30 Top Direct Sales Companies

Let me guess you were impressed by a presentation from a distributor, and now you’re considering joining a direct sales company. Or you want to increase your income by selling products that you love for a commission. Surely, there are many reasons why you can start a direct sales business.

The direct sales industry is growing strong, with more participants than at any time in the past. Since most consumers are online and nowadays order products online, distributors have changed tactics and started recruiting through various social media platforms. You can quickly close sales with a few tricks and watch your income grow as an independent distributor 

If you are looking to start a direct sales business, then you can look into the 30 companies listed in this article. Some of these companies allow you to join through their website, while others require you to engage a consultant. 

What is direct selling?

Direct selling refers to the process of selling a product to a consumer away from store locations. Sales occur online, at work, or home instead of the retail environment. 

Direct selling often eliminates people involved in the distribution of products such as wholesalers. The product goes from the manufacturer to the direct sales company to a distributor, then to the consumer.  

Products sold through direct sales companies are hard to find in normal retail locations. To get these products, you will have to contact a distributor associated with the direct sales company which markets them. 

When people hear about direct sales, they think of multi-level marketing companies and pyramid schemes. Although MLMs use direct sales for marketing their products, they are not the only ones. Most companies that offer business to business (B2B) products also apply direct sales. B2B products are services that companies sell to other companies instead of consumers. So a company can use sales representatives for marketing its product to companies that may need it.  

Why Direct sales 

As a distributor, direct sales allow you to earn an income and grow your own business. And as a consumer, it gives you an alternative to retail stores and enables you to access high-quality products at an affordable rate. Here are some of the benefits of venturing into direct sales.

1. Increase in income 

Whether you intend to get extra cash for your household or build a full-time business and leave your 9-5 job, direct sales business has the potential to increase your income. Most people in this industry earn way more than the average salary of employees in other sectors. Even better, your previous education doesn’t play a significant role in your success in direct sales. Your income is dependent on your hard work and skills that you acquire as you make sales. 

2. You have a flexible schedule

Direct selling gives you the freedom to do whatever you want when you like. If you are held up on a particular day, then you can make sales the next day. Whether you are a college student, a stay-at-home mom, or a full-time employee, you can always plan your direct sales business around your responsibilities.

3. You create friendships and relationships 

Direct sales business opens you to a vast network of like-minded people who will help you succeed. Experienced distributors will support and encourage you when you’re starting. They believe that every one of them is entitled to success, unlike in normal companies where a promotion always creates tension among employees. 

4. You acquire essential business skills 

Direct selling will enable you to learn skills that may improve every aspect of your life. There is no better way to develop skills such as time management, public speaking, organization, sales techniques, effective coaching, and money management. 

5. Increased confidence

People who shied away from public speaking end up leading presentations as they grow their business. They are no longer afraid to approach people and pitch a product because of increased belief in their abilities. To succeed in the direct sales industry, you need to appear confident, dress nicely, and be knowledgeable. All these demands end up improving your self-esteem.  

6. Get a discount on products 

As a direct sales agent, you can get a discount for the product you sell to other consumers. This allows you to earn profits and increase your income. Moreover, you can get information about a new product before it is introduced into the market. And if you love the product, then you will use it before everyone else knows about it. 

7. Building your brand

Getting recognized as an expert in sales can open endless opportunities. Achievements in the direct sales industry are rewarded through appreciations by fellow distributors and your leaders. You also get consulted by various companies to help them sell their products at excellent deals.  

Direct Sales during Covid-19 

Direct sales companies have embarked on an aggressive marketing strategy aimed at recruiting distributors during the Covid-19 pandemic. They want people to know that there are alternative ways of making money while staying at home. They are taking advantage of the desperation of people who have been laid off due to the hard economic conditions caused by Covid-19. 

A direct sales business allows you to be your own boss and work from any place. Nowadays, you can sell products online through social media in the comfort of your home. Better still, your income depends on how aggressive you are. The more sales you make, the higher your income. So the Covid-19 has not negatively affected the direct sales industry. 

Types of Direct Selling

There are three types of direct selling that you can use to market your products to consumers. Multi-Level Marketing is the most common type of direct selling and is associated with pyramid schemes that sell healthy living and beauty products. 

1. Multi Level Marketing

What is Multi Level Marketing?

direct sales - MML

Multi-level marketing is also known as network marketing. It involves moving products through a network to independent distributors who can either use them or sell to end consumers. When a multi-level marketing (MLM) company establishes a salesforce, it is building a network of consumers. It doesn’t distinguish independent distributors from those who join the company just to get discounted products.

The advantage of multi-level marketing companies is that it can expand to other countries and sell many products through the network of people who have become members. These members usually enroll in subscriptions so that every month they buy the products. An MLM can continue to realize profits if its members are satisfied with its products. 

