6 Tips to Create Engaging Instagram Stories Using GIFs

Everybody loves a good story. That’s why Stories is the most popular feature of Instagram, growing exponentially in the last year. More companies are turning to Instagram to spread their brand via short, visually engaging and interesting messages tailored to our ever shrinking attention span. However, the platform’s popularity makes it harder every day to stand out among the millions of posts, videos and stories. 

You are probably already adding GIFs to your Instagram Stories, but are you maximizing their potential? 

By using GIFs in your Instagram Stories you can:

  • Draw attention to your content
  • Stand out among competitors
  • Engage your community of followers
  • Empower your brand message. 

Ready to up your Instagram game?  Here are a few creative uses for GIFs in stories:

When to Use Stories?

Unlike a regular Instagram post, a Story disappears after 24 hrs and doesn’t show in the Instagram feed. This allows you to post quick messages to your followers without overloading them with content. 

You can use Stories to update on promotions, create polls, share interesting tips and facts, connect with your followers with short videos. The Stories have a more informal format so you don’t need a professional videographer, your phone camera is perfectly fine. It is really simple, here’s how to do it:

  1.  Access the IG Stories camera by clicking the camera icon in the top left corner of your Instagram screen.
  2. See that white circle at the bottom of the screen? Tap on it to take a picture OR press and hold to record video.
  3. Alternatively, you can add media from your gallery by swiping up 
Instagram story phone gallery

  1. Have fun by selecting a format – you can go Live for example, or Hands-free. You can learn more by watching this short Hootsuite tutorial
Instagram Story Texture

Add a GIF to an Instagram Story

Adding a GIF to an Instagram Story doesn’t take more than a few quick steps. When creating your story, you’ll see an option to add GIFs at the right of the screen. Tap on it and you’ll have access to libraries with thousands of GIFs powered by GIPHY to choose from.  

Add GIF to an Instagram Story

How to Use GIFs to Drive Engagement?

The integration with GIPHY you can choose from a library of fun flashing animations to capture your followers attention. Adding curated GIFs consistently can help you connect with your followers and build your brand. Here are a few tips to do it right: 

#1 – Use GIFs as a CTA

You can add a GIF to direct your followers to learn more, access your site or your blog.  Adding GIFs with call-to-action keywords can direct them to the link to purchase or learn more about your company.   

Use GIF as CTA on Instagram story

#2 – Add GIFs to a Video

You can “pin” a GIF to an Instagram Story video so it will pop pup in the right moment to make your story more interesting.However, inserting a GIF to a video can be tricky, since you need to find the right moment in the video to do it. 

Instagram lets you choose when you want the GIF to appear and where. To do that, press down until you find the perfect place in the video. You can give a little kick to your video to entertain your viewers: 

ADD Gifs to an Instagram story video

#3- Highlight Your Text With GIFs Effects

You can draw the attention of your followers to a simple text message by adding GIF effects. This will help your message stand out among the other stories.

Highlight Your Text With GIFs Effects on Instagram Story

But relying only on text can be a little plain. Combining a highlighted text, with a call to action and some sparkle makes it a winner story such as this of sugarholicgirl!

Instagram story mentions

4. Add a Touch to a Photo

Give a little something to a picture by adding a GIF. The animation can complement your content while reinforcing the message of the picture. A picture with an animation is a great way to grab your followers attention before they sweep left. It  is also easier for your followers to remember the content if it has a sticker comment or funny animation. 

Add a touch on Instagram story

  1. Level Up Your Selfies Game

Selfies are the bread and butter of any Instagram influencer (like my cool dog, Abby). But when you add a cute GIF to your selfie, the story comes alive as funny and engaging. 

Dog Instagram story GIF

6. Create Your Own GIFs 

You can choose your perfect GIF from an array of libraries, but you also can create your own GIFs in GIPHY. That way you can create branded GIFs that will empower your brand consistency across channels. 

To use your new created GIFs on Instagram, you verify your Giphy account and upload your brand new GIFs. Remember to choose a transparent background, and that’s it!. Your GIFs will appear in the Instagram search engine under your account name. 

You can use your unique GIF then to create brand awareness, and even more important, your followers can use them to create stories that will promote your brand. 

What’s Next? 

Now that you are ready to harness the power of the GIFs, the next step is to start posting stories and building your brand. To increase your engagement rate you need to post quality content often. Automatically scheduling your posts can ensure you post at the right time for maximum engagement.  At Uniclix, our social media expert developers ensure you can make the most of your social media channels. 

Uniclix app is a social media management app that lets you schedule your posts, suggesting the best time of the day. The app also automates content curation according to your audience preferences, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for that exact piece.  even suggest the best keywords and hashtags to use it. If you want to optimize the potential of your social media marketing, contact us, we can help. 

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