation tool you Simplify Your Social Content Curation process. basically you can find & share content on the fly. Uniclix auto-suggests content relevant to your topics of interest so that you don’t have to spend hours searching on the internet.

Listen: People are talking to make sure you listen 

Rather than just focusing on using Twitter to broadcast information to your followers (which is what most folks do), your business can take advantage of the Twitter platform for social listening.  These days what happens when a customer has a complaint about a product or service? They use social media as an outlet and they expect a response! Would your company be ready to react and respond?  Through social listening you can acquire instant feedback on how your own brand is perceived. 

As a business owner you need to know what your Twitter community is talking about and what your competitors are doing.  Listen for any industry buzzwords and find out who do they engage with? These are just two examples of the type of valuable data obtained by listening on Twitter.  Both pain points and opportunities will be discovered through social listening.     

Engage with your audience. 

Twitter at its core is a platform that allows people to connect and engage on a personal level.  From a business standpoint you can use this to your advantage by engaging on a daily basis with your followers.  

Follow, listen, and learn from your community.  Tweets within your network can give you an abundance of marketing insights.  Information about your followers’ interests, preferences, desires, problems, etc. can all acquired through engagement.  Get involved. Retweet and like relevant information. Follow customers and competitors. In short, be in ‘the know’ when it comes to your industry.  Also, use the @mentions and tag people when you mention followers or influencers. Creating a positive Twitter community is a terrific way to increase your followers.  More followers that will, hopefully, result in more customers.  

What’s the easiest way to engage?  Though there are different opinions on the answer we recommend that you become interactive.  Send a question out to your followers and see how they respond. You just might be surprised by what you will learn from your audience.  


Twitter continues to evolve and as a marketing tool for entrepreneurs it is a driving force within social media.  “What are you doing” in 140 characters? Not anymore … it is now “where are WE going?” Twitter has become a mighty platform built on meaningful connections both in the real and digital world.  Your Twitter marketing strategy, therefore, is a key component to the success of your business. Indeed

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