The Ultimate Guide to Schedule Posts on Facebook and 6 Content Tips

Scheduling your Facebook posts for the right time is critical to reach your audience. When you don’t, you can forget or miss the time window where you can get your readers to see your post. 

Our lives are hectic. How many times you create a post just to forget to publish it at the relevant time? You missed the opportunity to get to your potential customers. When you schedule your posts your content reaches your audience at the right time. Also, you can be on top of events, important dates, and it is easier to coordinate social media with marketing campaigns. 

You can schedule your posts using the Facebook feature or using a social media manager app like Uniclix. The latter comes with extra features and it is easier to do it. In this post, I will show you step-by-step how to schedule your posts using both methods, plus some tips to create great Facebook content. 

Why Should You Schedule Your Facebook Posts?

Every social media marketer is in a constant race, trying to provide constant and consistent content to Facebook followers. You need to fill that page every day in order to appear in your follower’s feed. Scheduling your Facebook posts ahead of time helps you:

  • plan your content according to marketing campaigns
  • save time creating several posts at once
  • publish consistent content
  • reach and engage your audience

This is the reason you should consider scheduling your posts in advance. When you plan your content, you don’t miss the window to reach potential customers. Scheduling helps you keep your page full of interesting content. The more content, the more engaged your followers will be. 

Another advantage is that you make your workload more efficient. You can prepare all the contents for the week in advance. Your staff has the social campaigns organized because you have your content ready for each day.

You save time, streamline work, it is a win-win situation.

There are basically two ways you can schedule posts:

  • From Facebook- this involves using Facebook’s own posting schedule. It is free, although it has some limitations we will discuss below. 
  • From a Third-party Scheduler –  this method uses a social media management tool like Uniclix App.  

What Do You Need to Schedule Posts on Facebook? 

#1.  A Facebook business page. You cannot schedule posts to personal pages, so if you don’t have a business page you need to create one. 

Creating a Facebook business page is relatively simple:

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to Create a Facebook Page ?

  1. Go to

    Select the type for your page, it can be business/brand or community/public figure. Click Get Started.

  2. Enter Business Info

    Enter your business information, your page name and details. When selecting your category, you type one or two words that describe your activity and Facebook suggests relevant categories. Try to choose the category your customers associate most with your business. Then you will need to note your business details, like address and phone number. Click Continue. 

  3. Upload Profile Picture and Upload Cover Photo

    Now you can add pictures, a cover picture and a profile picture. Make sure the photos align with your brand and display your logo in the profile image. A good shot of your best product can work like a charm for your cover picture. The Uniclix blog explains you what are the best image sizes for Facebook. You will have to click on Upload Profile Picture and Upload Cover Photo,  respectively. 

  4. Create Page @Username

    Create your username. It can be up to 50 characters long, and it should be easy to remember. Click Create Page @Username, type it and click Create Username.  You’re all set! 

#2 Always check your time zone. When scheduling your posts, you need to keep in mind that the posts are scheduled according to your time zone. Therefore, if your users are in different time zones, you need to adjust the time to post accordingly. 

#3 Check permissions for Facebook Groups. You can also schedule posts for Facebook groups, but only if you have admin permissions.

How to Schedule posts on your Facebook Page

Facebook’s new version is making changes in the way you can schedule posts on your page. Here’s how you can schedule a post both for the new Facebook and the Classic Facebook. 

New Facebook

1 Go to your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.

2. Go to your Page

3. In the left column, click Publishing Tools

4. In the top right, click on +Create 

5. Create your post. 

6. Click on the  Share Now menu and select Schedule 

7. Select the date and time you want the post to appear and click Schedule. 

Classic Facebook

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages. 
  2. Go to your Page 
  3. At the top of the page, click on Publishing Tools 
 Publishing Tools

4. Click on Create post

schedule post on facebook

5. Click Share Now and select Schedule

publish post on facebook

6. Under Publication, select the time and date and click Schedule

Schedule Posts on Facebook  - step by step

How to Schedule posts on your Facebook Page from Mobile 

You can manage your pages from mobile using the Facebook Page Manager:

  1. Download the Facebook Pages Manager app.
  2. Sign in with your Facebook account
  3. Open your Page. You will see an icon that says Post or Publish, (depending on the version). 
  1. Create your post. When finished, tap Next at the top right
  2. You’ll see a menu that will ask you: “When do you want to publish this?”. Tap this bar to see the options. 
  3. Tap Schedule. You’ll see the option Change Scheduled Time. Select date and time. Tap Done. 

