Five (5) Steps to Becoming a Professional Social Media Manager

In this article, we’re going to go through the five (5) necessary steps you must take to become a pro social media manager and begin managing media pages for online brands that pay you (or your agency) $1,000 to $10,000 each month.

Businesses today spend hours over hours every week on social media management. Due to this, businesses are forced to either get a social media management tool (like Uniclix) or hire an effective and experienced social media manager to handle their social media presence.

Social media marketing is a very important aspect of every online business marketing thus companies spend a good chunk of time finding the best social media manager for their social brand. There are certain things every company look out for in a social media marketer before hiring. 

In fact, some companies require that social media managers go through certain courses on social media marketing before hiring them to handle their social media tasks.

The social marketing world is a fast growing branch of online marketing and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. As a matter of fact, companies pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month for social media marketing.

Do you want to venture into this fast growing market but don’t know where or how to begin?

Well, if you’re looking to start a career in social media marketing, this guide is for you.

In this article, we’re going to go through the five (5) necessary steps you must take to become a pro social media manager and begin managing media pages for online brands that pay you (or your agency) $1,000 to $10,000 each month.

In this article, we’re going to go through the five (5) necessary steps you must take to become a pro social media manager and begin managing media pages for online brands that pay you (or your agency) $1,000 to $10,000 each month @s_zakuu Click To Tweet

Before we go into today’s content, let’s highlight some of the reasons businesses look to hire social media manager (or agency) to take care of their social media pages.

Why Businesses Hire Social Media Managers in 2019

There are several reasons why different companies hire a social media manager but here are the most common:

  1. To save more time.
  2. To get better results from social media marketing.
  3. To educate their team on how to become better social media marketers.

To Save More Time

In general, every business that hires or looks to hire a social media manager (or agency) simply wants to save more time for their business. Majority of businesses that don’t have a dedicated employee who manages their social media pages either outsource it to a team member (another employee) or allow every team member have access to the brand’s social media pages and can post relevant posts or updates on the company pages.

With an efficient social media manager, employees can save more time and get enough time to focus on their designated tasks.

Businesses that assign social media management to employee (with a different task) may cause a divide attention on the primary purpose on which the worker was initially hired for.

For this reason, businesses prefer to outsource this task to a team, freelancer or a dedicated social media manager.

To Get Better Results from Social Media Marketing

When businesses want to improve their social media presence or visibility, they look out for someone who is experienced and can get them the desired results. These could be to improve social rankings, get more followers, handle and create better social media ads or manage a specific social media campaign.

As a social media manager, brands may hire you on a long tasserm basis to manage their social media presence or for a short term contact to manage or them them start and run a specific campaign. For instance, a Twitter ads campaigns that will run for the next 30 days.

To Educate Teams on Becoming Better Social Media Marketers

Some businesses love the idea of having everyone on board as an expert in social media marketing. This allows a more ‘conducive’ workplace to get produce better social media ideas and get better results from social media marketing.

They then provide some sort of education that employees will go through to have the sufficient social media skills needed. As a result, they can decide to bring in an experienced social media expert that will;

  • Manage social media accounts and ads campaigns.
  • Educate employees on how to do the same.

By doing this, every member of the team would have the required knowledge to manage social media platforms and other campaigns professionally.

As we’ve discussed the few major reasons businesses look for social media managers, let’s walk you through how you can become one yourself.

Five (5) Steps to Becoming a Professional Social Media Manager Every Brand Wants

Five (5) Steps to Becoming a Social Media Manager

  1. Get certified and build an online portfolio.

  2. Get your first client.

  3. Find and use effective social media tools.

  4. Focus on self improvement; don’t stop learning and adopting.

  5. Learn the basic skills of social media marketing.

STEP #1: Learn the basic Skills of Social Media Marketing

As a social media marketer, the first thing a company looking to hire you will look for is the social media & marketing skills you have. No business would want to hire someone with zero skills or experience to handle sensitive social media processes.

As a social media marketer, the first thing a company looking to hire you will look for is the social media & marketing skills you have @s_zakuu Click To Tweet

As a matter a fact, you will most likely be tested or asked to undergo certain online examinations before you are considered.

Learning all the necessary social media marketing skills cannot happen in a day; there’s no ‘learning quick scheme’ to acquire all necessary social media marketing skills in a day. This will take weeks, months and in most cases years to develop these skills and be a professional at it but with proper focus, you should be able to understand all the basics needed to go into this market.

What are the necessary skills that you must learn?

