Social Media Kit Template for Influencers: Guide for Beginners (+ examples included).

social media kit

In this blog write-up, I’ll be talking about the meaning of a social media kit template, how to create one and possibly a few examples for you.

We’re super excited to hear how this blog post inspires you to build your existing social media strategy.

Being active on your social media accounts and growing your brand is a familiar social media strategy for influencers today. There’s an accepted understanding that constant engagement activities are crucial to growing your influence on social networks quickly.

People want social content from you.

People want to engage with your posts, articles and videos every single day. And to grow your social media accounts, engaging content that’s consistent is key.

Consistency on social media platforms today is no doubt time consuming. One can barely grow to thousands without spending hours weekly on social media networks.

In fact, research (though not recent) reveals that marketers that were surveyed spent at least 6 hours on twitter management weekly and that’s one of the reasons why you need a social media kit template for your business.

Rather than constantly designing new social media posts from scratch, you could easily save your business hours of frustration fatigue.

If you’re interested in learning what a social media kit is then you probably heard about it in a blog post, video, tweet, headline or Instagram post. You’ve probably even seen a social media kit and thought, oh, my business needs this!

Prior to this guide, we decided to look at different resources online to help us better understand what this term meant and how marketers make use of it today. We went through a bunch of articles, PDFs and expert resources. 

At first, understanding how marketers use social media templates was a little bit confusing. At the end, we were able to pull off a factual conclusion for the term social media kit.

Basically, a social media kit is a digital material that includes the information needed to run a successful social media & digital marketing campaigns. As an influencer, a social media kit is important and in this blog post, we’re going to show you how to create a simple social media kit template for your digital business or brand and show you a few social media kit examples that we think are perfect for social media influencers.

And at the end of this blog post, you should be able to have ideas on how to go about designing a social media kit, applications to help you create these templates and a few social media kit examples to get you started.

To be clear that this post is of use to you and that we’re helping you solve the problems of designing a social media kit, let’s discuss what it is and why you need it.

If you’ve been in the digital marketing space for a while and have some knowledge about what a social media kit is, you can skip this part and find some ideas from the few social media kit template examples that we’ve found.

What is a social media kit template?

Earlier on in my digital marketing career, I was always spending time creating different social media images for Instagram, twitter, blogs that I manage and a few other community networks. I understood how important content marketing is and I wanted to make sure I was creating the best for the people (or followers) I was creating these content for.

It was a little time consuming and frustrating.

I was always finding it difficult picking the right template to use when designing social media images.

My images were not even on-brand with my style.

In short, I was creating content that wasn’t appealing to my target audience and it was demanding a lot of time. After a while, we decided to pick a social media kit template and stick to it.

Our branding, message and content must be unique and should stand out effortlessly. We wanted to be able to create images easily and fast so that we can spend more time making our products better.

The social media kit template we picked did not only help us save time on social media content creation, it also helped us deliver our campaigns better. Images could easily be edited to any size, shape and look without loosing the brand feel.

A simple social media kit template that we decided to try, turned out to be very useful and resourceful. In brief, a social media template kit will help you save time on social media while retaining your brand feel and look.

What then is a social media kit template?

A social media kit template is a digital document that has all the information necessary for a business, influencer or brand to run successful social media marketing campaigns without spending much time.

Social media templates are great resources for social media content creation. The processes are smoother, better and faster.

A social media kit template is a useful piece for every digital marketer of social media influencer.

What is a social media kit template used for?

The reasons people use social media kit templates is relative and depends on the business sort or type. Influencers and bloggers may use it to display social media numbers to attract business.

Take for example, you’re a brand influencer and want to attract brands to pay you to promote different products and services. You’d want a web page that displays all necessary stats to lure them to pay you.

For instance, Maisha O’neill, a brand influencer, displays the necessary statistics about her instagram audience. This is one of the key things that attract brands to do business with media influencers.. 

social Media Kit

A blogger or influencer media kit could contain a number of sections regarding brand influence and authority. Some of the possible components include:

  • Social media following
  • Social media reach
  • Traffic
  • Rates
  • Contact information etc.

It can be a direct as a page on a website or a well prepared image for your websites and social accounts.

Another popular way people use social media kit templates is to save time and maintain a unique brand. Marketers prepare social media templates for social media management and marketing.

A template kit can help you stick to a design pattern that appeals to your followers without pain. Rather than spending hours finding images ideas for every new design, a media kit template will help you save a ton of time.

If you automate your social media posts, you can easily prepare a month’s content and schedule it for your social media accounts. This way, your followers can quickly recognize your content pieces when they sight one.

automated social media post
social media kit
social media kit template

Let’s see how Mary Fernandez of incorporates this. Below are some screenshots of Mary Fernandez’s social media images.

