Best Instagram Scheduler apps You Can’t Miss in 2021

It’s time to level-up your Instagram strategy with automated Instagram scheduler app

Instagram is becoming the go-to social marketing tool for businesses, and it is steadily turning into a full marketplace. Implementing a consistent Instagram strategy pays off, and an effective instagram scheduler app is an essential tool for success. In this post, I’ll review the top 10 instagram scheduler apps for you. 

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What will you learn in this post:

Why should you invest in your Instagram strategy? 

Here are some statistics that show why Instagram is turning into a social media powerhouse. 

  1. Instagram users are engaged and driven to convert. 
Instagram strategy
Source: Instagram

Consumers use Instagram not only for social sharing but for browsing brands and products. Here are some statistics that show why should you look at Instagram for engagement:

  • 1.15 billion people use Instagram every month
  • 59% of micro-influencers say they get the best engagement on Instagram. 
  • According to a studio by Bloglovin, Instagram is the most effective social platform for growing engagements. 
Most effective platform for engaging your target audience
Image: Bloglovin

  1. Instagram advertising is on the rise. 

When you advertise on Instagram, you get your audience right when they are more active and looking for similar content. 

Instagram advertising
Source: Statista

  1. Most B2C marketers use Instagram to contact their audience.

Instagram ranks third after Facebook and Twitter as the best social media platform for business. 

Instagram for B2C marketers

If you want to succeed at Instagram, scheduling your Instagram content is critical. 

Benefits of scheduling your Instagram Posts through Instagram Scheduler App

If your audience is on Instagram (and who isn’t these days?), you should be too. But, regardless of the size of your company and your industry, you cannot be everywhere all the time. As your marketing efforts grow, they become more complex. An Instagram Scheduler App can help you achieve consistent and high-quality content. Here are the top reasons you should schedule your Instagram Posts: 

  1. Saves you time and effort

Marketers usually spend about 16  hours every week researching for something interesting to post. When we talk about Instagram, it usually involves also preparing the images, and creating captions. Scheduling allows you to focus your time, maybe a couple of hours a week to plan all your posts for the upcoming week. 

Uniclix allows you to create and schedule your Instagram posts from your calendar. That way you can see how your posts align with your strategy.

Uniclix Instagram scheduler
Source: Uniclix

  1. Makes your Instagram Strategy Consistent

An Instagram scheduler app can help you gain the visibility you need to keep your strategy consistent and balanced. Without it, you can be posting too much or too few posts a week. To achieve brand recognition on Instagram, you need to achieve a balance of 1-2 posts daily, and post at the time your audience is active. 

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  1. Aligns all the elements of your Instagram Strategy

Instagram gives its users a lot of internal channels to choose from. Posts, stories, videos, IGTV, and ads, all are targeting your audience. How do you choose the right balance on these types of content? How do you know if you are focusing too much on video? 

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One of the most important parts of succeeding at Instagram is writing the right captions. A good caption can make or break a post. Scheduling your posts lets you create all the captions for your posts at a glance. That helps you prevent repeating yourself. 

Want to know how to schedule your Instagram Posts? Check the Uniclix Guide: How to Schedule Instagram Posts: The Complete Guide. 

To gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, you need a top Instagram Scheduler. 

We did the work for you and ranked the Top Instagram Scheduler App’s for 2021. Let’s start. 

Best Instagram Scheduler Apps of 2021

1. Uniclix App

Best Instagrm Scheduler Apps of 2021


Uniclix App is a complete social management tool for businesses and individuals. Uniclix supports the top social media platforms marketers use: 

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook, 
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn. 
  • You can plan, schedule, edit and publish Instagram content directly from your dashboard. 
  • Send an individual picture and video posts via Instagram Direct Publishing.
Uniclix Instagram scheduler
  • You have access to useful, state-of-the-art analytics. You can track performance, followers, and engagement in your dashboard.
Uniclix Analytics

Some social media management tools offer free tiers. Uniclix, instead, gives you the opportunity to try all premium features on a 14-day free trial

If you are looking for a complete, all-in-one social media management tool and Instagram Scheduler App, then Uniclix is your best option.

 Key Features

  • Publish images and video directly to Instagram
  • Multi-platform content curator
  • Content creator and scheduler for multiple social media platforms. 
  • Publishing automation
  • Repeat feature 
  • Analytics 
  • Best time to post
  • Single link
  • Twitter DM automation
  • Twitter growth 

Best Instagram Scheduler App for: Influencers agencies, medium businesses. 

Disadvantages: Not suitable for very large enterprises. 

Pricing:  Free 14-day trial. Price ranging from $10 to $59 per month.  

What users think about Uniclix?


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Complete


  • Doesn’t support Pinterest or TikTok yet
  • Not suitable for large businesses. 

2. Sprout Social

Sproutsocial Instagram scheduler app


Sprout Social is a social media platform and Instagram Scheduler App that provides Instagram publishing and scheduling. 

  • It also provides social tools like automation and analytics
  • It allows you to edit your media directly in the app
  • Sprout Social lets you schedule and automate Instagram posts. 

