How to Share a Facebook Post (2020 Update)

share facebook post

Facebook marketing has become me of the biggest thing in online marketing and is no doubt one of the largest social media network in the world today. With over 1 billion users, it opens up a huge opportunity for organic (and/or paid) business marketing opportunities.

Successful social media marketing depends majorly on great, consistent content that adds value to users on various apps. On Twitter, you must be able to put out great tweets that adds value to your followers on the platform. 

On Facebook, your content could also be in different formats but with mostly longer texts as opposed to twitter’s ideal text length than performs best. 

In this pretty short post, I’m going to show you, step by step how to share a post (your content) to your Facebook page or Facebook profile. 

Note: Before we continue, I just wanted to invite you to try out Uniclix, our social media management tool that helps your automate your Facebook processes including content publishing and scheduling.

Also, I’d love to quickly highlight some few reasons you must use Facebook for marketing and why it’s worth your time. 

5 Facebook Marketing Stats 2020

Here are our top Facebook marketing statistics we think every marketer should know in 2020 on the relevance of Facebook marketing on the internet today. 

How Do You Find What to Post?

Just like any other social media network, you must have a steady flow of content pieces for your social channels. This is one of the major problems businesses face today as a ton of business owners we’ve spoken to report that they tend to be clueless on what to post on their Facebook page or profile. 

How do you then find useful content to publish on your Facebook pages?

  1. Repost other people’s content. 
  2. Ask meaningful questions to attract comments and shares.
  3. Share your blog posts. 
  4. Photo posts. 
  5. Video posts. 
  6. Company posts or updates.
  7. Case studies. 
  8. User-Generated content. 
  9. Products.
  10. Engaging polls. 
  11. Facebook live. 
  12. Facebook status. 
  13. Holidays and current events. 
  15. Customer support.

How to Post to Your Facebook Page from Mobile

To post to your Facebook page from your iPhone or Android devices, launch the Facebook application icon with the white “f” on a dark-blue background.

This should take you to your Facebook feed if you’re logged in already but if you’re not logged in, put in the phone number or email address and password associated with the Facebook account you want access then tap “Login”.

You can find the “What’s on your mind?” text bar directly above the Facebook status bar.

facebook post

Click on the blank space provided and a full publish page should slide up.  

create facebook post

Click on the blank space provided and a full publish page should slide up automatically.

create facebook post sample

Here are different publishing options you can use on the publish tab. 

  • You can type in text content in the empty blank space provided.
facebook post via mobile
  • Use the “Public” scroll down bar to change your post privacy settings to “Friends” or “Friends except…”
publish in facebook
  • Use the “Album” bar to publish the post to a specific Album. You can easily create one if you don’t have any Albums on your Facebook profile.
facebookpost albums
  • You can also use the text-as-a-picture post where you can easily write texts on coloured backgrounds which are published as images. 
whats in your mind? Facebook post
  • Use the “Add to your Post” feature below the text box to add graphics (audio, video, Gif), tag friends, add a feeling/activity, check in, go live and some more options.
checkin - facebook

How to Post to Your Facebook Page from Desktop

Publishing to your Facebook from Desktop is pretty easy and straightforward. Head over to and log into your desired account.

facebook feed

Just like you did on mobile, select the “What’s on your mind, Simon” directly above the Facebook Stories to access the full publishing options.

create facebook post

You can also add graphics (photos, gifs and videos), tag friends, add a feeling/activity and many other publishing features. View the more options by clicking the 3 dots below the empty text bar.

How to Post a Facebook Status Update

Few years back, status updates was only possible on Snapchat and Instagram but today, we can post status updates on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook too. 

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, then you must have seen your friends and colleagues publish status updates frequently at the top of your Facebook feed or Messenger application.

On mobile, launch your Facebook application and click on the “Add to story +” option (with your profile image.

facebook story

You can then type in texts or upload any image or video directly from your phone’s gallery.

mind? facebook post

Note: To publish a status update from your desktop, find the “Add to story +” above your Facebook feed.

How to Schedule & Automate Your Facebook Posts from Uniclix App

Are you going to be publishing regularly on your Facebook account? Here’s an offer to try Uniclix, to schedule and automate your social media marketing processes.

Basically, you can create, schedule and automate your Facebook (Twitter and LinkedIn) posts directly from your Uniclix dashboard.

Step 1: Create a free Uniclix account.

Step 2: From your account’s dashboard, select Compose and authorize your various social media accounts.

schedule post via uniclix

Step 3: Navigate to the “PUBLISH” tab and you can begin scheduling all your Facebook posts directly from Uniclix.


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