Consistent and effective branding. Now we know it’s most likely a persuasion-nation social media update when it’s purple and has a touch of white and yellow with some creative texts on it.

A social media kit is a document that comprises the different sizes, designs, and templates needed for all your social media accounts & marketing. It helps easy social media image designs and usually contain the following:

  • Twitter header image
  • Tweet Image template
  • Facebook share template
  • Instagram posts templates
  • Pinterest template and many more.

Side Note: Need a complete template containing social media sizes & image dimensions for 2020? We have prepared a little file containing the various image sizes and dimensions for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube. You can save it for offline purposes by clicking here.

Basically, this will help you save tons of hours each week from hectic social media designs and image creations 😉

How to Create a Free Social Media Kit Template in 3 Simple Steps

You can either create a custom social media kit template for yourself or find and get premium templates online (included a few examples below). If you decide to design one for yourself, here’s a 3-step formula to designing a good social media kit template. 

[Want to skip this section and get the social media kit template examples? Click here]

  1. First Step: Find a good image creation tool.
  2. Step 2: Look online for ideas.
  3. Final Step: Use templates and begin design

A social media kit will include your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even blog templates all in one place. Primarily, you only have to change and edit texts when posting a social media update.

We use Canva or Picmonkey for almost all our social media designs. Canva is by far the most popular image design tool that was created for bloggers, vloggers and influencers. It’s also our favorite at Uniclix.

Canva let’s users create awesome social media and blog images easily. It lets users pick from over 1 million graphics and templates you can pick from. 

It gives users an easy drag & drop interface which allows easy image designs and customizations. It’s super easy, I only take around 2 minutes to design a blog image for a new blog article.

You can upload your own images, create custom dimensions, add fonts, shapes and different image layouts.

You can get all basic features that you need to create astonishing social media images on the free version but you can upgrade to Canva for Work which costs $12.97 per month and only $9.95 monthly if you pay annually.

Canva also has a premium feature that gives users access to a pre-designed social media kit template. With this feature, creating social media images becomes extremely simple and you don’t have to design a template yourself. 

brand kit

There are a lot more social media design tools out there that you can use. I have a prepared document that contains over 60 social media marketing tools that are still relevant. You can go through a few of them to try out in this list.

61 Social Media Marketing Tools for Business (that are still Relevant in 2019)

The easier the image design tool is, the better designs you can pull off in a shorter time.

The next step to designing a social media kit template is what we like to call the “dig ideas’ step. This step helps us to design the best possible kit template every single time.

We don’t just rush to begin designing, we take a little bit of time to check what’s already working out there. 

We look through competitors designs or social images from similar businesses. If you are a brand influencer, you could look at what other similar brand influencers are doing.

Are they even using a social media kit template?

Steal their designs to make yours even better. Your customers will love you for creating cooler designs that capture their attention.

Other places you can get ideas before designing are;

  • Google searches
  • Online resources

We like to look through other websites and digital software stores to go see from other social media kit templates. As a matter of fact, we’ve linked to a few kit templates (in the next section) that we think are really cool for businesses and media influencers.

The third and final step to designing cool kit templates for your business or clients is to get all the necessary information required in a successful social media kit template. What information?

Well, you’re going to be designing a lot of images for your social media accounts. These require some information (or knowledge). For example, you must be aware what image dimension works best on Twitter before creating twitter images.

Likewise for other social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Other things that could be in your social media kit template are:

  • Image size limits for each social network.
  • Best times to post on various networks.
  • All necessary colors for branding etc.

For example, long vertical images perform best on Pinterest while short, horizontal images are best published on Twitter and Facebook. Each major social network has image size details for better results and optimization.

What we did for our company,, is we found out the various image dimensions that work best on each (major) social media platform that we use. We then created a one-time template for each of the social networks which is saved in a desktop folder and also saved (uploaded) in my free canva account.

This makes creating branded social media images for me really easy and within seconds, I can create any social media image without any hassle. Canva’s seamless drag and drop editing dashboard makes this possible.

Social Media Image Size Guide [Updated for 2020]

To help you create better social media images in a shorter time, we’ve decided to include this little social media image size guide to this article (to make it even more valuable to you). You can easily have these at your disposal and create a one-time template that will save you hours in the long run.

Here’s the guide:

[We’ve also included a downloadable file for this image size guide]

Let’s break down the various social media sizes and dimensions for all major social networks;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Twitter Image Sizes:

On Twitter, the Header Image (aka wall image) is the image that literally heads your twitter account. It is the large image that you see on twitter accounts and kind of welcomes people to every page.

