Always Up-To-Date Guide to Instagram Dimensions for 2020

Instagram Dimensions

By far, one of the most popular apps today, in terms of the sheer number of global users, is Instagram. Instagram, Insta, ‘gram, or whatever the cool kids these days are calling it, it simply means that more and more people are using it around the world. 

Users are flocking to Instagram for a number of reasons, but it really comes down to the images. As an image-focused platform, Instagram does an excellent job of letting its users tell their stories in the form of images and videos. Whether users are using Instagram to document their daily lives or the best of their travels, the main mode of communication is through graphics. 

In the last few years, companies have taken notice of the impact of Instagram on the daily lives of its users and have jumped on board. Brands have realized that a large segment of their audience is on Instagram and they have created and regularly used their Instagram account as a way of connecting with their audience. It’s also given them a great opportunity to target their advertising to new customers as well.

As one of the largest social platforms in the world today, everyone, especially companies, needs to know the proper Instagram image dimensions. But before we delve into Instagram image size, it’s really important to get a sense as to how big Instagram really is. For any company, knowing image dimensions is incredibly important because you will want to represent your brand as best as possible to hundreds of millions of Instagram users. 

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Important Instagram Statistics

Perhaps, the most attractive part about using Instagram is that you really can be of any age to use it. Statistics show that 37% of American adults use Instagram every day, including 23% of people between the ages of 50 and 64. What this data shows is that Instagram is simply not just for the younger generation and that adults of all ages are just as keen as younger people to use Instagram. With this kind of popularity, you can only imagine how immensely popular it is with younger audiences.

Since Instagram’s inception back in 2010, it has grown into a highly downloaded app among users. It ranks #2 on the Apple Store and #10 on Google Play in terms of the number of downloads. With these kinds of staggering download numbers, it’s no wonder why many more people are joining Instagram by the day, including companies. No longer are companies simply relying on Google and Facebook ads, when Instagram has become another viable option for businesses to sell their services and products to customers.

What’s even more impressive than its download numbers is the large number of people who at least open up and check the app on a daily basis. Over 60% of people who have Instagram downloaded onto their phones are checking it once per day. With this much daily activity from users, it’s no wonder that brands are following them onto Instagram.

Today, there are nearly 30 million brand accounts on Instagram and when you look at it on a more granular level, of the top 100 brands in the world, over 90% of them have an active Instagram account. With over 80% of all Instagram users following at least one brand on Instagram and over 200 million users visiting a brand’s Instagram page daily, it really becomes a no-brainer for any company or brand to create their own Instagram page.

Instagram Image Size (Portrait)

When considering Instagram image dimensions, there are a couple of things to consider with the most important being that they can accommodate different image styles. What we mean by this is that you can post either a portrait or a landscape image on Instagram but it’s important to get the dimensions right!

When posting a portrait image, the biggest thing to know is that you really can’t post any portrait image. For example, when you view an Instagram Story, you’ll notice that the fstyle is in portrait mode, however, even though it is a portrait style, the dimensions are different than when you’re posting a regular Instagram post.

For now, we’ll focus on the image dimensions of a regular Instagram post, with the Instagram Story dimensions coming later on. As we mentioned, you can easily post a portrait-style image to Instagram. Here are the dimensions you’ll want to pay close attention to:

Acceptable and Recommended: 1080 x 1350 (width x height)

4:5 1080 x 1350 Instagram portrait picture size

As you can tell by the dimensions, the height is bigger than the width dimensions, as is common in all portrait images. However, it’s important to point out that a classic portrait mode image will have an aspect ratio of 1 to roughly 1.8, but in this case, the aspect ratio is only 1 to 1.25. What this means is that if you were to take 1 pixel of the image’s width, you should get 1.25 pixels in height.

Instagram Image Size (Landscape)

Probably the more common of the two types of images users generally tend to post on Instagram are images that are landscape. Even though a landscape style of image is more frequently used on Instagram, a number of people believe that portrait style images might offer better visibility as it gives you a much larger surface area to display your graphic.

As the debate rages on, we’ll provide you with the Instagram image size and you can decide which style of image works best for your Instagram. 

Acceptable and Recommended: 1080 x 608 (width x height)

Instagram image size landscape 1080 x 608

While these dimensions are the acceptable and recommended ones, we should also note that maintaining an aspect ratio of 1.8 to 1 that is either at these dimensions or greater is the best way to go when posting a landscape style image to your Instagram.

No matter if you’re looking to post a portrait or landscape style image to your Instagram, why not do it with one of the best up-and-coming social media platforms on the market? With Uniclix, you’ll easily be able to schedule out your portrait and landscape images on Instagram. What’s even better is that you can even preview what your post will look like. This will help you figure out if the dimensions of your image are correct and it is just a great way to know what to expect your post to look like before hitting the publish button.

