How to Get Twitter Followers – the Only Guide You’ll Need in 2021

Still struggle with getting twitter followers today? We walk you through the best (and still organic) strategies to get twitter followers fast in 2020

Still struggle with getting twitter followers today? We walk you through the best (and still organic) strategies to get twitter followers fast in 2021

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

“How do I get so many people following me?”

Probably a lot of time right?

That’s true and also OK because everyone wants to get thousands of people following them on Twitter. 

You can’t stop thinking about how it feels to get 100 retweets and 20 comments 45 minutes after sending a tweet.

The feel of getting people to engage with your tweets. 

You may be business or just a person who wants to grow a brand online. 

But there’s always a problem…

You don’t know how to go about this ;(

Maybe you don’t even know where to begin. 

Over the past 5 years, I’ve dedicated most of my (digital) time learning how to grow twitter accounts easily and without having to use black hat strategies or tools. 

In fact, I’ve spent most of my time helping other brands grow their twitter accounts. 

Now here’s the thing…

There are hundreds of thousands of articles, blog posts and video content on how to get twitter followers the right way but there’s one little problem I’ve noticed with literally all content pieces I’ve consumed in the past few weeks (actually 2 weeks).

Most content pieces were published years ago!

In fact, a quick google search of “how to get twitter followers” would yield content pieces that are as old as 7 years ago. 

Some even update these articles and mostly insert the present year in the title in order to trigger clicks and reads. 

For example, most of the articles I’ve gone through mention a tool that shows you the best time to post on Twitter, but it doesn’t exist anymore. 

Prior to this blog post, I scheduled time to go through the best posts on how to get twitter followers and looked picked out the best strategies that have worked and still work. 

In this pretty long guide, I’m going to show you the best possible ways you can get twitter followers very fast, organically in 2019 even as we approach 2020. 

Basically, we’ll be looking at the very best twitter strategies to get twitter followers that you can still implement on your twitter page(s) was today. 

Truth is, a lot has changed in the twittersphere thus to grow on this platform, you need to implement only the best that still work. 


Let’s begin!

How to Get Twitter Followers – A Detailed Guide that Actually Works (for 2021)

Before we get into the meaty aspect of this guide, have you asked yourself this?

“Why should I even care about growing my twitter followers?”

Aside from the good feeling of seeing tens of thousands of people following your twitter page, there are other backuped reasons you should still care about growing the number of people that follow your account on twitter. 

More influence

Growing your influence on social media is no doubt one of the major reasons we all want to get thousands of twitter followers on your page. 

For every business, person or brand, influence is a major determinant in the success at which they achieve. 

Imagine getting tens of thousands of people see your message, words, read your content or even see your products on twitter. 

In fact, rather than spending huge amounts on twitter ads (or any social media adverts), I think the best way to build your influence is by growing your twitter audience organically.

You don’t look spammy

Have you ever bought or subscribed to anything that looks spammy or deceptive on social media?

Probably never right?

Now if you’re like me then you most likely always go through a brand’s social media pages before making any purchase decisions. In fact, we unconsciously (or sometimes consciously) consider the engagement rates a page gets before making a purchase decision. 

Imagine getting on a twitter profile that sells T-shirts worldwide. 

You then check the page and notice no one comments, retweets or interact with the profile. 

In fact, the following and followers looks something like this:

Most times, you consciousness tells you to stay away from that page. 


Because most times, these could be scammers or fraudsters posting to be trusted brands, stores or businesses. 

For this reason, growing your twitter account and building a responsive community on the platform is very important and helpful to building brand trust. 

More traffic

Followers growth leads to more visibility which then results in more website traffic. 

But here’s the thing…

The social media sphere has seen a bit of a decline in twitter traffic lately. In fact, most influencers only convert way less than 1% of their followers to click their links. 

That’s not too good. 

For this reason, traffic growth has to be as a result of organic growth. 

Not buying or purchasing followers. 

Or using some spammy tool or bot to get mass followers in minutes. 

To be able to generate traffic from twitter, you must grow your followers the right way. 

