How to Change Facebook Page Name: A Comprehensive Guide

Change Facebook Page Name

Your Facebook business page name carries more weight than a physical listing these days. It’s how your followers stay informed about your brand, your products, your new launches, and much more. 

But maybe you have decided to rebrand your Facebook presence. This means rethinking your entire social media footprint, including changing your handles to match your new identity. In this detailed guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to change your Facebook name successfully. 

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Rules To Follow When Creating a New Name for Your Facebook Page 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let us explain the stipulations you should keep in mind when considering how to change the Facebook page name. For starters, choose a name you really feel confident about. 

Because even though the process of changing your Facebook name is pretty straightforward, it’s not easy. Also, Facebook frowns upon the practice of changing the profile names too many times, and not to mention, it will confuse your followers. 

And remember, you need to be an Admin to request a change to your Facebook page name. 

The new name must accurately reflect the message of your Facebook page. Here are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t include any phrases or terms that may be deemed abusive, discriminatory or in violation of anyone’s rights.
  • Don’t use improper capitalization (like, bEsT ShOeS), unnecessary punctuation, symbols (like @ or $), or any slogans. Keep it simple and use grammatically correct capitalization, except if you’re using an acronym. 
  • Don’t use any variation of the word “Facebook” in your page name.
  • Your Facebook page name should not consist of only generic geographic locations. For example, don’t just name your page “London” if your, say, café is based in London. But you can use “Expresso Café – London”.
  • Your Facebook page name should not be made up of a generic word or terms. For example, if your page talks about sports shoes for men, don’t just name your page “Shoes”; personalize it a bit. 
  • Your Facebook page name should not be more than 75 characters. 

This should be enough! As long as you keep it short, specific and memorable, you’re good. Feel free to let your inner writer-extraordinaire play when writing the “About” section of your page. You can check out Facebook’s official page name guidelines here.  

How To Change Facebook Page Name On Desktop 

Now let’s get to the part you came here for. 

First, log in as an Admin of the Facebook page you wish to change. Then follow the below instructions:

Click “Edit”: Click on the “About” tab located in the upper left corner of the page, then click Edit. You’ll see it right next to your current page name.

Type in the new name: Then click on the “Account Name” box, and type in your brand new Facebook name. 

change facebook page name

Submit it: Click “Continue” once you’ve typed in the new name. 

If you can’t find the Continue option, double-check to ensure you are listed as the Admin of your Facebook page. As we said earlier, only an Admin can change the name; other page roles don’t have the authority. If you are not an Admin, you can change the setting by clicking on “Settings” and the “Page Roles” on the left corner.

However, if you are the Admin and still can’t see the Continue button, make sure that someone else hasn’t tried to change the page name within the last 7 days. 

Be Patient: Now all you need to do is sit tight. Facebook generally doesn’t take very long to approve a name change but if it’s been over three days, you can reach out to Facebook. Ask them what’s taking so long and if there’s anything you can do from your end to make the process smoother. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let us repeat: be absolutely sure that the new name you request is the one you want. You won’t be able to undo this. 

So, go over the spelling once again. Once you have clicked on the “Request Change” option, your request will be submitted to Facebook for approval. 

How To Change Facebook Page Name On Mobile 

If you are on your mobile phone, here’s how to change the Facebook page name from your Facebook app: 

Go to the “About” option: Go to the main menu on top and scroll to the left side to get to the About section. 

change facebook page name in mobile

Edit the old name: Click on the “Edit Page Info”.

Update it: Next, you will see an “Update Page Info” pop-up. Click on it and then tap on the “Name” section to type in your new Facebook name.

Once you have set up your Facebook Page with the name you want, checkout Uniclix. You can monitor streams of visitors and comments with Uniclix, and use its multifarious features to boost traffic. 

What If I Can’t Change My Facebook Page Name?

If Facebook has not updated your name, there are a few reasons why that might have happened:

You haven’t followed the Facebook page policies: Your page may have been flagged for using spammy tactics to gain likes or not following the Facebook page name guidelines. If Facebook finds your activities suspicious or in violation of rules, they may suspend your page. In that case, you won’t be able to change your page name.

You haven’t waited long enough: Sometimes it takes Facebook about 3 business days to review and apply naming changes. 

You (or Admin) tried to change your Facebook name less than 7 days ago: In this case, there will be limits on your page. Changing a page name that frequently may result in account suspension as well.

Your Facebook page has a big following: You have to be an Admin to change your Facebook page name if your page has over 200 likes. If you have less than 200 likes, you might be able to change the name without being an Admin.

If none of these reasons fit your situation, you can submit an official appeal by filling out this form.

What’s Next?

Changing your Facebook page name is not rocket science and as long as you are 100% compliant with Facebook Terms of Service, you will have no problem. Remember, when you request a name change, you allow Facebook to review your page as well. And if they find that your page has been violating any of their rules, they may shut it down. So proceed with caution. 

Once you have submitted your Facebook page name change request, you will get a quick auto-reply. After that, wait at least 3 business days to hear from them. Every case is different, so, your request may even get approved within a day.

We’d also like to mention that if you don’t have many likes yet, it will be easier to simply create a new Facebook business page – with the new name. If you haven’t used your page much yet, this will be a much better and easier option for you.

But if you have a large fan following and too many likes, trying to convert your existing followers to like the new page will be extremely challenging to handle on your own. 

You could alert your followers by posting a message on your wall to let your audience know that you’ve changed your name. But this will be a gamble; it might work or it might not. 

However, if you use a social automation tool like Uniclix Scheduling, you won’t have to worry about losing your existing fans. Uniclix Scheduling will automatically send an update to all your social media followers, informing them of the change and why you’ve decided to do it. 

Key Takeaways

And there you have it! That’s all you need to know to change your Facebook page name in 2019. 

If you haven’t amassed as many followers as you’d like, could it be because you find yourself always busy, running the technical side of your business (like figuring out how to change your Facebook page name?)How about giving yourself a break and trying out a social media automation tool like Uniclix? With Uniclix Scheduling, you can create and share the most relevant content with your audience. Uniclix enables you to know which topics are hot right now, so you can use them to increase your audience base and get your message across in the most effective way.

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