You’ll see a message that says Scheduled for later. Tap on Schedule to finish.

How to Schedule a Post on a Group on Desktop 

Posting to your groups can increase the engagement of your followers. You can build a community of your audience, communicate with them, and they interact with your brand. This increases brand loyalty and makes your posts more shareable. 

Once you have your community, it’s time to provide consistent quality content that converts followers into prospects. 

To schedule a group post:

  • Select Groups on the left menu
  • Open your Group
  • Create your post in the “What’s on your mind…?” box
  • Add pictures, videos, to make your post interesting. 
  • Click on the calendar button, then select the date and time you want the post to appear. 
  • Click Schedule

Like with new posts, from desktop you can also reschedule, edit or delete scheduled posts to a group:

  • Open your Group, via the left menu
  • Click Scheduled Posts
  • Open the post you want to edit. 
  • Choose your option to edit, delete, reschedule or post now. 


  1. You need to be an administrator or moderator to schedule a post. 
  2. Bear in mind you cannot edit the content of a scheduled group post from mobile, only reschedule, post now or delete. 

How to Edit Scheduled Page Posts 

Trends change, publishing goals need to be adjusted. Maybe you need to postpone the post for something relevant to a current topic, edit the content or delete the post altogether. How can you manage your scheduled posts from desktop and mobile?

On desktop

Schedule Posts

When you need to edit or delete your scheduled post on Facebook, you can do it via Publishing Tools. 

  • Go to your page
  • Click Publishing Tools
  • Click Scheduled Posts in the left menu
  • You’ll see your scheduled posts, Select the post you want to edit. 
  • Once you do, you will have three options: Publish now, Reschedule, Delete.  

On mobile

  • Open the Facebook Pages Manager App
  • Tap the toolbox icon
  • Click scheduled posts on Sharing Tools
  • Select the post and choose your desired action by clicking on the three dots. 
  • From the app you can edit, reschedule, delete or post immediately.

Things to Consider When Scheduling Facebook Posts from Desktop or Mobile

Using the Facebook post scheduler or the Facebook Page Manager App seems pretty convenient, and it is free. However, both options come with limitations that can make difficult your social media management. 

#1 What You Can and Can’t Schedule

You can schedule posts containing photos, status updates, and videos. You can also schedule links, including YouTube video links. However, it is not possible to schedule events, questions, offers or photo albums. 

#2 What About Tweeting Scheduled Posts?

You want to ensure everything you post on Facebook gets Tweeted. Then you linked your Twitter account to your Facebook page. Naturally you want to see your scheduled posts on Twitter too, but this option is not yet ready. So if you want to have your Facebook page help grow your Twitter, you will need to schedule your tweets with a different tool, like the Uniclix Social Media Manager app. 

#3 What If Facebook Scheduling Doesn’t Work?

If for some reason scheduling posts to Facebook is not working, check this tips: 

  • Check the time zone. Since your posts are scheduled according to your time zone, it could be a simple confusion if your audience is in a different time zone. 
  • Remember that as of 2020, you cannot schedule posts on a personal page. 
  • You can save the post as Draft, then look at it in the Saved Drafts and schedule it from there. 
  • You can save time and efforts by using a tool like the Uniclix Social Media Manager.  

#4 You Can’t Edit on Mobile

Sadly, when you are on the Facebook Page Manager App you cannot edit the content of your scheduled posts. So, think of the mobile app just for reschedule or delete a post. If you need to change the content, open the post via Publishing Tools on the desktop. 