Side Note: Here at Uniclix, Twitter is one of our major traffic sources. We recently published a whole blog content on the same strategies we use to get these results. Read here – Twitter Traffic: 12 Actionable Hacks to Get 1000 Clicks from Twitter (in 2021)

To attract customers

Yes, we all know, more visibility, reach and traffic could mean more customers for your business. 

Let’s get into the meaty aspect of this week’s guide.

How do we actually get twitter followers in 2019 and 2020? 

What twitter strategies actually work today?

The Best Twitter Strategies to Get Followers Fast (in 2021)

Here’s a quick content breakdown:

Creating the perfect twitter profile Creating the best content Effective twitter automation Additional Twitter promotion strategies


1. Creating the perfect profile – Under this we’ll talk about styling your twitter profile, crafting the perfect bio, profile images and dimensions. 

  • Rewrite your current twitter bio from scratch
  • Profile and wall images
  • Twitter image dimensions

2. Creating engaging content. Under this, we have:

  • Twitter threads
  • Create Longer tweets
  • Go live
  • Gifs/Emojis
  • Respond to tweets
  • Create polls
  • Re-share people’s content 
  • Include visuals 
  • Ask for retweets
  • Share tweets via Direct Messages
  • Hashtags

4. Automate properly 

  • Use Uniclix 
  • Use systems
  • Set dates for engagement 
  • Stay clear from tools and bots that don’t follow Twitter’s rules

5. Additional twitter promotion strategies 

  • Twitter ads
  • Twitter influencers 
  • Connect with your network (email and friends)

1. Creating the perfect profile

Creating a well optimized twitter profile is something we always preach here at Uniclix. But the thing is, most times, people don’t really care about that. 

And chances are, you (yes, you) reading this also don’t pay close attention to how your profile looks. 

Yes I know, you’ve read a ton of twitter articles on how you can optimize your twitter profile but just like I’ve mentioned, most are outdated. 

As a matter of fact, you might have even consumed several content pieces on this topic but never or hardly apply what you’ve learned. 

I’m going to give you some free secrets to your twitter profile that you can implement right away – I mean right now. 

And to be sure you implement the secrets I’ll be mentioning, here’s what I want you to do;

(Please if you really want to grow your twitter account and build a brand, I want you to actually take this seriously. But if you’re not ready to build a business or personal brand on twitter, then you can simply exit this page and go do something else)

In fact, if you implement the secrets here (wouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes), you can send us a DM on our twitter page, @Uniclix, and we’ll follow you and even retweet some of your nice tweets.

Is that a deal?

Great, let’s continue!

First secret: Rewrite your current twitter bio from scratch. 

Just like I’ve mentioned, I’ll only be sharing real strategies that work like hell at the moment rather than sharing what all other content pieces on Google contains.

Yes, the first thing I want you to do is to rewrite your twitter bio. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that people have a bit of a “new”, fresh feel about you when you change your bio to something different – especially when it’s more interesting than the previous one. 

The normal conception is to set a twitter bio and boom, that’s it for years…

I want us to change that because twitter users are probably tired of seeing the same old message on your bio.

I’ve seen a couple twitter influencers do this and it gives users a newer feel about their brands. 

Also, it also gives you room to create a better bio that actually works. 

The deal is this…

Rewriting your social media bio basically gives you room to tweak it to something even better. Get the idea?

Use different sentences, words and a better professional approach.

Two things to focus on is your target audience or customers and what you want people to think about you when they land on your Twitter page. 

Extra tip: when writing your bio content, write with one person in mind. Write like you’re writing to one specific twitter user and write like you speak. Don’t forget to include social proof within.

Second secret: Profile and wall images

This is probably one of the most talked about topics in twitter marketing but it’s still something you must work on if you want to get new twitter followers. 

You can change your profile image and page banner to something more engaging and creative.

This is especially important if you still use unprofessional looking photos on your twitter pages. 

If you’re a person, selfies are very much engaging on twitter today. 

This has not always been the case because I myself advised against using selfies on your twitter page if you want to grow a professional brand.