For the best results, your Header Image should be 1500 x 500.

Your Twitter Profile image is your account profile picture that tells people who you are. Your profile image should be 400 x 400.

An In-stream image is the image that can be attached to any tweet which is visible to all your twitter followers. The recommended size for your in-stream images should be 440 x 220 with a maximum image file size of 5 mb.

Facebook Image Sizes:

A Facebook Cover image is also the large image that welcomes every visitor to your Facebook account or Facebook page (learn how to build a facebook page). The recommended size is 820 x 312 (minimum 400 x 150).

Your Facebook Profile image is usually your face or company logo. It is also the same with Twitter’s Profile Image. The recommended dimension is a little bit lower than Twitter’s (180 x 180). 

Shared Post Image is the image that appears in your Facebook posts. The recommended dimension is 1200 x 630 for maximum social media results (reach, followers, clicks etc).

LinkedIn Image Sizes:

LinkedIn Banner image size (for personal accounts) is 1584 x 396. This should be a professional image that tells people what your brand is about. LinkedIn Profile image is 400 x 400 (min: 200 x 200) and should be a good looking headshot or if you run a company, a logo should be perfect. 

LinkedIn Company Cover image (for company pages): 1536 x 768 with shared image at 350 pixels wide.

Pinterest Image Sizes:

Pinterest Profile image is no different from Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin profile image or picture. The recommended dimension is 165 x 165. The Pinterest Board cover image is the large image you see on Pinterest  boards. It is 222 x 150 (min: 55 x 55) while the Pinned image (learn how to create pinterest pins that convert) preview: 236 pixels wide.

Instagram Image Sizes:

Instagram Profile image dimension is 110 x 110, Image thumbnail (which appears on your profile or your followers’ feed) is 161 x 161.

When you want to share a new photo on your Instagram image, it should be 1080 x 1080. For videos, it is 1080 pixels wide.

Instagram Stories are 1080 x 1920 (min: 600 x 1067).

YouTube Image Sizes

Youtube Channel cover image covers your YouTube channel and the recommended dimension is 2560 x 1440. Channel icon: 800 x 800, Video thumbnail: 1280 x 720

Gotten your social media image sizes and dimensions right? You can use Canva to get your templates in minutes.

You can use canva’s already optimized dimensions for some of the social media images like the ones above (Instagram Post, Facebook Post, Facebook Cover…) to create your templates.

Canva also lets you create custom dimensions for your images.

In less than 30 seconds, you can create social media images that perfectly fit your social media accounts. Select two to three fonts and colors for consistent blogging.

The right social media image creation tool can allow you easily pick your preferred fonts and colours for consistent branding in designing social media images.

Social Media Kit FAQ

What is a Social Media Kit?

Basically, a media kit (or press kit) is a promotional document that includes information about a brand, company or even a person which is passed around for press (or promotional) purposes.

What is Social Media Kit used for?

Primarily to make money or monetize your social media pages. Today, I see a quite number of bloggers and small business owners use a promotional social media kit to showcase their followers, reach, fans and other relevant stats on their websites.

Bonus: Download this social media sizes & dimensions Kit here (NO OPTIN REQUIRED).

With my 5+ years experience in the digital marketing world, I’ve learned that a strategic mix of these two (key) things can help you cut down social media management time from 6 hours to just 2 hours weekly and that’s where UniclixApp comes into play.

Basically, we created Uniclix as a solution for social media marketers and small businesses out there to solve their ‘social media time’ problems. Personally, I love how simple the Uniclix dashboard is and how easy it has made social media management.

On our free plan, you can schedule and manage your social media posts with just a few simple clicks.

Here’s how Uniclix works in 3 quick steps;

Step 1: Sign up for Uniclix beta

Step 2: Add (and authorize) your social media accounts.

uniclix dashboard

Step 3: Begin scheduling and start shedding off hours each week on social media.

uniclix publisher

Bonus: Download this social media sizes & dimensions in one file by clicking here (NO OPTIN REQUIRED).

Social Media Kit Template Examples for Influencers:

Blogger Media Kit Template | 3 Pages by Stephanie Design
Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 8)
Blog Media Kit | Two Pages by Blogger Kit Co.- social media kit
Two-Page Media Kit - "Live Freely" by Blogger Kit Co. - social media kit
Social Media Booster Kit 3
Social Media Booster Kit
MS Word Blog Media Kit by Inkpower.
CANVA Blog social Media Kit - 3 pages by Eternal Design Studio.
social media kit - Blog Media Kit Template by Work by Dewberry

Over to you. What do you think about social media kits, brand media kits and social media kit templates? Do you have a template that you use? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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