From my experience, every social media manager should have at least basic knowledge on the following:

  • Social media marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Communication ethics
  • Basic graphics & design skills.

Learn all social media marketing strategies

Social media marketing is no new ideology today on the internet; it is the application of social media strategies in order to promote a business, brand, products or services using various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Snapchat.

As a social media manager, you must be knowledgeable enough to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes and provide them the best ROI (return on investment) from social media.

As a social media manager, you must be knowledgeable enough to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes and provide them the best ROI (return on investment) from social media. @s_zakuu Click To Tweet

This may involve getting traffic to their websites or landing pages, building rapport for certain campaigns on social media, handling customers reports, increasing video views or app downloads.

You should be able to apply certain social media strategies that aligns with the company’s goals or aims.

Social media marketing can be seen as an art that must be handled professionally. I remember a case where a social media manager ruined a brand’s reputation online with just a single tweet he had sent; you wouldn’t want to do this for your clients.

Get all the necessary books, courses and videos out there  and get a deeper knowledge about what social media marketing entails.

How do you get people to follow your brand? How do you convert fans to customers? How do you even get people to click your links, buy your products and become happy customers?

These are questions that could come from your clients; a good example is; “Simon, how can you get people to click our links and install our mobile application using social media?

As a professional social media marketer, you should be able to answer these questions appropriately and also help your clients bring these ideas to life on their social media channels.

Read blog posts, consume free content online and watch free YouTube videos to develop your social media marketing skills today.

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Skill #1: Learn copywriting

Copywriting is the act of writing compelling texts or copy for marketing or advertisements purposes. Copywriting involves writing a great copy (or write-up) that aims at converting the reader to a customer, subscriber or clients depending on the CTA (call to action) for the particular campaign.

Social media marketing involves a ton of copywriting. In fact, as a social media manager, you’ll be faced with more writing tasks than design, videos or graphics in general.

Social media marketing involves a ton of copywriting. In fact, ass a social media manager, you’ll be faced with more writing tasks than design, videos or graphics in general @s_zakuu Click To Tweet

To up your social media marketing game, you should add copywriting to your skills arsenal – this will give you a huge advantage over other social media managers your potential clients may look out for.

To get your fans to click your links, you must first convince them on why they should. This could be using copy (texts) or graphics (videos content or images) but majority of the time, social media users are converted using copy (check all platforms for yourself).

You’ll need to write 100’s of tweets, tons of social media captions and descriptions. You need to be skilled enough to show your clients you’re worth the hire.

To be extremely great at social media copywriting, you must first understand how all major social media networks function. You need to ask yourself;

  • What type of content performs best on each platform? 
  • What tweet length get the best results on Twitter?
  • Do you need copywriting for your Pinterest accounts?

Find relevant courses online and learn from them. Spend some time reading blog posts and watching YouTune videos online to build your expertise. 

You can then start applying this knowledge on your personal social media accounts to see what works and what doesn’t. Social media marketing requires a lot of testing & optimization to become a professional at it.

 Put some time into the learning process and you’ll be a social media professional in no time!

Recommended Resources:

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Skill #2: Learn social media communication ethics

Communication is one of the key elements of social media marketing; in fact, it is a chapter of its own in marketing. Day to day social media activities involve a lot of communication and interaction; besides, that’s what social media networks were built for. 

All other social media skills we’ve mentioned in this guide are of no importance without great communication skills.

Copywriting goes hand in hand with effective communication ethics. YOu cannot be a good communicator on social media you cannot write good copy that appeals to social media users.

When a company hires you, it is expected of you to handle social media complaints and questions from users. You’re not just expected to handle these complaints but handle them professionally.

A social media manager is expected to;

  1. Reply to all comments from users fast
  2. Reply professionally
  3. Make users happy and feel cared for.

Research shows that users expect a reply from a brand within an hour of sending a tweet at them. This means you must be active or online on these platforms.

When a user tweets at your brand on Twitter, he/she expects a reply from the brand at most one (1) hour later. You must not solve the users complain or problem but a simple tweet acknowledging that you’ve gotten their complain or question will go a long way to make your customers happy.

When users complain about products or services, acknowledge the mistake and let them know you’re ‘on your toes’ to see you help them even before you looking for ways to help the customer.

There are lots of books on customer service or support you can get on Amazon or any online book store you know to develop your customer support skills.

As a professional social media manager looking to get paid, you must show your clients that you have sufficient knowledge and experience to handle all their customer requests, questions and complaints.

