How To See Instagram Insights for Your Posts

If you’ve been following our guides, you already know how to post, share and optimize your Instagram posts. But how do you know your efforts are producing fruits? You need to review the performance of your posts. One tool that can help you is Instagram Insights. Here at UniClix, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through it and answer to Frequent Asked Questions you may have. 

What’s Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is the app’s analytics tool that gives you data on the demographics of your followers, their behavior, and your content. You can use Instagram Insights to review your content campaigns and measure how your individual posts are performing. 

If you want to use Instagram Insights, first you need to have an Instagram business account


If you don’t have a Business Instagram Account yet, here’s how to set up one: 

  1. Go to your Instagram Account 
  2.  Go to  Settings and find  Account. 
  1.  Tap on the option  Switch to Professional Account
  1. You’ll find a list of Categories. Choose the one that best describes your business. 
  1. Select Business. 
  2. That’s it, you’ve set up an Instagram business account. 

You can find more information on the Instagram for business page

FAQs about Instagram Business accounts

Do you have to pay for an Instagram business account?Making the change to a business profile is free. Is an Instagram business account worth it?An Instagram business account may provide an impersonal feel, and if it is very sales can overwhelm your followers. Also one of the cons of business accounts is that you have to actually manage the account and put in the hours to grow it. But don’t be afraid because a business account cannot hurt your engagement. The opposite actually is true because you get more insights about your followers. What are the benefits of an Instagram Business Profile?With a business account, you can leverage your Instagram bio, since you have more available characters. You can also have more than one clickable link.With a business account, you can run ads on the platform, if you also have a Facebook page. You get insights into your followers. 

How Do I See My Post Insights on Instagram

Once you have an Instagram business account, you can start seeing the analytics for your account and each post. If you switch from a personal account, you’ll see the analytics from the first post as a business account. 

You can find the insights in three places on your Instagram app: 

  1. Your account page 

To see the Insights from your account page,  find the bar graph icon in the top right corner of the screen.   

  1. An individual post

Go to the post you want to review, and tap on View Insights in the bottom left corner.  

  1. See Insights for a Story

Open the story and tap the “Seen by…” in the bottom left corner. 

Want to see it all together? Go to the Insights homepage

You can find insights into the content you posted in the last week. Here are some indicators you can find on the homepage: 

  • Total followers 
  • The number of new followers from the last 7 days. 
  • The total number of posts you have on your account. 
  • How many new posts you added in the last week. 

Understanding Instagram Insights

Your Insights homepage currently gives you information about three categories: Activity, Content, and Audience. 


This tab shows you how your account is performing on Instagram in general terms. Here’s what you can learn from it:

  • How many visits had your profile got  in the last week
  • Total taps on your posts or profile in the last week. 
  • The number of times users clicked on your website from your profile in the last week. 
  • The number of calls placed via your Instagram profile. 
  • You can see how the data is compared to past weeks. 
  • You will also view what was the period with most interactions and identify peak posting times and trends. 

Learn about your reach: The Discovery section. 

This section tells you how many accounts you reached in the last week, and how many impressions your posts got. 

You can use this to identify a peak because of a particular post and add hashtags, tags or comments to promote it further. 


In this tab, you can find how specific posts are performing. Feed posts are typically sorted placing the content with the most impressions at the top.

You can filter your preferences to see how your posts are performing by: 

CallsCommentsEngagementsFollowsImpressionsLikesProfile VisitsReachSavedWebsite clicksTexts

PhotosVideosCarousel PostsShopping Posts

On the Content tab, you’ll also have the information on Instagram Stories

Important note:  You can only see Instagram Stories insights for the last 14 days. 

Here you can filter Stories data by: 

  • Impressions
  • Reach 
  • Forward
  • Back
  • Replies
  • Next Story

What you can learn from this?

  • Rank your posts and identify which have the best reach. 
  • Detect what content is performing best for you. 
  • Look for trends. 


This tab gives you information about your followers. Although is not as exhaustive as other social platforms (Facebook, anyone?), still you can find basic demographics and location data. 

  • You can track how your follower base is growing. 
  • Find which Cities or Countries have more of your followers. 
  • See demographics like age, percentage of men and women. 
  • When is your best time to post, according to when your followers are online. 

FAQs about Instagram Insights 

Why Can’t I see post Insights on Instagram?

If you recently converted from a personal account to a business or creator account, you cannot see past insights.

How to download historical data through the Instagram app?

You can download data through the mobile app by following these steps:Go to your profile page. Tap on the menu icon (the hamburger or three stacked lines) Select Security Under Data and History, select Download Data Enter the email address and then tap on Request Download Enter your password and tap Next You’ll get an email with the data in 48 hours.

How can I see Instagram Insights older than a week?

If you want to access data older than a week, it is better to use an Instagram analytics tool. Such a solution generally includes a stack of social media management features, including scheduling, content management, and more.

Simplify your Instagram Marketing With UniClix

Tracking your Insights can be a hassle if you have to do it from your phone. You’ll want a tool that can be managed from desktop and expands in the basics analytics of Instagram. 

UniClix app is a complete Social Management suite that can empower and simplify your Instagram analytics.

When you add your Instagram account to UniClix, you can start Creating, Scheduling, and Analyzing your Instagram campaigns.

You can see the total number of posts, followers, engagement, and impressions, for the last month, week or year.  With an intuitive interface, you have total visibility of your insights at a glance. Start taking your Social Management to a new level. Sign up for your 14-days free trial today

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