How to Setup Auto DMs (Direct Message) on Twitter in 2020

In this post, we’re going to walk you through the best and safest way to create auto twitter DM (direct message) without annoying your followers in 2020

In this post, we are going to show you the best and safest way to create auto direct messages on Twitter quickly. And we are even giving you a chance to try out our very own tool, Uniclix to create auto DMs for your Twitter brand.

auto dms on twitter Uniclix

Auto direct messages is a feature literally everyone has at least thought about using to grow a page, business, brand or to simply promote their message to their social media followers.

Today, a lot of people frown at auto DMs which isn’t their fault because a lot of social media users do it all wrong. 

Most times, here’s what they do

Come up with an offer (that doesn’t provide any value), develop a spammy looking DM-message, and begin automating to every new twitter follower that they get. 

This literally scares people off your Twitter brand. 

And for this reason, a lot of twitter users don’t check their DMs anymore. 

In fact, I know of a bunch of twitter influencers who used ot engage pretty well using their twitter DM but no longer do as a result of the gazillion automated, spammy DMs they get every minute. 

Now here is the thing…

I still use auto DMs pretty much but I do it the right way. Why? 

Because of the people who get my auto DMs respond with messages like these…

auto dms on twitter Uniclix
auto dms on twitter Uniclix

With the right DM, I’ve connected and become e-friends with 100s of people on twitter.

[Read on, I’ll show you the exact DM template I use]

To be able to send auto DMs, you need to craft out great messages that don’t just shout “hey, I’m an annoying boy and this user created me” but “hey, I genuinely want to connect with you”. 

In this week’s guide, we’re going to show you the necessary steps to take to craft our great auto DMs in 2020. And we’re also going to walk you through exactly how to set this process up using Uniclix.

To be able to send auto DMs, you need to craft out great messages that don’t just shout “hey, I’m an annoying boy and this user created me” but “hey, I genuinely want to connect with you”. 

In this week’s guide, we’re going to show you the necessary steps to take to craft our great auto DMs in 2020. And we’re also going to walk you through exactly how to set this process up using Uniclix. 

Ready? Then let’s begin. 

Twitter Auto DM FAQs

Have questions about auto dm twitter 2020? We answered some of the most common queries people ask about twitter direct message here:

Can you still auto dm on twitter?

Yes. Twitter auto dm is available in 2020. You can still auto dm new followers without getting ignored or unfollowed. The key is to create messages that show you genuinely want to connect with your new follower. Spammy like messages annoy new followers and can drive them to unfollow you instantly.

How to make an auto dm on twitter?

Making a twitter auto dm is quite simple. In two steps you can create an auto dm that gets positive responses from new followers. First, you come up with your unique DM idea, then you set up the automation process. We recommend using the Uniclix app to set the automation process. It takes less than a minute to complete.  

How to create an auto dm on twitter?

Begin by generating an appealing message that is not salesy but offers value to your new followers. Avoid sending links or spammy-like messages because they annoy twitter users. Setting up the automation process takes less than a minute using the Uniclix app

How can I make a free twitter auto dm?

By using the Uniclix App. Our DM feature allows you to make a unique free twitter auto dm that your new followers will find hard to ignore. It offers suggestions that have worked well with other people and businesses. After crafting the message, proceed to set up the automation process in less than a minute and start connecting with new followers. 

Where can I get a free auto dm twitter tool?

There are many free twitter auto dm tools and we recommend using our app, the Uniclix app. Apart from generating the free twitter auto dm, you have access to many other features that will boost your Twitter following and engagement. 

Before going deeper into how you can create an appealing auto dm for twitter, I want to quickly discuss why most Twitter DMs suck so badly and annoy users every single time. 

Why Do People HATE Auto Twitter DMs?

Why do people hate automatic DMs on Twitter? 

You’ve watched or heard influencers frowning against sending auto DMs severally.

Maybe you’ve ever read content pieces that preach against sending auto DMs on Twitter. 

Here’s an example: 


Well, it’s basically 2 reasons:

  1. The message of the DM is repelling. 
  2. It is automated.  

I know what you’re probably thinking…

Yes, most twitter DMs turn people off if they’re automated but before you click away from this post or close this tab, here this…

DMs still work if done right!

The other day, I was on twitter and I followed a bunch of users using a particular hashtag which I felt was in relation to our industry. 

After following about 20-30 twitter accounts, I got about 10 follow backs from different accounts but with similar or almost the same bio and website link. 

They were promoting a digital agency…

Seconds after getting followed back, I got a DM from each of the account with the same exact message. 

The DMs had about 100-200 words (each) of promotional content hoping to get people to click their links and do business with them. 

But that’s a complete turn off – in fact, I replied one of the accounts before I unfollowed and blocked each account.

Automation when done right can be effective. When done wrongly, it can destroy your brand’s image on social media.

