Get More Twitter Followers – Fine Tune Your Twitter Account

how to get followers on twitter fast

Get More Twitter Followers- 5 Simple Ways to Fine Tune Your Twitter Account:


Author: Jim Waddell


“how many Twitter followers do you have? do you need more Twitter Followers?”


When building a business, you can easily become entrenched in the ‘day to day’ operations, but when it comes down to your social media efforts it’s important to always be on point, engaging, and current.  If it has been a while since you have updated your Twitter account it might be time to bring it in the garage for a quick tune up.  

Twitter―the land of a social media enchantment.  Where your fate lies in a mere 280 characters. There is no pressure at all to produce quality content, right?  While it’s true that your brand has a relatively small window to make an impression, all that really means, is that you need to be on top of your creative game.  Not to worry though. This won’t even take that long―less than one hour.

Here are 5 easy ways to freshen up your Twitter profile and get more followers:  

  1.  Freshen up your Twitter Bio information

You’re on Twitter so of course you want as many followers as possible.  The fact is that the majority of people will decide whether you are ‘follow worthy’ based on what they see in your bio.  In other words, you are judged by what you say in your bio so take some time to think creatively and really make it count. Before anything, update your bio in order to to grow twitter account .

Does your bio need a reboot?  A refreshing re-work of the copy?  A different look for fresh eyes and new Twitter followers?  Let your personality shine through. A dry, uninspiring Twitter bio is not going to create the kinds of relationships that will allow your brand to flourish and grow.

Consider blending in a few relevant keywords and make it crystal clear to your audience what it is that you do.  It also wouldn’t hurt to mix in a little humor, but make sure that it adds a benefit to following your brand. Not quite as easy as one might think so take some time to freshen up your bio so that it’s a marketing homerun.     

Bottom line: take your all-important Twitter bio to the next level.  A professional, well thought out, and well written bio will entice people to become followers and  increase twitter followers instantly

Get more twitter followers

  1.  Un-tag yourself in Twitter photos

It happens to all of us at some point―the unflattering picture tag on Twitter.  Periodically go through your feed and un-tag yourself from poor photos and any inappropriate posts.  Being attentive about tagged photos can help you quickly clean up your Twitter profile and project a more professional image.  

Twitter allows you to restrict who can tag you in photos so be sure to check your Twitter photo tagging settings.  Who do you want to be able to tag you, or your business, in posts? Do you want to be able to approve any tags before the appear on your profile?  Stay in control; you adopt a policy that works for your business brand.

Remember though, before you decide to turn off tagging abilities outright, that customers may want to tag your business in photos of your product or service.  These can be excellent marketing opportunities as the photos will be visible to potential new followers browsing your profile. So just be aware of the pros and cons with regards to tagging and plot your social strategy accordingly.  

Bottom line: Keep your presence on Twitter, and control your photo tags in order to get more Twitter followers organically and fine tune your twitter account.

how to get followers on twitter fast

This is one that often gets over looked when re-working your Twitter profile and it is a simple suggestion.  Don’t assume that all your links are working fine. Check them. That link you provided to a YouTube instructional video―yep, make sure it is still active.  

What’s the point of including a link if it doesn’t go anywhere?  There’s nothing worse than a dead link that goes straight to the void.  This is frustrating and confusing for users trying to learn more about you; not to mention that your credibility will take a hit as well.  Avoid this. Make sure every link on your social media profile is active by clicking them every so often.

A link on your profile might be used as a redirect to your website, or to a landing page. These are important click-through actions for your business.  Imagine the lost opportunities if links are broken.

Remember, when a twitter follower clicks a link on your social media profile, it’s because they want to find out more information about you.  Don’t disappoint them and give your followers as much as information as possible.


  1.  Showcase your best-performing content with pinned tweets

Many of the popular social media platforms offer the ability to pin important information within content streams.  Twitter may be the top-dog in that category.

Do you have a clever tweet that received a ton of likes and re-tweets?  Great. Pin it to the top of your stream. Take that recent glowing endorsement for your business and pin that as well.  Anyone visiting your Twitter profile will see these pinned posts and (hopefully) be impressed. Think of these in the same light as evergreen content.   

If you are not taking the time to pin several of your top tweets to highlight your business, then, sadly, you are missing out on branding opportunities and lead generation.  

You could also display customer reviews, or a landing page link, or perhaps a special offer, or a guest blog post that you are proud of.  Just keep in mind that it should be your best content that gets pinned. It’s one place where being called a show-off is actually a good thing! So keep your Twitter followers engaged with your top content.

gain twitter followers tips

If you have a plan for your future social content, you can schedule your posts in advance (with a tool like UniClixApp. Then, you won’t constantly be watching the clock. You may even be able to take a vacation while getting more twitter followers and keeping your existing follower base engaged with new pre-scheduled content.

  1.  Be sure to include a call to action (CTA) on your Twitter

Your Twitter bio is more than just facts and stats it can also be used as part of your marketing strategy and a way of getting more twitter followers.  Within your bio, for example, you may want to include a call to action. You have a visitor’s attention now what is it you want them to do? Simply follow your account?  Visit your website? Let them know by including a clear CTA in your bio.

From a business perspective―what is it you want?  More social media followers? Additional email subscribers?  New user-generated content showcasing their brand experiences?    

Taking the time to plan your strategy will give you the end game marketing results that you want.  By adding a compelling CTA within your profile your audience should be motivated to follow through.  If increasing your engagement numbers is one of the marketing goals, your specific call to action will undoubtedly help your brand do just that.  That’s a winning formula indeed.

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Remember that today’s social media landscape is reflective of our ‘very short attention span’ digital world.  It seems we are all competing for ‘Likes,’ views, and shares. And, from a business perspective, we are; most importantly we all are in search of strategies on how to get more twitter followers.  Within the Twitter platform your bio is your brand’s best opportunity to tell folks why they should follow you. A periodic tune up for your Twitter profile is highly recommended to ensure meaningful interactions with current and future twitter followers.  Having an updated current profile will also increase your chances of turning those twitter followers into customers.

In short, freshen up your Twitter profile to help your brand stand out in the very competitive social media arena.  #AreYouNotEntertained?

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