Key Features

  • All-in-one social media management platform
  • In-depth analytics

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Large enterprises, medium to large agencies. 

Disadvantages: Expensive. 

Pricing: Starting at $99 per user, per month. Free 30-day trial, three paid plans: Standard at $99, Professional at $149, Advanced at $249 per user per month.  

What users think about Sprout Social?


  • Good support
  • Export calendars to PDF
  • Add photos directly in tweet drafts. . 


  • Confusing analytics as they calculate impressions and engagements differently than Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Difficult Instagram Integration. 

3. Fanbooster

Fanbooster Instagram scheduler app


Fanbooster, like Social Sprout, is a social management tool and  Instagram Scheduler App that features publishing and scheduling on a variety of social media platforms. 

  • Fanbooster allows you to publish direct content on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, among other platforms. 
  • It provides a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android
  • It integrates with Canva, which allows you to edit your posts inside the app. 

Key Features

  • All-in-one social media management platform
  • Analytics
  • Mobile app
  • Canva Integration

Best Instagram Scheduler for: medium to large businesses

Disadvantages: Expensive. You need at least the advanced paid tier to get enough premium features to be worth it. 

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Three paid tiers: Standard at $49/month, Advanced at $99 per month, Pro at $199/month. 

What users think about Fanbooster?


  • Allows for separate workspaces for each client. 


  • Sometimes the connection stalls. 
  • Difficult to navigate. 

4. Later

Later Instagram scheduler


Later is a visual Instagram marketing platform and Instagram Scheduler. As a visual scheduler, it is very popular among creatives. 

  • You can autopublish image and video posts to Instagram. 
  • You can schedule Instagram comments
  • Visual grid for publishing

Key Features

Oriented to content creators, here are some of Later’s functionalities: 

  • Analytics
  • Visual scheduling
  • Shoppable Instagram feeds
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Saved captions

Best Instagram Scheduler for: content creators, bloggers, and influencers. 

Disadvantages: Not very suitable for agencies or large enterprises.The free version has limited functions. 

Pricing:  Free plan with limited features. Paid tiers: Starter at $12.50/month, Growth at $20.50, Advanced at $33, billed annually. 

What users think about Later? 


  • Scheduling ahead of time
  • Scheduling across platforms 
  • Free and paid plans


  • Doesn’t allow bulk uploads
  • Doesn’t allow larger file sizes
  • Needs a bulk media folder for multiple users

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Instagram scheduler


Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media marketing platforms. Similar to Uniclix and Sprout Social, Hootsuite is a complete social media management platform.   

  • It supports main social channels
  • You can plan, schedule, review and publish content directly to your Instagram account. 
  • Hootsuite features a mobile app that allows you to post on the go. 

Key Features

Oriented to large enterprises and organizations. 

  • Analytics
  • Mobile app
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Allows multiple users and profiles for paid tiers. 

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Enterprises, government, education organizations and large agencies. 

Disadvantages: Very limited functions for the free plan. To get the real features you need to succeed, at least you should invest in the Professional tier. 

Pricing:  Free 30-day trial. Free plan with limited features for one user. Three paid tiers: Starter at $12.50/month, Growth at $20.50, Advanced at $33, billed annually. 

What users think about Hootsuite? 


  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Organized 
  • Easy transition from desktop to mobile app


  • Cluttered streams
  • Doesn’t have a “duplicate” button
  • Link to Instagram so you can go to certain posts. 

6. Buffer Publish

Buffer Instagram scheduler


Buffer Publish is the scheduling and publishing tool of the social media management platform Buffer. The tool supports direct publishing to the main social media channels ( Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin). 

  • Allows for visual planning for Instagram Stories
  • You can schedule your first comment
  • Provides e-commerce features, such as a shoppable landing page. . 

Key Features

Oriented to large enterprises and organizations. 

  • It requires a separate pricing for analytics. 
  • Shop Grid
  • Visual Instagram Stories
  • Hashtag Manager

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Individuals, startups and influencers. 

Disadvantages: Very basic features in the free plan. 

Pricing:  Free 14-day trial. Free tier with basic features. Paid tiers: Pro at $15/month, Premium at $65/month, Business at $99/month. 

What users think about Buffer Publish? 


  • Intuitive interface
  • Regular updates
  • You can pay for the whole app or for the parts you want to use. 


  • Instagram support is very limited in the basic plan
  • Limited number of platforms supported
  • Complete plan is very expensive. 

7. Semrush

Semrush Instagram scheduler


Semrush social media is a social media management tool combined with competitive analysis. 

  • It supports posting and scheduling to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • You can analyze the benchmarking of your social performance and detect which content is performing best. 

Key Features

  • Posting automation
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Save post as drafts to use later
  • Link shortener
  • UTM builder
  • Built-in image editor

Best Instagram Scheduler for:  medium to large businesses, enterprise, government, healthcare and high education. 

Disadvantages: Really expensive, not suitable for freelancers, startups or small businesses. 

Pricing:  30-days free trial. Paid plans: Pro at $99.95/month, Guru at $199/month, and Business at $399.95/month

What users think about Semrush? 