If you’re a particular brand that leverages Instagram to engage with your followers, using Uniclix is a great way to schedule out a whole month’s worth of content at a time. Doing all the scheduling at once using Uniclix is a great way to save precious time that you can devote elsewhere. Perhaps, the best thing about using Uniclix is that there is no up-front commitment you need to make. You can give it a try for the first 2 weeks and see what it’s all about before committing to making it your go-to social media scheduling platform. If this is something you’re interested in, sign up for your free 14-day trial here.

Instagram Image Size (Square)

Finally, the last type of image you can post is that of a square image. As a square suggests, this image is equal in terms of its width and length.

Acceptable and Recommended: 1080 x 1080

Instagram image size square 1:1 1080 x 1080

A friendly tip to note is that with all of the Instagram image sizes we have noted above (portrait, landscape, and square), just note that the acceptable and recommended width will always be 1080 pixels.

Instagram Image Size (Profile Picture)

Most likely the least glamorous photo on Instagram is your profile picture but it’s also an important one because it’s by this image users will be able to know and recognize who you are.

To find your profile picture, simply navigate to your own Instagram page that displays all of your images as well as your followers and following numbers. To the left of these numbers is where you’ll find your profile picture. Note, that your profile picture will always be displayed as a circle rather than a square or rectangle like the other images on Instagram.

Acceptable: 110 x 110
Recommended: 1080 x 1080

While 110 x 110 may be an acceptable dimension, since Instagram is a very graphics-heavy platform, it’s advised to use an image that is much higher in resolution so that your followers can clearly see the image. 

Instagram Stories Size

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of Instagram and to view them, simply click on any account’s profile picture that has a colorful rim around it. This means that they have an active story and you can view it by simply clicking on it.

When creating an Instagram Story, the most important part is that it will always display in portrait mode because of the sheer number of people that use Instagram on their mobile phones. Thus, here are the dimensions of Instagram Stories.

Acceptable and Recommended: 1080 x 1920 (width x height)

Instagram stories size 1080 x 1920

This dimension also applies for the Instagram Live feature which is just an extension of the Instagram Stories feature. With these dimensions, when you view an Instagram Story on your mobile phone, you will notice that it usually takes up the entire screen space.

You can post images to your Instagram Story as well, including images that are landscape style. If this is the case, your landscape image will only take up the middle portion of the screen and it won’t take up the entire screen space because it is wider, rather than taller.

Instagram Video Size

Much like posting regular images, when you post a video to your Instagram that is not in Instagram Stories, it can support a portrait, landscape, and square aspect ratios and these dimensions are essentially the same as the image dimensions mentioned above. To summarize, here are the Instagram video dimensions.

Portrait: 1080 x 1350
Landscape: 1080 x 608
Square: 1080 x 1080

Instagram TV Video Size

A new feature to Instagram that further adds to the visual storytelling of its platform is Instagram TV or IGTV as it’s known. IGTV is simply a way for users to publish a video that is longer than Instagram’s policy of one minute for posts. This section often can be found on your personal Instagram page under where your followers and following numbers are displayed.

IGTV sizes can be shown in either portrait, landscape, or square mode and it has the following dimensions:

Portrait: 1080 x 1920
Landscape: 1920 x 1080
Square: 1080 x 1080

When viewing IGTV in landscape mode, you’ll have to flip your mobile phone so that you’re viewing the video in landscape mode as the video itself will take up the entire screen.

Last Word

Posting images to Instagram can be an easy thing to do that can be even easier when you know the sizes of the images. Thankfully, posting your Instagram images through an application like Uniclix makes it tremendously easy for you. Using this social media planning tool, you can take all of the posts you want to publish for the month and schedule it all out at once! You’ll also be able to preview the posts before you publish them so that you can have peace of mind in knowing that there won’t be any errors in your post.

To get started with Uniclix, give their two-week trial period a shot. There’s no commitment to join a membership plan but after two weeks, it might be hard for you to not have a handy social media scheduling tool to help post all of your Instagram images.

Table of Instagram Image Size

Instagram Image & Video Size (Portrait)1080 x 13501080 x 1350
Instagram Image & Video Size (Landscape)1080 x 6081080 x 608
Instagram Image & Video Size (Square)1080 x 10801080 x 1080
Instagram Image Size (Profile Picture)110 x 1101080 x 1080
Instagram Stories & Live Size1080 x 19201080 x 1920
Instagram TV Size (Portrait)1080 x 19201080 x 1920
Instagram TV Size (Landscape)1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080

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