The Definitive Guide to the Instagram Creator Studio

Are you an Influencer looking to increase the number of followers or a marketer hungry for more insights from your Instagram audience? Then the Instagram Creator Studio might be a solution for you. 

Instagram Creator Studio helps you learn more about your audience,schedule your posts, and manage messages. With Instagram Creator Studio account, you can go deeper into your follower metrics and make effective strategies on how to maximize your Instagram engagement and benchmark  your performance within your industry. 

In this article, you are going to learn how to use the Instagram Creator Studio to make the most out of Instagram as a business or Influencer. 

Let’s dive in.  

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram Creator Studio allows you to manage all your content, post from your desktop, and track the instagram post performance and insight. 

In 2017, Facebook launched the first Creator Studio for its users to make their account management, messaging and post scheduling easier on Facebook accounts only. Now, with integration of Instagram Creator Studio, users could edit their videos, and create more exciting posts that generated lots of interaction with their audience. 

For a long time, Instagram business account users had been asking for better features such as how to track insights and manage their content easily. In June of 2020, Facebook finally granted their wish. 

It announced the Instagram Creator Studio was now available for businesses, influencers and creators. The instagram Creator Studio would provide detailed insights about their posts and allow them to create and manage their content among extra features. 

The Instagram Creator Studio is only available on desktop at the moment because Facebook disabled the creator studio app. 

However if you’re looking for a tool to help you optimize your overall Instagram strategy, plan and schedule your content visually, you’ll probably benefit using Instagram marketing platforms like Uniclix instead.

With Uniclix you can schedule and publish posts for multiple social media channels at once. Determine the best time of day to post to maximize your reach

Who can use the Instagram Creator Studio?

The Instagram Creator Studio is available to anyone who uses Instagram. Whether you are an influencer, a business, a blogger, a creator or just a normal user, you can access it as an alternative to business profiles.  

According to this Facebook press release, the Creator Studio brings together all tools that creators need to effectively post, monetize and track performance and interact with their fans in one single place. 

What are the benefits of Instagram Creator Studio?

The Instagram Creator Studio has numerous benefits that make it suitable for creators and other Instagram users. It allows creators to: 

  • Measure their profile insights 
  • Edit their videos with sound tracks
  • Schedule their posts and IGTV content
  • Monetize and manage their accounts. 

Apart from these benefits offered to your instagram account profile by the Creator Studio, it still lacks more powerful tools and options compared to  UniClix’s post scheduler. With UniClix, you get more options for sharing posts and scheduling content than Instagram itself. 

You want to learn more on how to schedule and automate your Instagram posts with Uniclix? Here is a detailed guide on How to Schedule Instagram Post with Uniclix. 

Scheduling Instagram Post with Uniclix Saves Time

How much time do you spend every day looking for something interesting to post? Searching for photos, creating a clever caption for your Instagram? Would it be better to spend just a couple of hours once a week or month and plan and schedule your Instagram posts for the entire week/month? 

With Uniclix, you can quickly create and schedule your Instagram posts right from the dashboard calendar. This gives you the visibility you need to plan your Instagram strategy.

Once you have an account with Uniclix you can plan and schedule your post for the rest of the month, to schedule post follow the steps below: 

  • Go to your Dashboard and select Create Post
  • Add your image, caption, and hashtags. You can see how the post will look on your Instagram feed.
Instagram Creator Studio vs Uniclix Instagram tool
Uniclix Instagram scheduling tool

Now back to Instagram Creator Studio. 

How to Connect your Instagram Account to the  Creator Studio

To manage your Instagram content and get insights about your posts, you should first link your Instagram account to the instagram Creator Studio on your desktop. 

Before going further you should consider these steps: 

  • You should have an Instagram account and a Facebook page. 
  • The Instagram account should be linked to the Facebook page that you manage. 
  • Switch your Instagram account to a business profile or creator account.

Now let’s get started:  

Start by opening the Creator Studio on your desktop and clicking on the Instagram icon at the top of the page. 

Creator Studio

What happens next depends on the relationship between your Instagram account and Facebook page. 

Scenario #1: If your Facebook Page is already linked to the Instagram account that you want to connect to Creator Studio, just click to connect to that page. 

Scenario #2: In case you don’t have the Facebook Page linked to your Instagram, follow the instructions to login to the Instagram account you want to connect.

Scenario #3: Maybe you already have an Instagram account linked to your Facebook page but you want to link another Instagram account. Click “connect another Instagram Account”and follow on screen instructions. 