  • Competitor comparison
  • Good analytics for social media 


  • Pricey for agencies
  • Learning curve for new users
  • Requires experience to understand the analytics

8. CoSchedule

CoSchedule Instagram scheduler


CoSchedule is a marketing management platform with a social media management tool (Social Organizer).  This tool helps you create, schedule and publish social content. 

Key Features

  • Publishing automation at best times
  • Save schedules and drafts. 
  • Message automation
  • Social media analytics

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Medium to large companies. 


Pricing:  Free 14-day trial. Paid plans start at $20/month for individuals and $50/month for startups. Marketing suite plans start at $150/month. 

What do users think about Coschedule? 


  • Easy to use
  • Visual Content calendar
  • Supports multiple social media channels


  • The platform can be slow
  • Pricey
  • Prone to publishing errors in automation. 

9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare Instagram scheduler


Iconosquare was founded in France in 2011, and has been signing big names since. With clients like L’oreal, National Geographic and H&M, it has established itself as a social management platform for enterprises. 

  • Drag-and-drop interface.
  • You can see which hashtags were used recently
  • You can schedule your first Instagram comment
  • Allows to auto publish your social content.  

Key Features

  • Bulk image upload
  • Instagram image and video direct publishing

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Enterprises, medium and large companies, large agencies. 

Disadvantages: The basic plan offers very limited features. 

Pricing:  Free 14-day trial. Pro plan at $29/month, Advanced at %59 per month, per request for Agency pricing. Premium prices are billed annually.  

What users think about Iconosquare? 


  • Monitoring and analytics for Instagram data
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Easy to use 


  • Limited channels, only Instagram and Facebook
  • Doesn’t separate paid and organic posts
  • Difficult to track story posts. 

10. Sendible

Sendible Instagram scheduler


Sendible is popular among marketers because it allows to schedule Instagram posts for multiple accounts.   

  • You can get notifications when scheduling your Instagram stories
  • You can schedule multi-image posts and publish directly single-image and video posts.
  • Integrates with Canva for in app editing. 

Key Features

  • Drag and drop dashboard
  • Shared team calendars
  • Quick reports
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable 

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Agencies, small and medium businesses.

Disadvantages: Expensive if you want to have more than very basic features. 

Pricing:  Free 14-day trial. Starter plan: $29, Traction plan: $99, Growth plan: $199, Large plan $299, billed monthly. 

What do users think about Sendible? 


  • Easy to use and access
  • Allows quick posting
  • Scheduling multiple posts at once


  • Limited features

11. Combin Scheduler

Combin App Instagram scheduler


Combin Scheduler is a free platform for scheduling and instant social media posting.    

  • Publishing automation from the dashboard. 
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Ubuntu platforms. 
  • Offers a customizable grid

Key Features

  • Image-size editing
  • Hashtag management
  • Adding link in bio
  • Bulk stories and posts uploading
  • Location tagging 
  • Bulk image uploading. 
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Allows multiple users and profiles for paid tiers. 

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Freelancers, individuals and small businesses. 

Disadvantages: Limited functions for the free plan, allowing a single Instagram account, 3 Instagram posts and 15 stories per week. . 

Pricing:  Free version. The premium plan offers unlimited stories, posts and tagging, starting at $10/month.

What users think about Combin? 


  • Bulk schedule posts ahead of time
  • Simple to use


  • No web version, only desktop.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Buggy when sorting by date and interaction.

12. Tailwind

Tailwind Instagram scheduler


Tailwind allows you to plan your Instagram feed through a 9 grid preview. Therefore you can schedule entire weeks of Instagram posts. 

  • You can use Tailwind from desktop, mobile or tablet.  
  • Provides strong analytics to monitor trends. 
  • Drag and drop calendar. 

Key Features

  • Smart scheduling tool chooses the best time to post. 
  • Content discovery and curation. 
  • Hashtag finder
  • Drops pre-saved lists of hashtags into posts. 

Best Instagram Scheduler for: Small companies and freelancers. 

Disadvantages: Hard to use

Pricing:  Free trial. Paid plans start at $9.99/month. 

What users think about Tailwind? 


  • You can schedule Pins on more than one board. 
  • You can schedule Instagram posts at best times
  • Add links to bio. 


  • Complex interface 
  • Community features are difficult to use. 

Conclusion – Which is the Best Instagram Scheduler App? 

Choosing the right Instagram Scheduler App for your company will depend on the size of your organization, your budget and the features you need. In this article, we wanted to help you choose and rank the top solutions for you. 

As a general conclusion, Uniclix Social Media Manager is our top recommendation. 

Why Uniclix? 

Uniclix offers a complete, all-in-one social media management platform that goes beyond the Instagram Scheduling features. You can create, schedule, and plan your posts for the entire week or month and Uniclix will post them at the best times for maximum engagement. It offers automatic content curation and hashtag management so you will never miss an opportunity to reach your audience. Start managing your social media the smart way. Sign in for your 14-day free trial with Uniclix. 

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