How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once Using Uniclix?

More than 1.4 billion people are using Facebook Groups any month. Let it sink. That’s 1/7th of the entire planet population consuming and sharing content in interest groups. Just on Facebook. 

Building an online presence in multiple groups requires using the right tools. If you are looking for a way to automate your posting to Facebook Groups, this article is for you. Read on to learn how to post in multiple Facebook Groups and grow your segment’s engagement.

Why Post to Facebook Groups?

By posting to Facebook Groups, you can reach more people on your segment AND your posts get more conversions. Here are three key benefits of posting to Facebook groups: 

It increases your organic reach  

Facebook’s news feed algorithm prioritizes posts that generate interaction and conversation. The more comments your post have, the higher you reach on the news feed. Therefore, by engaging your potential customers through interesting content, you’ll have Facebook’s algorithm working for you!. 

Your potential customers are already segmented 

People in a group are there because they share a common interest: your market niche. They actively want to hear about products or services like yours. When you reach to Facebook groups, you’ll have your potential customers nicely grouped in one place. 

Your customers and fans provide feedback, comments, opinions. You can take all these valuable info and translate it into more personalization and refined offers, which will turn into leads.

It builds loyalty and creates a good customer experience

Customers return where they have a great experience. If they are getting valuable information from your posts, they will follow you to know more. Then, when you invite fans to be part of your online community, you are building brand loyalty. 

How to Post on Facebook Groups

You’ve got an online community! People are joining your group! Now is the time to provide quality content that converts into leads. You can post to your group from a computer or from your mobile. Here’s how you do it:

To post to a Facebook group from a computer: 

  1. Select Groups in the left side menu and click on the group you want to post to. 
  2. Click on the Write something! text box. 
  3. Compose your post, share video or images, add a poll or create an event. 

From mobile (Android or iPhone):

  1. Tap on the three horizontal bars (the menu icon).
  2. Select Groups and click on the group of your choice
  3. Select Share Something or Write Something
  4. Compose a post, share images or video, add a poll or create an event. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Automate your Social Media Management

Posting to several media channels or Facebook Groups can be time consuming, and not all companies have community managers that do this as their day-job. Small companies or single business owners need to curate the content, choose the channels and the images for each post. Then choose the best time to post on the accounts and do this regularly to keep your users engaged. And take care of their business also!. 

Many companies are saving time and efforts by scheduling their social media posts through an automation tool. These tools help users to save hours in social media management that translate into more time available for their key business activity. 

Uniclix was specially designed to be used by small businesses, freelancers and social influencers. You can use Uniclix Social Media to schedule your posts with a few clicks. 

Check this article to learn more about what makes Uniclix Social Media ideal for small business. 

Meet Uniclix Social Media

Uniclix is a social media management application that allows users to manage and grow their social media channels in a simple and centralized way. Uniclix app lets you post, share and monitor social media in very few steps.  

What Can You Do with Uniclix App?

#1: Schedule posts

You can plan and schedule your posts on all your social channels in advance with a few clicks. You can post to multiple channels and Facebook Groups at once. 

In addition, gone by are the hours spent researching for the best time to post on a social channel. Uniclix app helps you define what are the optimal times for the most engagement right on your scheduling dashboard. 

#2: Achieve Effective Social Monitoring

You want to know the customer feeling about your company and the content you provide to them. Uniclix helps users with social listening by creating custom conversation streams. This enable users to monitor what their fans and potential customers are saying about them and react accordingly. 

#3 Use auto-curated content

How much time do you spend researching for valuable content online every week? Gone by are the hours you spent searching for interesting topics to post. When you sign up to Uniclix, you can choose which topics interest you and Uniclix app will provide curated content you can post!. That simple, delivered to your dashboard. 

Posting on Multiple Facebook Groups at Once Using Uniclix

So, how do you use Uniclix to reach your customers on multiple Facebook Groups? With Uniclix app, you can do it using only a few clicks. Here is how:

  1. Sign up or Open your Uniclix Account
  2. Select the Groups you want to post to
  3. Create your posts
  4. Select the date and time to post
  1. Sign Up or Open your Uniclix Account
Uniclix - Social media management platform - Facebook Groups

It is very simple, click on the button and start your 14-day free trial. You only need your email and password. 

The sign-up process is very simple and as soon as you sign up you’ll get an email which will take you to the next step: Connecting your Social Media accounts. 

Connect your Social Media Accounts

Facebook allows you to automating your posting to groups by using third-party apps, like Uniclix. But first you need to connect your Facebook account and the groups you wish to post groups to the app. It is very simple:

  1. Select which social media channel do you want to connect. The app suggests media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest  and LinkedIn. 
Uniclix social media management platform - Facebook Groups

  1. Select Facebook.
  2. The app will ask you to review and choose which activities you want Uniclix you do on Facebook. Click the link to select which permissions you allow
Uniclix Facebook Connection - Facebook Groups

When you finish, click Ok

2. Select the Groups You Want to Post To.

Uniclix Facebook Groups Posting - Facebook Groups

You can add groups to your list by clicking the positive signs and remove them by clicking the negatives. 

3. Create Your Posts

Now that you chose the groups you want to post to, it is time for your first post!

  1. Go to your Dashboard
Create Your Posts with Uniclix - Facebook Groups

You will see a clear calendar with an option to select your time zone, the scheduling week and time.

  1. Select New Post (Top right button). A dialog will appear so you can select the social accounts and groups you want to publish.
Schedule posts with Uniclix - Facebook Groups

In my case, as a long-time fan of Dr. Who and Star Trek, I chose my two favorite groups to post to. 

Here you should choose your company’s community group and also the groups that fit your customer base. 

  1. Paste the link or write your post in the What’s on your mind? box. You can also add feelings, images or video. 
Uniclix scheduler - Facebook Groups

  1. Schedule Your Posts

Note that Uniclix gives you three options to select the time to post: 

  • Post now – click the option
  • Schedule a custom time – select date and time. 
  • Post at best time- Uniclix selects the best time to post to Facebook. 

Click Post and it’s ready! Your post is on the Facebook groups you selected, reaching your target customers!

Uniclix Publisher Post At Best Time - Facebook Groups

The Takeaway

In summary, turning your attention to Facebook groups can grow your organic engagement rates and build trust with your customers You can start today by creating a presence and increasing your reach in Facebook groups. All while spending fewer hours managing your social media. Check this short video to learn how to do it with Uniclix. 

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