Scenario #4: When you have lots of instagram accounts connected to your Facebook page, click “Continue with Connected Instagram Accounts.”

Once you connect the Instagram account in the Creator Studio anyone who has a role in the Facebook Page can gain access to it through your Creator Studio Instagram section. 

Creator Studio Setup

Once you complete the linking process, you automatically get access to the new Instagram tools in the Creator Studio. 

Let’s now dive into the details of how you can use the Instagram Creator Studio to make the most out of Instagram. 

What can you do with the Instagram Creator Studio?

You can do pretty much everything you used to do with the normal Instagram app but now with more options. Let’s show you these options! 

#1 Utilize the Instagram Content Library to Manage your Instagram Content

The Instagram Content Library tab gives you access to all the posts you’ve ever made. You can find them easily with multiple filters and tabs. You get an overview of all your Instagram videos, photos, carousels,stories and IGTV posts. 

Instagram Creator Studio Content Library

Instagram Content Library

From the screenshot you can see the six different tabs: all content, video, photo, carousel, stories and IGTV. It’s so easy to find the posts you want to edit or delete. 

You can also search for a specific content using the search bar or the followers filters: post status or time. The post status is a choice among the following options below. You will find posts that are scheduled and need to be edited fast using this filter. 

Instagram Creator Studio  Publish

If you select a single post, you will have 3 options. You can either view, post, edit or delete. So you would be able to do everything that the normal Instagram app also allows you. 

#2 Post Instagram Content 

Creating an Instagram post on your desktop was hard to do before. However, the new Instagram Creator Studio made it simple and easy. 

All you do is click on create a post on the left tab of your Instagram Creator Studio menu. Then select on either the IGTV or Feed Post depending on your intentions. (check out the screenshot above of the content library.)

If you choose your Instagram feed, then a small window will open on the right section of the screen. 

You have the option to enter the content, the caption, and location. And decide if you wish to make the same posts on Facebook. You can then schedule, post now, backdate or simply save as draft your Instagram post. 

The caption has a maximum of 2200 characters with 30 hashtags and 30 mentions. When it comes to content, you can either upload a file or choose content from your Facebook page. 

You can also click on advanced settings at the top right of your screen. You will have access to additional options for your Instagram post.   

#3 Post IGTV Content 

Select the IGTV after clicking on Create a Post on the left tab of your Instagram Creator Studio menu. 

For the content, you can upload a file or choose from your Facebook page’s content. You can add a title of upto 75 characters, a description of a maximum 2200 characters, 30 hashtags and 30 mentions. 

You can add the cover image and have the IGTV appear on your Instagram feed as well as your Facebook Page. You also have the option to schedule the post and even edit it after being posted. Just click on the drop down arrow next to the publish button to access these options. ( check out the image above)

#4 Measure Instagram Insights (activity & audience)

To access this section, click the insight button on the left menu of your screen. You will see two options: activity and audience. From this section, you can get insights on your Instagram account for the past 7 days. 

In the activity tab, you’ll see two graphs. The first one is called interactions and the second one is discovery. In the interactions graph, you will the actions that people have taken on your Instagram account such as website visits, calls and emails. 

In the discovery tab, you will see the amount of impressions and reach your account has received in the past 7 days. 

If you want to see how your individual posts have performed, look into the individual posts of your content library. If you select a post and click on the view post option, a small window opens with all the details you may be interested in. 

The audience insight section is also available under the activity tab. It provides information about your audience such as the age, gender, location, favorite time of the day of your audience. 

Instagram Creator Studio  Analytics

And that’s it! 

Uniclix vs. Instagram Creator Studio 

If you are a creator and looking for a simple tool to schedule your post from your desktop, or respond to you instagram messages from desktop then Instagram Creator Studie might be just the tool you need, However if you a tool to help you optimize your overall Instagram strategy, plan and schedule your content visually, measure KPIs, schedule best time to post on instagram, you’ll probably benefit using Instagram marketing platform like Uniclix instead.

Creators can use Uniclix Content Finder Tool, Scheduling tool, Analytics features, and much more. 


Instagram’s Creator Studio is an awesome tool for creators to manage their presence and make the most out of their Instagram by tracking audience and activity insights. By optimizing your content to match the needs of your audience, you will increase your engagement levels, followers and sales. However, it lacks the features that social media management tools like Uniclix, with Uniclix you can create an end2end strategy on managing and growing your Instagram presence. 

Ready to jump-start your Instagram strategy, gain more followers and generate more sales? Start planning and scheduling your Instagram posts using Uniclix!

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