It could also be a friendly looking picture of you and your family, wife, friend or even a celebrity.

Here’s an example:

At the moment, twitter’s image dimensions are:

  • Profile Photo: 400 x 400 (Displays 200 x 200)
  • Header Photo: 1,500 x 500

2. Creating engaging twitter content

Content creation is key to social media success not just on twitter but on all major social networks today. 

In the past, the quote; “content is king” used to be the thing when it comes to social media marketing or marketing in general, but I don’t believe that’s still the case today. 


Well, content isn’t king; Valuable content is king!

Normally, anyone could just put out content every day and still grow on social networks but today, the social media sphere has seen a huge growth by the numbers thus mere content isn’t always king; content that actually provides real value is king. 

Now how do you put out valuable content that adds value to your followers on Twitter? 

I’ve done a bit of research and have found a bunch of strategies that work really well and some can even start yielding results minutes after implementing. 


Let’s get to it…

Twitter threads – if you’ve been on twitter lately then you must have noticed twitter threads.

Have you? (Let ya know in the comments)

Now twitter threads are low-key taking over the twitter game and if you’ve paid close attention to tweets that either go viral or get tons of engagements then you’ll find out threads are at the top. 

Here’s what’s even more interesting with twitter threads…

Ideally, you need tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter to have your tweets get loads of retweets but that’s not the case anymore. 

In fact, one blogger recently used this same feature to generate 20x more followers and 10x more pageviews. 

Yes, that’s correct. 

You can read the post here – Twitter Thread 101: How This Blogger Used One Tweet Thread to Gain 20k New Followers

Here’s the tweet thread that generated this massive result…

Here’s another good example from Twitter expert, Madalyn Sklar:

Create Longer tweets

The second most effective twitter strategies I’ve found is the creating longer tweets rather than short tweets. 

Since twitter increased its tweet character capacity, content creators are now able to share their stories and content more efficiently. 

With 480 characters, you can share short tweets that add absolute value to your followers and the Twitter community at large. 

A good example is Rebekah Radice of 

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten mobile notifications from Rebekah because I wanted to see what the social media expert was posting that was generating good engagement rates on her twitter profile. 

What I noticed was that almost all her tweets are purel value adding and are long formats. 

Here’s what I mean…

I also went on to look through other influencers on twitter like Gary Vee, Keith Keller and about 4 others.

Long form tweets did averagely better than shorter tweets. 

Go live on twitter

If you’re not going live, you’re missing out a lot on Twitter. 

What’s the thing about going live on twitter?

Twitter basically notifies all your followers whenever you go live on the platform. What does this mean?

Primarily more reach and engagements on your tweets. Also, this is an untapped opportunity in the social network because most people scare away from going live on these platforms. 

From the looks, more people go live on Instagram and Facebook and forget about twitter. 

This leaves a great opportunity and an unsaturated market here on Twitter. As a personal or business brand, it’s a huge opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on even as we head into 2020. 


A while back, I asked digital marketing expert, Sam Hurley what he thought about growing fast on twitter and here’s a paragraph from the response he sent to me…

“Regularly send each person a different GIF with a lovely message, and watch your engagement dramatically increase! [Continually add a good mix of peeps to your list!]”

Sam Hurley

Gifs and emojis and super engaging. In fact, not just on twitter but digitally even on blogs and web content. 

[We’re even going to start embedding engaging gifs here on our blogs]

If you’re like most social media users, you tend to engage more with tweets that have gifs and nice emojis. 

Sincerely, I don’t even know what it is about Gifs and emojis that make them so catchy and engage-able but they just happen to be that way. 

And I don’t see this changing anytime soon…

In fact, twitter reports that tweets with a GIF get 55% more engagement

As a result, Gifs are also super effective for growing your twitter pages. 

It’s one strategy you should start using today. 

Let’s do this:

To make sure you’re following up with this blog guide, I want you to send a short nice tweet to us on Twitter @Uniclix and insert a nice Gif – we’ll retweet and follow you back!

Respond to tweets regurlarly

Responding to tweets has always been a great social media strategy to employ and hasn’t changed till date. 

