Post Planner vs Uniclix 2020 Comparison


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming more useful in the digital marketing industry today. These channels are most likely one of the best traffic-generating channels for your brand or business. 

From a marketer’s point of view, social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic and increase brand awareness effectively. 

For us, social media has always been the best traffic-generating channel for us for some time now and for that reason, we tend to pay more attention to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to generate even more traffic to this website. 

Today, we’re going to be analyzing two social media management tools which you’re already conversant with; Post Planner and Uniclix.

In this review, we’ll look at all major features, pricing packages, integrations and user experiences of both social media applications. 

What is Uniclix? (Uniclix Features)

The most affordable and simple to use social media management platform

Uniclix is a social media management tool that we designed for both influencers and individuals for easy social media management. 

Uniclix offers a vast majority of features and also supports several social media networks. 

Basically, Uniclix enables its users schedule, plan and automate social media posts easily. 

What other features does Uniclix offer?

Content Curation:

Content curation is the process of gathering information (or content) online for specific channels (social media, websites, blogs…) to add value to people who come across it. It is an important aspect of social media marketing today and is vital for social media growth. 

Uniclix, does all the “dirty work” by automatically finding and automating useful social media content online.

Social Listening:

Social listening is the process of monitoring the social web for certain topics, keywords or brand mentions. Ideally, this could take a ton of time if you were to manually search and find any mentions on the web but with effective social media tools, it’s easier this time. 

Uniclix streams the web and notifies you of any mention of any keyword (or word) that you set it to. 

With Uniclix, you can set alerts for several keywords easily. 

Twitter Growth:

To add to Uniclix arsenal, it supports Twitter follower growth but unlike other spammy tools out there, this only helps you grow your twitter page organically. 


To grow on Twitter, there are a few basic things you must do. Some of which are;

  • Finding and following new Twitter users. 
  • Unfollowing those who aren’t active (or don’t follow back). 
  • Engaging with useful tweets. 

Our twitter booster simply helps you do these. For example, on the twitter booster dashboard, you get a recommendation of related users to follow, unfollow and tweets to engage with. 

This way, you won’t have to manually find and engage with users directly on Twitter. 

What is Post Planner? (Post Planner Features)

Post planner as you most likely already know, is a cloud-based social media management platform that focuses mainly on boosting your social media engagements. 

Prior to this review post, I went through online reviews from Post planner users and majority have reported a high increase in engagement rate on their social media networks after they started using the application. 

It lets users add Twitter, Facebook and Instagram hashtags or blogs to their social media feeds. It also allows users to store content for easy re-post and automation. 

What specific features does Post planner have?

Content Curation:

Post planner’s focus like mentioned is content curation. Post planner basically helps its users discover only the best content on the web with its content recommendation engine. 

This application makes it super easy to find useful content and schedule it on your social media networks. For example, Post planner allows you add any Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram hashtag or blog RSS feed. 

The system helps find top performing web content around the web, serving it to your dashboard whenever you log into your account. 

Social Scheduling:

Scheduling content on post planner is also super easy. It allows users to automate the process with a custom publishing calendar that publishes the best type of web content to your ‘best times’. 

Evergreen Content:

Post planner focuses mainly on content curation thus ensures content never gets ‘finished’ in your content calendar. I particularly love this feature as social media marketing requires a constant flow of useful content that adds value to your followers. 

Similar Features Between Post Planner & Uniclix?

Both tools are great though Post Planner has a more solid user base than Uniclix, here are similar features you can find;

Both tools support social media scheduling, content curation and social media listening.

Here’s a breakdown:

Content curationYESYES
Social media schedulingYESYES
Twitter boosterYESNO
Content calendar NOYES
Analytics YESYES
Team collaboration YESYES
Evergreen schedulingNOYES
Social listening YESNO


PlansUNICLIX (monthly, charged yearly)POST PLANNER (monthly, charged yearly)
First plan$8.3$3.0
Second plan$12.5$9.0
Third plan$41.7$19.0

Here’s what each plan entails for both Uniclix and Post Planner:

First plan6 social media accounts
Unlimited posts1 User
3 social media accounts 
30 posts per day1 User
Second plan10 social media accounts 
Unlimited posts1 User
10 social media accounts 100 posts per day
1000 posts planned1 User
Third plan25 social media accounts 
Unlimited posts2 Users
25 social media accounts 500 posts per day 
Unlimited posts planned5 Users

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