How To Add A “Like Us On Facebook” Option On Your Website

Whether you want to reach a wider audience or promote your products to a specific audience, sharing your content on social media is a no-brainer. 

According to a recent Facebook analysis, nearly 66% of people feel more confident about a brand after connecting with it on Facebook. If you want to create brand awareness so your potential customers ask for your product by name and they wholeheartedly trust your brand, Facebook is the way to go. 

But that kind of exposure requires you to create high-quality, relevant content so people not only “get” your message but feel enthusiastic about sharing it too. And in order for your content to be widely shared, first, you’ll need to increase the number of your Facebook followers. 

If you already have a website, then one of the best ways to reach Facebook users is by creating a “Like Us On Facebook” button or pop-up.

Think about it: your website visitors are already interested in your offer; that’s why they are on your website in the first place. You have their attention so now all you need to do is to persuade them to like your Facebook page. 

If your Facebook business page doesn’t have the number of followers you’d like, or you don’t know where to find the right content to share with your audience, give Uniclix App a try. 

Uniclix can help you effortlessly plan, organize, and deliver super useful content and campaigns across different social media platforms. It not only gives you ultimate control to plan your content publishing strategy but also automates the whole process for maximum results. 

In other words, if you want guaranteed engagement instead of guesswork, the Uniclix Scheduling tool can help with that.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain a straightforward process to create a “Like Us On Facebook” pop-up for your website. 

How Does “Facebook: Like Us” Popup Works?

There are a lot of Facebook popup plugins available but not all of them are good. For example, some popup plugins show the popup as soon as the visitor lands on the website. This can anger or frustrate the majority of website visitors and they might not be as receptive to your offers as you want them to be. 

If used correctly, popups can be incredibly effective. 

We love OptinMonster plugin because it gives you all the features and tools so your popups complement your marketing strategy – and not annoy away your visitors. When you combine these tools with Uniclix to schedule and post content on Facebook and Twitter, you can exponentially increase your social reach and engagement with minimal investment of time and effort.

Like Us On Facebook


Regardless of the plugin you use, make sure your popups are displayed only after interested visitors have had a chance to interact with your site’s content. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Delay your popup to appear only after 15-30 seconds; this ensures your site visitors have a chance to go through your content first.
  2. Set up your popups in such a way that they appear to visitors only after they have explored 2 or more pages on your website. 
  3. Set up your popups to display right at the moment the visitors are about to leave your website.
  4. Use a referral detection tool to show your popup to visitors who landed on your website from your Facebook page or Facebook ad; this will give you a solid metric regarding your audience’s behavior.

Many great popup plugins, like OptinMonster, offer a “built-in split testing” option which you can use to see what works best for your target users. 

How To Create A “Like Us On Facebook” Button On Your Website

If you don’t want to use any popup plugin and simply want a “Like Us On Facebook” button on your website, here’s how to do it:

Visit the Like Button Plugin

  1. Login to your Facebook account and go to this Like Button page to create a social plugin. 
  2. Scroll down this page to get to the “Like Button Configurator” section and find the form as shown here:


Customize the button

Let’s see how to fill up this form:

  1. In the “URL to Like” field, enter the URL of your website. You can also enter the URL of your Facebook page to get more likes. 
  2. In the “Layout” field, you can choose any of the four layout styles available from the drop-down list. Choose “standard layout” if you want this layout:

Choose “button_count” if you want the total number of likes displayed on the right side of the button, like this:

like vs share on facebook

Choose “box_count” if you want the total number of likes displayed above the button, like this:

Like Us On Facebook

Choose “button” if you want a simple like button and share option, like this:

  1. Next, in the “Width” field, you can adjust the width of the like button according to your preference. 
  2. Keep the “Action Type” to Like since that’s our goal here.
  3. You can choose a smaller or larger button size, whichever suits the layout of your website.

Once you’ve filled all the details in the configurator form, click on the “Get Code” button. A popup will appear to give you the code of your customized Facebook Like Us button. It will look something like this:


Now, keep in mind that the IFrame method is the easiest way to add a Facebook Like Us button since it’s supported by most of the website hosting service providers. We’d recommend clicking on the IFrame link and then copying the button code.

However, if your website doesn’t support IFrame, you can use the XFBML or HTML5 codes which will also be displayed in the same popup, like this:


Embed in your site

Now paste the code in the right place on your website page and you’ll see the Facebook Like Us button appear. 

It’s best to paste the button in the footer or header area of your website because it will ensure the button appears on all the site pages. You can adjust the height and width of the button based on the layout style you chose in the configurator section. 

That’s it! And don’t forget to use Uniclix which lets you schedule and post content on Facebook and other social media sites with the click of a button. 

How To Create A “Like Us On Facebook” Popup On Your Website

If you don’t want a button but rather a “Like Us On Facebook” popup because a) it’s more stylish and b) why not, let’s see how it’s done. 

As we said earlier, there are a plethora of popup plugins you can choose from. For the sake of this guide, we are using OptinMonster but feel free to go with any other software or plugin of your choice. 

These instructions below are for creating a “Like Us On Facebook” popup via OptinMonster but they will give you an idea about how to do it with any other software as well.

Create a campaign 

  1. Login to your OptinMonster dashboard and click on the “Create Campaign” option. 
  1. Then choose “Popups” as your campaign type
  1. Depending on your preference and design abilities, you can either choose a pre-designed template or create a campaign template from scratch using the “Canvas template”.
  1. Then give your campaign a name and select the website where you want it to load. Then click on the “Start Building” button to begin creating your campaign. 

