Social Media Scheduling Tools Comparison: Uniclix vs. MeetEdgar

In today’s blog post we’ll be looking at two great social media management and scheduling tools, UniClix and Meetedgar or Edgar as he is called.

Since your on this page your probably having trouble selecting the perfect social media scheduling tool for your business thus you want to do some “Google digging” to make sure you go for the right tool. If you are new around here feel free to subscribe to our newsletter where we will bring you social media tips and updates weekly. 

In this review article, you will learn how to select a social media management tool, what both UniClix and MeetEdgar can do for your business, what features pricing and a helpful comprising of the two.

Just like any other thriving brand out there, MeetEdgar and UniClix both have their distinct and unique features to which users love. 

Literally, everyone has a love-hate relationship with social media marketing. Everyone loves and understands the power of social media channels to a business but not everyone has the time and energy to keep up with these channels.

Why should you invest in social media marketing?

Well, I’ve personally used social media to start and grow my personal brand from scratch to a pretty much reputable brand online. We’ve also used social media marketing to grow our brand, UniClix from scratch to 1000s of followers on various social networks (with over 12,000 followers on twitter).

In 2020, social media is still very powerful and can even be the pillar of a brand’s overall marketing. 

For example, LYFE Marketing helped this brand generate over 25,000 Facebook fans in a year. You can also go through these 5 outstanding social media marketing case studies for inspiration

Image Credit: LYFE Marketing

audience growth by channel

Going back to our review, what’s is UniClix and MeetEdgar?

uniclix vs  meetedgar

UniClix is a simplified social media management application that we’ve designed to help brands and influence use social media without having to spend so much time on various social networks – if you’ve been on our blog before now, you most likely know what UniClix is but if this is your first time, you can quickly signup by clicking here

We designed Uniclix and termed it “the most affordable & easy-to-use social media management platform”. It can be used to craft engaging social media posts for each social network, collaborate on content with your team, simplifies your social media content curation, social listening and many more.

We’ve designed UniClix for small businesses and influencers, made it affordable (and easy to use) so as to allow small businesses and individuals to grow their brands on social networks without spending 100s of dollars on tools or applications. 

MeetEdgar (or Edgar),  on the other hand, was created by Laura Roeder, back in 2014 to allow professionals manage their social media accounts with more consistency and in less time – what I love about Edgar is their focus on consistency or evergreen social media content which makes sure your social media calendar is never empty. 

Just like Uniclix, MeetEdgar allows you to schedule your posts to various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (and pages) consistently. However, Edgar focuses on giving its users an easier scheduling processes than any other social media management tools out there.

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a detailed guide on 5 best social media applications for small business

MeetEdgar basically takes the stress from social media management and turns it into social media success. According to a recent research, an average of 2 hours 22 minutes per day is spent on social networks by Millenials. In fact, the majority of social media marketers surveyed reported spending at least 6 hours weekly on social media management. 

MeetEdgar (and Uniclix) come in here for the rescue. Edgar supports social media automation & scheduling, content (or post) generation, category-based scheduling and ‘forever posting’ which allows you automate and schedule once and for all. 

Talking about features here’s what both tools are capable of;

Uniclix Features: What Can the Simplified Social Media Application Do?

uniclix social media management platform

Here are the main features uniclix supports:

  • Automation and scheduling
  • Content curation
  • Social monitoring 
  • Twitter growth
  • Analytics
  • Repost

1) Automation and scheduling: UniClix is a management app designed to aid social media users, individuals, influencers and small businesses with social media management. UniClix allows its users to plan and schedule social content ahead of time which is scheduled for the best time. Talking about “best times”, the application is also designed to automatically find the best times to post on your social media accounts easily. Additionally, the tool allows you to save the content on Categories for future reuse and reposting.

2) Content Curation: UniClix also allows users to find and repost useful social media content on the internet to their various social media accounts. How useful is this?

Well, to grow effectively on social media networks, content curation is key. As a matter of fact, brands would normally find these useful content manually on the web to repost but with tools like Uniclix and Quuu, brands can now easily find and repost useful content without having to spend hours on Google. What Uniclix does is it takes all the workload away by recommending useful, handpicked content for you. 

UniClix Content CUration: MeetEdgar Alternative

3) Social Listening/Monitoring: How do I monitor what people are saying about me? How do I monitor what people are saying about the topics I’m interested in?

UniClix generates custom streams to help users monitor what others are saying about them and topics of interest. UniClix also helps users to easily react to conversations and increase engagement.

UniClix Monitoring - MeetEdgar Alternative

4) Twitter Growth: Wondering how we were able to grow from about 20 twitter followers to over 12,000 in less than 6 months? 

The answer is Uniclix’s twitter Growth Feature!

How does this Twitter growth feature work and how important is it?

Twitter has always been one of the largest social networks in the world with over 300 million monthly active users (source). This means your customers and fans are hanging out on twitter but here’s the problem…

Growing your twitter followers is a heck load of work and most times, people eventually “give up” and end up leaving the platform. That’s exactly where Uniclix comes in; the twitter booster basically helps you grow your twitter account easily. 

Uniclix Target audience - MeetEdgar Alternative

With this, you won’t have to manually find useful accounts to follow, tweets to engage with and inactive users to unfollow. 

5) Analytics helps track your social growth, and get meaningful stats on your social media accounts, helps you get a meaningful and concise snapshot of your key Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn activities.

MeetEdger Features: What can the scheduling application do?

MeetEdgar Alternative

Unlike UniClix (and most major social media automation application), Edgar does not have a vast amount of features to look at, it rather focuses on a more efficient scheduling system that’s better than literally every social media scheduling tool I’ve tried. Edgar was designed with the aim to see that social media users enjoy a seamless scheduling experience. 

Here are some of the major scheduling features that Edgar offers:

1) Ability to create a customized, automatic posting schedule based on category – thus is called Category Based Scheduling. Basically, this feature allows users to easily sort various content into categories based on types. For example, you can simply sort your content into categories like “Blog Posts”, “Videos”, “Curated Content” etc. 

2) Automatically saves posts to a library of social updates where they’re available for future reuse. This is also called “Continuous Posting” which basically lets users publish and reshare content continually (even after reaching the end of your queues). Personally, this is my favorite thing about MeetEdgar. 

It’s a “set it and forget it” kind of social media scheduling tool. 

3) Browser Extension for easy scheduling direct from the web. Also one of my favorite Edgar features get. This also helps a ton in content curation though would have been much easier if users get content recommendation and not have manually have to find and reshare content on social media. The browser extension (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) automatically generates up to 5 pre-written social media posts directly from any article you’re reading on the web. 

4) Supports evergreen and time sensitive content. If you have a limited or maybe a one-time promotion you can set any post to “Use Once” or give it an expiration date. This allows a seamless social media content scheduling for individuals, bloggers and even huge brands on social media. 

Which tool is right for you? Uniclix or MeetEdgar?

MeetEdgar Alternative: Uniclix

MeetEdgar is for you if you’re looking for a simple but efficient scheduling scheduling tool to save you hours on social media automation and scheduling.

Please do keep in mind that Edgar does not support features like follower growth, content curation, social listening etc. 

On the other hand, Uniclix is perfect if you’re looking for an all-in-one social media tool that allows you to do literally everything from one dashboard. 

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