2. Host or Party Plan Sales

What is a Host or Party Plan Sales

This model of direct sales involves the distributors selling their products at a potential customer’s home. A distributor usually knows this customer personally, or they may have met online. This customer becomes the host and invites his/her friends and neighbors to the house for a party where they socialize, take light refreshments, then the distributor makes a presentation. The host will benefit by getting the products at a discount or for free.

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The purpose of the home party is to create a comfortable shopping experience with friends. The Party plan is mainly about explaining the business opportunity rather than emphasizing sales. Party plan method is based on the idea that guests will trust the distributor because the host has already used the product. Home parties are usually effective in generating sales and recruiting new distributors.   

3. Hybrid 

This model borrows the features of both the multi-level marketing and party plan direct sales types. For example, just like in the party plan model, the hybrid method involves a host inviting friends and colleagues to witness a presentation by an independent distributor. This presentation can be done online, at home, or the office. However, hybrid differs from the party plan model by emphasizing the sale of the products as much as explaining the business opportunity. 

Hybrid has some features from the multi-level marketing model. It borrows the auto-shipping program. It involved the automatic shipping of products to the homes of independent distributors and regular consumers every month. Hybrid companies may also offer discounts to customers who refer their friends and relatives to buy the products. Other perks may include free delivery and free products.   

Let me show you the list of profitable direct sales companies where you can reap huge income as a distributor. 

So read on! 

Top 30 direct sales companies 

1. Vyvo company

Probably you have heard that Vyvo has operated under different names previously. It debuted in 2013 as Global Mobile Network then changed its name to World Global Network in 2016.In early 2019, it transformed to Vyvo. It offers numerous health products, including a DNA testing kit, a health tracker, stickers to reduce radiation from your phone, among others. Vyvo has offices in Utah, United States, and Singapore, according to its website. Commissions are handled through a binary system whereby the more you recruit people, the higher your income. 

2. iBuumerang

Network marketing superstar, Holton Buggs founded iBuumerang. Based in Houston, Texas, IBuumerang is a network marketing company that offers discount travel services for its members. Simply put, iBuumerang enables you to save money while traveling across the world. As a member, you send people an invitation, also known as a boomerang, to a website containing travel deals where they can get up to a 70% discount. If they take the travel deal through your invitation, then you get paid a commision.   

3. Avon Cosmetics 

Launched in 1886, Avon Cosmetics is one of the oldest MLM companies in the world. It is famed for allowing women to get an income long before they had a right to vote. The company takes pride in its statement: put mascara on the face and put food on tables. 

4. Oriflame 

Oriflame is based in Sweden and is one of the oldest network marketing companies in the world. It offers beauty and wellness products that independent distributors use to recruit new members. All the products of Oriflame meet the standards set by the EU.

5. Herbalife 

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, Herbalife has grown into a global company with over one hundred thousand distributors and regular consumers in every part of the world. Herbalife manufactures dietary supplements that help in weight loss and improving wellness. It claims that all its products are made with natural ingredients only. 

6. Forever Living 

Forever Living offers products in various categories, including dietary supplements, skincare, beauty, slimming, and weight gain. Just like Herbalife, Forever Living products are popular and used by people across the world. 

7. Vorwek

Vorwek is a popular German network marketing company with over 650,000 distributors globally. Most of its distributors are based in the USA. Vorwek offers superior german products ranging from home appliances, flooring materials, carpets, to beauty and skincare products. 


GNLD is an acronym for Golden Neo Life Diamite Company. It is considered one of the leading network marketing companies in the US. GNLD offers hundreds of products designed to improve your health. For example, there are products they claim to treat diabetes, hypertension, and reduce bad cholesterol levels. 

9. Amway

Amway is a US-based MLM company that offers health, beauty, and home care products. Founded in 1959, Amway has grown into a trusted international brand with over 900,000 distributors worldwide. They claim that their model is easy to follow, and you can build a huge income as their distributor. 

10. Tupperware

I bet you have used a Tupperware product at some point. This company makes affordable kitchen and household products such as plastic containers for food storage. Founded in 1946, this marketing company has transformed the lives of many people, including women, as distributors.  

11. Cutco cutlery

Cutco manufactures cutlery products, including cookware, kitchen knives, sporting knives, utensils, shears, and flatware. Cutco advertises its products through home demonstrations, which is similar to the party plan method of direct sales. It also visits local events and has its retail locations across Canada and America. 

12. Primerica

Primerica offers financial and insurance services to families across America. Headquartered in Duluth Georgia, Primerica has helped struggling individuals get affordable financial solutions and overcome money problems. 

13. Nu Skin

Founded in the USA in 1990, Nu Skin offers various anti-aging products to people across the world. With its aggressive marketing strategy and a unique selling point, Nu skin is disrupting the skincare industry. It promises to make your skin look younger regardless of how old you may be. Its website is available in different languages allowing it to access target clients from many parts of the world. 