Edit your campaign

  1. The next step is editing your campaign. Once you press the “start building” button, you’ll see a blank campaign. Click on the plus sign to add a new column block
  1. In order to add a box, you’ll need to drag and drop the box to your campaign preview.
  1. After dropping the column block inside your campaign, you’ll be displayed a variety of Element Blocks. Since we are creating a “Like Us On Facebook” popup for your website, choose the HTML element block. Simply drag and drop it in your campaign. 

Get the “Like Us On Facebook” code

In a new tab, open this Facebook Page plugin and leave your campaign builder open for now. 

  1. Type in the URL of your Facebook business page.
  2. Enter the width and height to suit your needs. We recommend using 500 pixels width and 250 pixels height. 
  3. If you want more page content to be available on display in your “Like Us On Facebook” popup, select the “Use Small Header” option as well. Then press the “Get Code” button.

A popup box will give you two blocks of HTML code; it will look something like this:

  1. Copy the first block of code and go back to your previous tab where campaign builder is open. Paste this code in the HTML element block. 
  2. Then go back to the Facebook page plugin tab and copy the second block of code. You’ll need to past this code underneath the first code. Then save your campaign. 
  3. Also make sure your campaign is “Live” by going to the “Publish” tab and selecting the live option, like this:

Save the campaign again. For more details on how to create a “Like Us On Facebook” popup with OptinMonster, you can check out this guide.

And if your website is WordPress-based, you can use a simple WordPress plugin to promote your Facebook page on your site. 

How To Use Facebook Like Us Popup To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

You might be thinking that what’s even the point of a popup? 

Aren’t they dead? They are so annoying and ruin the whole user experience. Right?

Actually, as irritating as badly-positioned popups are, good popups can convert up to 50% of your website visitors into subscribers and leads

So what is a good popup?

We thought you’d never ask.

If you want your “Like Us On Facebook” popup to convert and not hassle your site visitors, here’s what to do:

  1. Time your popups to appear after at least 15 seconds; your popups should never be rushed.
  2. Provide some value with your popups. It could be a video guide, e-book, e-paper, infographic, or spreadsheet that contains relevant and useful content for your target audience (this gives your visitors an incentive to respond to your popup). 
  3. Do not show your popup to the same visitor again. Having to cross-out one popup repeatedly is a sure shot way to lose customers. For good. Your popups should not follow the visitor around every page they go to! You can set the “popup frequency” to 1 or 2 days at the least.

Creating a Facebook Like Us popup on all your website content is considered one of the best ways to drive site traffic from Facebook in the long run. 

Make sure you add a “like” button or popup on your website by following the detailed instructions mentioned above. Make use of Uniclix to optimize your social media marketing strategy for best results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked about the “Like Us On Facebook” button and popups.

What does “Like Us On Facebook” mean?

Pressing “Like” below a post on Facebook is a way to let people know that you enjoyed the content of the post. If you don’t want the hassle of leaving a comment, simply liking the post will show people that you loved it. 

How do I get a “Like Us On Facebook” button?

To get a “Like” button on your website, you can follow the instructions laid out in this article. (See the “How To Create A “Like Us On Facebook” Button On Your Website” section of this post).

How do you add a Find Us On Facebook?

“Find us on Facebook” button can be a great way to market your Facebook page and build a closer relationship with your audience. This button will also help you attract more potential customers and get your products/services noticed. 



This button directly connects your website to your Facebook page so you can say that it’s very similar to the “Like Us On Facebook” page. So it goes without saying that the process of creating a “Find Us” button is very similar to creating the “Like Us” button.

Let’s see how you can create a Find Us On Facebook button:

If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, create one. (Or what are we even doing here?)

Also, note that if own a registered trademark for your business, you can ask Facebook for a custom URL for your Facebook page. 

Then you’ll be suggested to update information, “invite” friends, or add a “Find us on Facebook” button to your blog or website. 

Simply click on the “Add Like Box” button and you will be directed to the basic settings to create the “Find Us” button. You will also need to add the URL of your Facebook page. Then you’ll be displayed a preview of the button. 

If you like the preview and no adjustments (width or length of the button) need to be made, press the “Get Code” button. A popup box will appear with the code of the button. Copy this code (IFrame or HTML5, depending on your website) and paste it to your site. 

The code popup box will contain detailed instructions so you’ll have no problem adding the code to your website.

How Can Uniclix Help You Get More Facebook Fans?

Growing your social media audience is no easy task. It requires you to create and publish a ton of really good, highly-relevant content that your target audience is seeking. And then you’ll need to repeat the process over and over. 

Uniclix allows you to schedule and post content on Facebook as well as other platforms (think Twitter) with just a couple of clicks. With the help of user data, Uniclix determines the best times to post your content so you can reach a wider audience and get meaningful engagement.

If you’re currently spending hours (and hours) to find important content online to share with your audience, Uniclix can cut down that time to minutes. It allows you to set your topics of interest and then automatically suggests relevant blog posts and articles so you don’t have to waste hours browsing the internet.Growing your Facebook community requires more than simply adding a “Like Us On Facebook” button on your website; it takes targeting the right people. Uniclix Booster app can connect you with the millions of potential customers who will be most interested in your offer. Click here if you are ready to grow your customers.

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