We all love to get people to respond with our tweets – Besides, chatting is the primary purpose of social media right?


I’ve found the best way to get people to follow you using this strategy is by replying to non-promotional tweets. 

What’d I mean by non-promotional tweets?

Simply tweets (by any user) that isn’t promoting any thing or linking to any webpage or video. 

Here’s an example…

These could be personal questions, behind-the-scenes tweets or travel photos and engaging videos. 

Replying to these types of tweets generally spark better engagements and is more likely to make the user follow you than commenting on tweets linking to blog posts or YouTube videos. 

When you reply to these non-promotional tweets, it shows you’re human and you appreciate and love the social content they put out and not just about promoting stuffs to get traffic or customers.  

Create polls

Create polls that are engaging. I’ve found them to also generate good buzz and engagements on Twitter. 

Keith Keller is a master at this and I think you should follow him to see how he does this – you can even send him a DM, he always replies 🙂

Here’s how to create a twitter poll:

  • Click on the ‘create a tweet’ button
  • Select the poll feature below the tweet space. 
  • Ask your question and insert engaging options (or answers)

Re-share people’s content 

Though this technique has always been really effective for as long as I’ve been on twitter, many people do not do this. 

Here’s the thing…

Resharing other people’s content doesn’t not mean you should only RT tweets on the platform. 

What then does it entail?

The two major effective ways to reshare other people’s content on twitter effectively to generate follows is by;

  • Sharing blog posts, 
  • Quote-retweeting engaging tweets.

Here’s one secret technique to getting followers today…

Quote retweet, A LOT!

Everyone else is just retweeting content on twitter. That’s just too normal and doesn’t really get your much followers. 

I’ve found that quote retweeting users on Twitter attracts:

  • A lot of engagements
  • Followers

Do not just retweet people’s tweets, quote them and let them know what you think about their tweet. 

Did they ask a question?

Reply the question publicly with a quote-retweet. 

Did they request suggestions or help?

Use the quote retweet feature to reply them.

This is even more effective if you’re trying to build your influence on twitter – you can find and answer people’s questions with the quote-retweet feature. 

This way, you’re adding value to the user who asked the question and also to your followers. 

Twitter chats are great for finding and answering questions related to your niche or industry. 

Extra note: lately Twitter started allowing users quote-retweet and retweet a tweet. This means you can quote retweet a particular tweet and still retweet the same tweet afterwards – this was not possible a while back. 

Include visuals

Yes, I know you’ve already heard or read about all the goodies of using visuals in your tweets. 

I know you’ve read that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform. 

Images, infographics and videos generally perform best and that’s pretty good. But do you even create visuals?

Let’s face it, we know visual content is key to growing your twitter account but do you create enough visuals?

Most of the times, we only tweet images if we share blog posts and webpages not because we remember but because they’re automatically placed in the tweets. 

It’s funny but true. 

Here’s a quick one…

Take a second and go through your twitter feed. 

Go through your tweets in the last 24 hours and take note of the tweets with visuals. This could be videos, images, infographics or even Gifs. 

If you don’t have any visuals, you can easily create astonishing visuals using Canva for free.

Ask for retweets (RTs)

Simply asking for retweets on twitter naturally attracts retweets and engagements – research has proven this. 

I’ve noticed that this technique still works effectively as I’ve noticed a bunch of tweets with “please RT” generate loads of engagements. 

Share your tweets via DM

In a normal circumstance, Twitter normally only shows your tweets to users who follow your account. 

This means our tweets get restricted to only our followers and we don’t really get the reach and exposure we deserve. What we’re then left is to ask for retweets and shares in order to reach a bigger audience with your messages. 

But come to think of this…

Most times, most of the people that follow your account don’t actually get to see your tweets. 

For example, on my personal twitter account, I have almost 7,000 followers, but when I checked my pinned tweet which is one of the most engaged tweets on my page in the last 7 days was only shown to 406 people. 

That’s way less than 10% of my total followers!

This means a ton of people who are more likely to be interested in what you share (because they already follow you) don’t actually see what you tweet. 

