Still Considering a LinkedIn Company Page in 2019? Here’s What You Need to Know

Still Considering a LinkedIn Company Page in 2019? Here’s What You Need to Know
Are You Still Considering a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Brand or Business in 2019? Here’s What You Need to Know (including best practices)

Have you been using LinkedIn for business?

Want to learn how to create and automate a LinkedIn page for your business, brand or agency?

If you don’t have a LinkedIn company page already, this post will help you create one and we’ll be revealing some best practices to follow in 2019 even as we approach 2020.

This post is also helpful if you already have a LinkedIn company page because we’ll be revealing some processes to automate your posts to save you more time while you achieve better results on the platform. 

As a company, there’s no better time to create a LinkedIn page than now. Since the platform’s page feature release, there’s been a ton of changes on the feature and in this post we’re going to highlight just the best practices that are still relevant and open today. 

Basically, anyone with a company name, work email and a website can create a LinkedIn company page within 5 minutes – with this, you can start driving quality leads, traffic and promoting your brand to the world’s largest professional social networking platform, LinkedIn.

In this article, you’ll find out how to create a LinkedIn company page, how to automate your posts easily (and for free) plus a few best practices to start implementing – but before that, what is a LinkedIn company page and what does it do?

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A company’s LinkedIn page basically allows that company promote its brand by posting, updating and engaging with its customers, fans and even employees.

LinkedIn’s aim is to help businesses, companies, organizations and brands empower and engage with the world’s professional community. 

The page feature allows you to post, respond to comments (as a company), discover related content that is trending, drive traffic & qualified leads using specific CTAs and get access to a simple analytics dashboard to help you grow on the Professional networking platform. 

Here are 5 examples of great company pages on LinkedIn to get inspiration from:

1. Evernote

2. HP

3. Cisco

4. Hubspot

5. Amazon

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page: How to Create, Automate & Optimize for Best Results

Follow these simple steps to create a LinkedIn page for your business or company. 

1. Head over to ‘Create a LinkedIn Page – You can also find the create a LinkedIn page link under the ‘Work’ tab of your LinkedIn account. 

Side Note: Less I forget, to create a company LinkedIn page, you must have a personal LinkedIn account. 

2. Select what best describes your brand based on brand type & company employee size: LinkedIn allows brands create pages based on the type of company they run. Is your brand a small business, medium to large business or an institution? 

This feature allows LinkedIn to better understand what you stand for and how to better serve you. 

On LinkedIn, you’re a ‘small business’ if you have fewer than 200 employees, a ‘Medium to large business’ if you have more than 200 employees and an ‘Institution’ if you stand for a school, university or organization.

3. Fill in the necessary details asked on the next page: this is where you get to showcase what your business or brand is all about. 

The first page you will see will allow you enter your basic business details like your brand name (exactly as you want people to see it), your LinkedIn public URL (this is what search engines and LinkedIn users will use to find and go to your page) and your website. 

On the next tab, LinkedIn will let you set other company details like Industry (Banking, Marketing & Advertising, Construction e.t.c.), your company size (0-1, 11-50, 51-200), and company type (self-employed, public company, partnership). 

You can then include your branding details like your Logo and tagline. The recommended Logo size for your LinkedIn page should be 300 x 300px (JPGs, PNGs, JPEGs) while 1536 x 768px for your LinkedIn company page banner image

Your tagline should briefly describe what your company does or stands for – but don’t get so worked up about this because you can change it later.

4. Verify your authorization in the company by checking the checkbox then click ‘Create Page’.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices 2019

Now that you’ve known how to quickly setup your LinkedIn company page, here are the top 3 LinkedIn company page best practices you should begin using to grow your brand on LinkedIn right away.

1. Automate the right way.

There are different thoughts on the internet today regarding LinkedIn automation – some experts preach it, while others frown at it. To begin with, LinkedIn’s own rules and terms of usage should be the reason you should avoid certain automation strategies, systems and tools.

What’s an example of an automation that LinkedIn frowns at?

LinkedIn, does not support the use of any tools, bots or systems to scrape out or copy user profiles or any data from the platform.

How then do you automate the right way?

Well, automating your LinkedIn content or posts daily is a good way to save yourself a bunch of time. As business owners, social media managers and marketers, we may not have the luxury of time to constantly find and upload rich posts that build our pages and grow the brand – content automation should help.

For automating your LinkedIn content, we recommend you try out Uniclix for free today.

This software helps you find relevant content in your niche and you can easily schedule it to be published on your LinkedIn company page. Here’s how…

Head over to Uniclixapp and sign-up for a free account (takes less than 60 seconds).

Under your ‘Accounts’ tab, click on the LinkedIn button then authorize using your personal LinkedIn account. On the next page, if the personal account is linked to a LinkedIn company page, you can select the page by clicking the + sign  beside it and click save.

This should automatically sync your LinkedIn company page and you can start scheduling your LinkedIn content automatically.

2. Add a Compelling Call to Action (CTA).

As a business, you should be able to not only attract users to your brand page but also convert them into clients or customers. This is pretty simple as LinkedIn allows businesses add clear call to action button on their profiles.

Here’s an example from Shootorder, a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad:

Once your LinkedIn page is published, you can add a CTA button by editing your profile then under ‘buttons’ you can pick from a variety of text options that best suits your brand style.

3. Create and Share Content Regularly.

Content is what builds great pages. The best company pages on social media today produce one of the best content and by so doing, they create style, grow an engaged audience and attract customers and clients to their business.

In this era of social media marketing, content is like the ‘gas’ of this marketing channel. In fact, we’re beginning to notice an increase/change in the way social media users consume content on various social networks.

Years back people preferred longer videos but today, there’s a significant interest in shorter, 15 to 30 seconds that provide great, actionable value. This is why social media platforms like TikTok and Triller are starting to take off and millions of users are already jumping on it including celebrities and influencers.

As a brand, stay on top of industry trends and news to provide the best content your target audience wants to actually consume. 

To back this up, according to LinkedIn, Companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

Create an effective content strategy for your LinkedIn page and stick to it. For best results, stick to one or two posts daily – you can also post four times weekly as we’ve noticed that LinkedIn users are a bit ‘slow’ to content consumption as opposed to networks like Twitter and Facebook.

You can then use a social media automation tool to schedule your posts to save time and energy – we use and recommend our very own Uniclix Application.

4. Repost Your Employees’ Best Posts.

This is probably one of the best things you can do to promote your brand on LinkedIn.

If you’re like me, I almost always click on the little ‘See all employees on LinkedIn’ link on a brand profile. Here’s an example;

LinkedIn allows you to add your employees content (or their best posts) on your company LinkedIn page. This way, users can easily learn more about your brand and also get to connect with people who are working there.

Also, employees typically have 10x the social reach of their company (according to LinkedIn) and with the simple ‘reshare’ feature, you can re-post your employees best engaging content to the company page.

Thus as a brand, you should;

  • Add all employees to the company page.
  • Repost employees best posts to the company page.

Finally, over to you, how long have you been using LinkedIn pages and how far have you been able to build your brand on LinkedIn.

Reply in the comments and let me know what you think.

Still Considering a LinkedIn Company Page in 2019? Here's What You Need to Know

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