Tweepi Twitter Growth Tool vs. Uniclix Twitter Follower Booster

Uniclix vs Tweepi
At one point in time, we’ve probably looked for tools to grow our twitter pages very quickly.

With the right strategies, tool or system, your twitter brand could be attracting thousands of followers monthly. In this guide, we’re looking at 2 efficient twitter growth tools to use in 2019 even as we enter 2020.

What tools?

Our very own Uniclix twitter growth tool and the popular Tweepi twitter growth tool!

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the effectiveness of both tools, what services each tool support, plans and pricing, features and user interface but first of all, what is Uniclix?

Uniclix is a social media management tool for businesses, influencers and individuals to help them streamline their social media processes and without having to spend 100s of dollars yearly. 

Uniclix offers users a vast selection of features that are super easy to use. Come to think of this?

Have you tried managing all your major social media accounts all by yourself?

If yes then you definitely know it can be stressful, frustrating and time consuming. 

We created Uniclix to help you ease these. Thus in a nutshell, Uniclix helps you save time on social media networks and the good thing about it is that you don’t have to spend 100s yearly. 

On that note, what’s Tweepi?

Just like you’ve guessed, Tweepi is a Twitter management tool for users to help grow their Twitter accounts easily. Prior to this blog guide, I reached out to a few social media influencers who are my close buddies to share what their experiences are with Tweepi. 

Basically, Tweepi uses artificial intelligence to monitor your twitter account. It does this by monitoring your tweets, the accounts you follow and ones who follow you. 

Tweepi monitors the twittersphere to find the most interesting tweets and accounts to engage with. 

If you’ve been following our blog here at Uniclix, you must have noticed we’re really focused on helping our readers grow their twitter followers and that’s because it’s a vital step in social media marketing. 

Why’s that so?

Stats reveal that!

According to Twitter, users said they were more likely to trust a brand if they had a reasonable amount of followers on the platform. 

Here’s the thing…

Imagine getting an offer from a twitter brand with 10 followers while following 235 users. 

You’ll most likely pass that out yeah?

That’s how important growing your twitter followers is. 

At the moment, we’ve managed to grow to over 10,000 twitter followers in less than 6 months using our very own twitter growth tool, Uniclix. 

Want to know how? Read on!

General Uniclix Features

Tweepi vs. Uniclix

Just like we’ve mentioned, Uniclix offers a vast majority of features for its users and here are some of the features we’re proud of. 

Social media scheduling: A while back, I came across a study that revealed that social media marketers spend at least 6 hours weekly on social media management – this might not come as a surprise to you because you probably spend way more than 6 hours weekly. 

In fact, when we started out early here at Uniclix, we were spending anywhere around 7 to 19 hours on our social media networks especially Twitter but as we built the tool and introduced the twitter growth booster feature, we’ve grown tremendously on the platform. 

Without wasting much of your time, let’s go into the meaty aspect of today’s content – the similarities and differences of Tweepi and our very own Uniclix.

Uniclix features:

Twitter growth booster: Twitter growth booster is one of the most powerful features we’ve built in Uniclix and most of all, it’s automated. 

What does this imply?

You only have to set a few things up like keywords, similar accounts and related hashtags to begin. Just like I’ve mentioned, we were able to go from 100 Twitter followers to over 10,000 awesome followers within just a few months (5 to 6 months). 

Tweepi Twitter Growth Tool

The twitter growth booster feature allows users follow and unfollow other users on the platform.

On the dashboard, you can see your friends, new followers, unfollowers and fans. This helps build a more solid twitter brand for you or your business. 

Tweepi vs. Uniclix Twitter Booster

Social media management (for major platforms): Unlike Tweepi, we decided to let our users manage other major social media networks on the same dashboard without having to find or pay for other tools or plugins. 

What networks do we support?

As we’re still doing our very best to build the tool, we only support Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the moment. 

Note: be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know when we start supporting other social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. 

This primarily, with Uniclix you can schedule your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just a few clicks. 

This way, we basically help you save a ton of time from manually sending tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

Auto Dm: Few weeks back, we published a guide on how we use auto direct messages to grow our Twitter accounts. 

There are tons of twitter auto direct messaging tools and apps out there but how about getting this feature all in one place?

Think of it…

UniClix users get access to Twitter growth, follow & unfollow, content curation and the automated DM feature. 

Pretty great, yeah?

Content curation: content curation is a crucial part of social media marketing and with Uniclix, you can easily curate useful content for your social media followers with just a few clicks. 

To make it better, Uniclix primarily finds and recommends useful content for you on the same dashboard. Great yeah?

Here’s how the content curation dashboard on Uniclix looks like:

Uniclix Content Curation

Social Listening: As a social media marketer and business, we understand the importance and value of social listening to businesses. 

Side note: Here’s an extra read on social listening.

Today, there’s a high rate of growth on social media thus a higher rate of conversations and interactions between users and even brands. 

With effective social listening, you can be able to track what people say about you, your brand or business and we built Uniclix to help you do this.

Primarily, social listening lets you;

  • Track what users say on social media. 
  • Find useful insights about your competitors. 
  • Analyze these insights to grow your brand. 

We made it as easy as possible and with Uniclix, you can simply use the ‘keywords’ feature to perform a keyword search, brand mentions and browse through streams. 

Uniclix vs Tweepi

Tweepi Features


Unlike, Uniclix, Tweepi doesn’t support more than one social media network; tweepi supports Twitter and basically helps you grow on the platform. 

It is a twitter tool that provides vital features to its users to help grow on the platform. 

Tweepi is also one of the largest twitter marketing tools which are used by more than 1.5 million users worldwide. 

Just like I’ve mentioned earlier, Tweepi uses AI technology to help grow your twitter account. Basically, it works with shared interests, similar accounts and trends to build twitter account. 

It also uses AI technology to look at your rivals twitter stats and compare. According to the few twitter influencers I’ve emailed prior to this blog post, this feature is helpful and can help you find the strategies similar accounts or your competitors are using. 

What features does Tweepi have?

Growing your followers: one thing most people love about this tool is that almost everything works automatically and it requires just a little work from the user’s end. On this tool, clients enter key information (just like Uniclix), and then let the AI do the rest. 

The system uses this information to find relevant followers and users you can follow. 

To grow your twitter account, tweepi finds suggestions on who to follow and what tweets to retweet or engage with. You can also see your friends, rivals and who doesn’t follow you. 

Most reviews (users) report that they start seeing results within hours of signing up.

Track Mentions: Tracking mentions is super important and with Tweepi, you can easily do this which is also on both free and paid versions. 

The AI helps track your @ mentions on twitter, competitor mentions, rival posts similar tweets and twitter profiles. 

How important is tracking mentions?

Well, I’ve used Twitter mentions to score a client a while back. How?

I simply used a tool (Uniclix) to track mentions of keywords like “freelancer needed” and “blogger needed”. Within 5 days, I was getting alerts on new tweets looking for new bloggers and freelancers.

Getting Likes: Using trends and common interests, the system helps users get likes and retweets on the network. Another thing most users love about Tweepi is that both free and paid plans have this feature. 

Users can view people’s profiles and use this to form relationships that can then build likes and retweets overtime on your tweets. 

Supported Services

Uniclix: Supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Tweepi: Only supports Twitter growth.

Plans and Pricing

Uniclix pricing plans?

$9.99 for the starting price, $41.7 for premium and $150 for the agency plan. 

Tweepi pricing plans?

$10.75 for the starting price and $20.75 for Platinum. 

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