I’ve found a quick solution that works…

It’s DM!

How does it work?

Simply share your tweets with some of your most engaged followers but don’t be too pushy or spammy. 

In fact, I got this idea from social media expert, Keith Keller. He uses this strategy and is really effective. 

I know this because Keith’s tweets are always really engaging and he forwards them to me whenever he knows this is something I’ll be interested in. 

And it works!

These tweets are either really engaging or add value to me. 

Hashtags still work

I believe we all know how great hashtags work. They’re still effective today but you need to find hashtags that work. 

For example, #writerscommunity

Use hashtagify to find hashtags that increase reach and engagements on twitter. You can also use Uniclix to search for hashtags and get real tweets to see what works and how. 

3. Effective Twitter Automation

To grow effectively on social media, you must automate repetitive tasks the right way. 

Twitter takes a ton of time and we don’t want to be caught up trying to get twitter followers. Time’s valuable and you must learn to manage it properly. 


By efficiently automating some of the processes like:

  • Tweets
  • Content repurposing
  • A bit of user following and unfollowing. 

Luckily, we’ve got just the perfect tool for this, Uniclix app. 

Our very own social media management application is built for simplicity and effectiveness. 

Our goal is to see that you grow on social media without having to spend so much time on various levels platforms. This way, you can focus on your business, brand or job while your accounts grow on automatically. 

And best of all, you get to try Uniclix for free!


With the Uniclix app, you can:

  • Schedule tweets
  • Find useful content to share
  • Grow your twitter following using our very own Twitter booster feature which basically finds and follow relevant accounts based on keywords you insert. 

Even though I believe in efficient and proper twitter automation, there’s a lot of things you should never automate. Let me tell you the major automations you must stay clear from…

Firstly, the twitter automation tool you plan on using must be approved by twitter. Twitter frowns at spammy bots and systems that cause damage on the platform. 

Twitter also does not allow automating of breaking news or updates – these are happening thus shouldn’t be automated.

Lastly, you must regulate the number of accounts or users your tool follows everyday. Twitter unapologetically bans accounts that pass its daily follow/unfollow limits. 

Keep your follow and unfollow limits to 30-50 per day to be on the safe side.

Finally, Additional Twitter promotion strategies 

Twitter ads

Prior to this post, I decide to run 2 twitter ads to test and see if it’s worth using as a promotional strategy. 

In the course of ten days, I spent $20 every day.


9185 impressions from the promotions

3106 media views

574 total engagements (131 likes, 20 retweets)

Now the question is should you use Twitter ads to promote your twitter brand in 2020?

Well, it depends…

It depends on 2 things:

  • Nature of your brand or business
  • The goal for running your campaigns

Twitter ads kind of focus on increasing brand awareness for your business or brand. Unlike Facebook ads, you shouldn’t expect website clicks or massive leads (at least not with a little budget). 

I think you should use twitter ads if you want to grow a community on twitter. Twitter ads attract engagements and relies which is great for brand exposure.

Twitter influencers 

If you want to get twitter followers even faster, you must network with industry related influencers. 

Who are the influencers in your niche?

Which users have the most followers and also talk about the same thing as your brand?

Name a few and collaborate. 

You could get them to retweet your tweets or even share your content – Influencer marketing is a fast growing marketing channel you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Connect with your network (email contacts & friends)

This is probably one of the most effective social media strategy I always preach to people. 

The fastest way to add 100 more followers to your twitter account is by getting your close network to follow your page. 

Your network is made up of people who already know you, trust you and most likely support you. 

Earlier on, I used to call this the “Family and Friends” technique because you hit your closest buddies before and tell them to follow you. 

Most times, your friends, family and colleagues will always agree to give you a follow. 

You can also use your email service provider to import and follow your email contacts that are on Twitter. 

This strategy is super effective and it’s the one technique you may want to try today; it still works well!

Head over to your twitter account and navigate to “find friends”. There you can login with your email address and select the contacts you want to follow or ‘import’. 

And this marks the end of this week’s guide. Hope you liked it, let us know in the comments sections 😉

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