Why Should You Auto-schedule your Posts with Uniclix?

When you use an automating tool like Uniclix App, you can bulk scheduling posts saving even more time! An automating tool allows you to focus on creating great content and grow your business since your social media campaign runs on autopilot. 

  • Uniclix Social Media manager schedules your posts based on the best times to post. This ensures you avoid potential confusions or missed windows. You reach your audience every time without effort. 
  • When you use a social media tool, you can edit the content of a scheduled post. 
  • You can schedule events, polls, and offers
  •  Get your Facebook posts on Twitter. With the Uniclix App you can schedule a post for Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Then you can grow your social media exposure with a few clicks. 

How to Use Uniclix App to Schedule Facebook Posts

Uniclix Social Media Manager is a complete solution to schedule and manage your social media posts. Not only for Facebook but enables also cross-channel publishing, expanding your reach with minimal effort. 

Using Uniclix App to schedule Facebook posts only takes a few minutes. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create your Uniclix Account

If you don’t yet have your Uniclix Account, you need to create one. 

  • Go to Home page
  • Click on Try 14 days for free. This will start your free trial where you can discover all you can do with Uniclix Social Media Manager. 

Step 2: Connect your Facebook account

You will be asked to connect your social media accounts when you register, you can connect your Facebook personal and business accounts, your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

You’re ready for your first scheduled post!   

Step 3: Create a Post

  • Go to the dashboard calendar and click on Create Post
  • Select the channels or groups you want the post to appear to. 
  • Write your post in the text box.  
  • You can add images, media, GiFs and make your content more visually appealing. Just click on the lower right icons. 
Posts on Facebook

Step 4: Schedule the Post

You will see several options for posting: Schedule, Post at best time, Post Now

Posts on Facebook
  1. When you Schedule, you can choose the date and time you want the post to be published. 
  2. You can also do it by double clicking on the calendar date you want to publish and go on creating your post.
Schedule Posts on Facebook
  1. You can choose Post at best time.  In this case, Uniclix App chooses the optimal time for your post according to your audience. 
  2.  You can choose Post now for posting immediately. 
  3. When you’re done choosing, confirm by clicking the lower right button. 

All Set! 

Tips for Great Facebook Content

The best scheduling app cannot make for poor or dull content. Great content shares the same characteristics:

  • It is concise
  • Gives value
  • Is visually attractive
  • Is about informing, educating or solving a problem for the reader.

Facebook is a dynamic place, with a lot of interaction. Chances are if you post regularly, you can have good and negative feedback. You should remember that Facebook has its own etiquette and content policies to avoid getting your posts reported. 

Creating great content for Facebook requires to be on top of things with mindful content. Here are six tips to keep your Facebook posts engaging:

  1. Be consistent with your brand.  Every post reflects your brand image and message. You need to stay coherent and relevant with the image your followers have of your company. Consider if the topic is consistent and how the post will appear on the News Feed. 
  2. Be concise. People don’t have time to read long Facebook posts. Try to pack value in every phrase and  don’t repeat messages. 
  3. Be interesting. Try to mix the content topics to keep it interesting. Stay on top of current events so you can avoid a faux pas. You don’t want to be the brand that posts travelling info during the Covid-19 lockdown. 
  4. Be timely. Get help from the Uniclix App and maximize the opportunity for optimal exposure. The more people see your posts, the more people can convert into leads. 
  5. Be analytic.  When you follow your metrics you can refine your content and adapt it to your audience. Use Facebook’s Page Insights or Uniclix Analytics to track performance and improve results. 
  6. Be user-centric. Focusing on your followers is a best practice that is always relevant. Craft content that answers your followers’ queries and they will come back for more. 

Uniclix app makes it easy to schedule and manage all your social media posts and campaigns. You can centralize your updates and interactions on all channels from a single dashboard with only a few clicks. 

Easily schedule, recycle, optimize, your silent post across multiple social networks from one dashboard. Try Uniclix free today.


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