To begin, you can search and go through examples of good and bad customer support on Google.

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Skill #3: Learn social media graphics

Tart to play around with social media tools and graphics. Get yourself familiar with design tools, software and mobile applications. A social media manager is expected to create graphics for each social network.

This may include infographics, explainer videos or images; the company expects the social media manager to handle these tasks accordingly.

For a start, find free design tools and start creating images for your personal brand. Make Instagram images, Twitter and Pinterest images and see how they perform. In fact, social media posts with graphics perform much better in reach and engagements on social media.

Recommended Resources:

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STEP #2: Get Certified & Build an Online Portfolio.

The most challenging aspect of becoming a professional social media manager is acquiring the skills (discussed above). After you’ve learnt all the basic skills needed as a social media marketer, you should focus on building a personal brand for yourself.

This step is even easier considering the fact that you can start building your brand as you learn the skills above without waiting until you fully develop your skills first; as a matter of fact, there’s no ‘perfect social media skills’ state.

TO add up to your arsenal, you can join world class, industry recognized social media marketing training or certification programs online like the free Hubspot Certification Online Course which certifies you as a professional social media marketing marketer after successful completion.

The next thing you want to do is to build an online portfolio. For example, you may start and build a website or a personal blog. In fact, I’ve found that a blog is one of the fastest ways to build authority and eventually grow your personal brand.

I’ve seen cases where social media marketers scored high paying jobs just from their blogs.

Your blog will be a platform where you showcase your ideas, expertise and experience. Brands will find you via this medium so you must be able to show what you’ve got and how you can help businesses if they work with you.

Be sure to create an About Me, Hire Me and Certifications page on your blog website as your potential clients would use this medium to analyze your online presence before hiring you.

Additional Resources:

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STEP #3: Get (Score) Your First Client

Unlike most blog posts and videos online, I personally wouldn’t advise you to go out there and look for your first client. Instead, let your potential clients find you; yes, I know that may sound a bit controversial but with proper branding and content, your clients will do the finding and not the other way round.

You may want to do this the traditional way by making cold calls, sending cold emails and basically reaching out to companies but that would require a ton of work from your side to get your first paying client. Why’s that so?

It’s simple;

  1. Companies HATE cold reach outs.
  2. They’ll offer you less pay if it’s a cold reach out.

As opposed to these, when you build a strong personal brand and influence online, you can charge whatsoever you wish to charge for your social media management services. Businesses always look down on cold reach outs hence tend to see you as been ‘desperate for clients or money’ and end up paying you way less than you’re worth and giving too much work on your end.

To be safer, start a marketing funnel that will take your potential clients from readers (or fans) to buyers. At the beginning of your funnel could be a blog, vlog or YouTube channel – just find a way to provide value to your target market.

You can then take them on a marketing journey where you build trust, relationship and showcase your expertise too. This way, you can ask for testimonials or reviews to see where you can improve and what you do best.

You can also ask for permission to embed these testimonials on your website or portfolio.

Recommended Resources:


STEP #4: Find Relevant Tools to Use

Effective social media management requires a mix of great social media strategies with efficient social media management tools to help out. Why’s that so?

With time, you will begin working with more than 2 companies as their social media managers.

You cannot manually update their social media feeds everyday; this is where you’ll need certain social media tools like growth tools, analytics dashboards, content scheduling tools to help automate your repetitive processes.

What social media management tool do we recommend?

Uniclix App!

Uniclix App is a social media management application for social media managers and influencers that helps with social media scheduling, Twitter growth and content curation. 

Additional Resources:

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We invite you to try out Uniclix App for free today and start automating your social media processes.

FINAL STEP: Never Stop Learning – Focus on Self Improvement.

Social media keeps changing, updates are made on various social media networks every day, new policies are also enacted and as a brand’s social media manager, you are expected to keep up with this trend to know what’s working & what’s not, what strategies you need to stop using and which strategies you must start using for your clients.

For a start, you can subscriber to social media giants publications like and where early social media updates are published first.

To your improve social media marketing skills, you can also subscribe to our social media marketing blog, where we publish up to date social media techniques to help your brand grow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

To your improve social media marketing skills, you can also subscribe to our social media marketing blog, where we publish up to date social media techniques to help your brand grow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Click To Tweet
What is Social media manager ?

Social Media managers are individuals in an organization responsible for monitoring, contributing to, filtering, and representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They are in charge of content generation, social strategy, and compile social campaigns. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence. Social media managers are often found in the marketing and public relations departments of large organizations.

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