14. Jewels by Park Lane

Are you obsessed with fashion accessories and follow famous models? Then Jewels by Park Lane may be the direct sales company for you to join. Jewels by Park Lane is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers various excellent handcrafted jewelry products to its customers every season. They have an unconditional guarantee to repair or replace any jewelry that is faulty within the first 120 days of purchase. 


USANA manufactures nutritional supplements and healthcare products and sells them through multi-level marketing. USANA prides itself in having a top of the range machinery which it uses to create superior products. It is committed to delivering the best healthcare material for its customers. 

16. Mary Kay Inc 

Mary Kay Inc offers 200 premium beauty products across 40 countries all over the world. It has an impressive network of at least 3.5 million distributors who call themselves independent beauty consultants. This privately owned American Company has made millions of women gain financial freedom, thereby transforming lives. Check it out if you have a passion for beauty products. 

17. Natura Cosmeticos 

Natura Cosmeticos is a personal care products company headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It sells its products through the multi-level marketing method and has a big network of distributors in the US. The products include lipsticks, deodorants, creams, perfumes, and lotions. 

18. Pampered Chef

Do you love cooking and trying out various recipes? Then Pampered Chef may be the direct sales company for you to join. It provides unique kitchen tools, food products, and resourceful cookbooks. People across the world enjoy using the excellent kitchen tools made by Pampered Chef and are delighted to make tasty meals out of the recipes. 

19. Mistine 

Mistine is a Thailand-based company that offers eye and facial care products at fair prices. It has a strong network of distributors in the US, which mainly consists of women entrepreneurs. Most of its 6000 products have been tested and approved by the regulatory authorities in America. 

20. Shaklee

Founded in 1956, Shaklee has grown into a global brand with over 1 million distributors in different countries across the world. It manufactures dietary supplements, household products, beauty products, and weight management products. It has multiple certifications from regulatory bodies across the world. 

21. Belcorp

It’s no secret that Latinas are the most beautiful ladies in the world! Check the continent with the highest number of Miss Universe winners, then come we talk! Belcorp, a Peru based company, brings the secret to becoming as attractive as Latinas in the USA. It has close to a million beauty consultants who serve as the distributors of its products. It specializes in skincare, hair, and beauty products of all women. 

22. Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy sells energy services such as electricity and natural gas through multi-level marketing in deregulated markets across the US. The company has over 250,000 independent distributors that recruit new members and sell its products. 

23. ACN

American Communication Network is the largest direct seller of telecommunications in the world. Headquartered in Concord, the company also provides energy and merchant services in the US and globally. Their products include phones, internet, power, gas, tv, security, and much more. Since these products are used in almost every home in the world, ACN has made tremendous profits selling them to consumers. 

24. Partylite 

Partylite is focused on improving your home environment by creating unique candles and beautiful fragrances that make you want to stay longer in your rooms. It claims that its candles lack harmful impurities, and its other lighting products are high in quality. 

25. DXN

Asia is famous for its exotic plants that have powerful healing abilities. DXN is a Malaysia based company that creates healthy products from native Asian plants and sells them across the world at fair prices. Due to its Asian connection, DXN has maintained its sales in the competitive American Market. 

26. Scentsy

Scentsy sells scented products of various fragrances, including wax warmers. If you are having trouble with odors in your house or office, then you can consider trying Scentsy products. 

27. Wachters Organic Sea Products

Founded in 1932, Wachters makes and sells products made from sea vegetation. With over 40 years’ worth of testimonials, Wachters claims that its products improve lives and treat various conditions. 

28. 4Life Research LLC

4Life is an MLM company that manufactures and sells wellness products globally. It offers people a chance to grow their income by distributing their products at a commission. You also get a cut for every person you recruit.

29. Rain International

Rain International has the vision to become a globally dominant MLM company offering nutrition products that improve the lives of users. Most of its products are made from seeds of nutritious plants sourced from different parts of the world. 

30. Alliance in Motion Global

Alliance In Motion Global is an MLM company that distributes dietary supplements and beverages manufactured by Nature’s Way. Its compensation plan involves recruiting distributors and earning a commission each time a new member joins. You can also sell the products and get profits.  

Leverage the power of direct sales to grow your business

Now that you have learned about the top direct sales companies in the world, what are you going to do next? If you are considering starting a direct sales business, then we can help you grow fast. Since most of your target customers are online, you will have to conduct a dedicated social media marketing campaign to gain their attention and consequently recruit them. 

Uniclix is an app that helps you manage your social media accounts to make the most out of your marketing strategy. With Uniclix, you can schedule posts, monitor conversations, auto-curate content, and track the performance of your strategy. Uniclix will help you build a strong relationship with your existing followers and attract more followers by strengthening your brand! Use Uniclix to achieve your business goals!

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