People hate automatic DMs because a lot of people are doing them. You see DMs that look exactly or something like these:

“Thanks for following me! We look forward to reading your tweets.”
“Thanks for following! Have you seen our Facebook page? [insert link].” OR
“Free videos show you how you can profit with Affiliate Marketing [insert link].”

Personally, we get lots of Twitter DMs on our page, @Uniclix, every single day which we love to go through but it’s really hard to know the genuine DMs that provide value, from the pool of other DMs. As a result, we randomly read DMs and reply to those we believe are from real accounts.

To create a fun and effective DM strategy for your Twitter marketing, you must have a creative and compelling message that adds absolute value to your followers. 

This way, even if you automate these messages, you stand a chance of getting great replies from real users.

The Best Way to Create Auto DMs (Direct Message) on Twitter

Just like we’ve mentioned, we must have a strategy to create great auto DMs to be able to convert users into traffic, fans, partners etc. 

We’ve brought up a two (2) step plan to create a DM that gets your new followers to always reply. These are;

  • Coming up with your unique DM idea.
  • Setting up the automation process (takes less than a minute).

Coming up with your unique DM idea.

Coming up with the idea for your auto DM strategy is one step almost no one does – setting up effective automation processes today, requires a unique approach that gets people to immediately want to reply and connect with you after reading your messages. 

But how do you go about that?

Well, everyone is out there promoting their offers, social media pages (outside twitter), or just broadcasting boring messages that end up annoying new followers. 

Think about it…

How can you do this differently?

How can you convince a twitter user who’s a stranger to you that you’re a real, nice person who wants nothing but to add pure value to him or her?

It’s pretty simple but most skip it out…

Just say what no one says!

If everybody on your contact list promotes a link through auto DM, why not do something different?

I mean, you could simply forget about promoting links and focus on adding value to your followers. Here’s what Melissa Culbertson wrote about why Twitter DMs are so evil.

Yes, almost every auto DM I’ve come across can be described as a “sales call” or shoving marketing messages at people’s faces. 

How about forgetting about marketing or the “sales call” type of DMs and focus on doing favors or just providing some sort of value for free?

What message can you write that will most likely capture your audience?

What do they want to hear?

Put this together and give it to your followers. 

Please don’t forget these;

  • You cannot ask them to clock any link(s)
  • Your followers shouldn’t have to go outside twitter to get the value you’re providing (no blog posts, YouTube videos or free courses).

For example…

If you’re an expert in your field, could offer free 10 minutes consultation or call with you – don’t forget, to your new followers only.  

If you sell things, offer your cheap products for free or run giveaways and let your followers know about it first. 

Think outside the box but just make sure your followers can get this value or help by just replying to your DM. 

Craft this out in a message and get it ready for automation. 

Make it genuine, straight to the point, and don’t hope to get them to buy from you or click your links from the first DM. 

This is why my auto DM strategy is so effective and I get a ton of replies and people who turn out to read my content and even buy from me. 

Now that we’ve looked into crafting the best auto DM that converts, let me walk you through how you can set this process up.

Setting up the automation process (using Uniclix)?

For this quick guide, I’ll walk you through how to set up automatic DMs using Uniclix, a simplified social media management tool for influencers and small businesses but here’s the thing.

auto dms on twitter Uniclix
Uniclix auto-dm feature tab

At the moment, we’re still trying out the auto DM feature for Uniclix thus it is not yet accessible to users but will soon be. Now here’s what I want you to do;

  1. Sign up to our newsletter (using the form below this blog post).
  2. We’ll personally send you an email when the auto DM feature for Uniclix is finally out for users (in a bit).

This way, you get to know first when we release this feature.

Before we close today’s blog post, here’s the DM template I use:

Final Thoughts 

While there are many articles out there preaching against twitter auto dm, I think you can still use it to connect with new followers. What’s more, if you plan to be away from Twitter for a while, then an auto dm would be helpful. People who switch accounts can also use the twitter auto dm feature to inform their followers about their active Twitter account. 

The twitter auto dm feature can help you generate engagement with followers if used in the right manner. Instead of sending spammy-like messages such as those with links, send the ones that add value to your new follower.

Let’s say you are social media manager helping companies improve their online presence. You can send an auto dm offering a free 10-minute call on how you can help a follower build an online brand. Such a message generates responses because it provides value to the receiver. 

Are you finding it hard creating a twitter auto dm? We can help you with our Uniclix app. Uniclix is a social media management tool that helps people and businesses grow their presence online on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

It has multiple features that allow you to schedule posts, track engagement, and grow your audience on Twitter. Our DM feature enables you to generate appealing auto DMs that get responses from new followers. What’s more, you can set up the automation in less than a minute! Let us help connect with new followers on Twitter without annoying them!

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