How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets

Get 5000 Twitter Followers
Struggling to grow your twitter account to 5,000 followers? In this round up, we emailed 12 experts to reveal their best secrets

Struggling to grow your twitter account to 5,000 followers? In this round up, we emailed 12 experts to reveal their best secrets – How to get 5,000 free twitter followers.

Getting Twitter followers today is still a concern for businesses and influencers. We’ve had a couple brands say before they got into business with a client, they were asked, “and like how many twitter followers do you have?”.

It’s a pretty easy question but what do you say when you have just about 100 followers? Most businesses tend to overlook this and just ‘brush-off’ the question.

Growing your twitter followers to 5,000 does not only mean more numbers but increase in brand influence which primarily shows that your customers and audience love what you put out.

If you’ve been following our blog here, you may have come across one of our previous posts on how to get 100 twitter followers in one day. But how do you step things up and hit 1k, 2k, 5k and 10k follower milestones?

In today’s guide, we reached out to some digital & social media marketing experts to reveal to us how to get 5,000 twitter followers quickly and this is what we asked them…

“What’s the best way to reach 5,000 twitter followers, how did you reach your first 5,000?”

And here are responses from;

Lumi DakajAdam ConnellJanice WaldManoj VB
David LeonhardtLorraine RegulyAnil AgarwalMichael Pozdnev
Peter NilssonHarsh AgrawalSimon ZakuElaine Rau

How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets

“As the Twitter account manager here at Uniclix, I’ve applied a few different strategies that has helped grow our twitter page to about 7,000 (exactly 6,825 at the moment) in less than 3 months.

Want to know how we were able to get a massive 7,000 followers in just 3 months?

Well, we came up with a system that simply works for us on autopilot. What system did we use?

Answer: Uniclix Twitter Booster Feature!

Our Twitter booster is one of the app features we provide our users on Uniclix.

We’ve designed this twitter feature to grow your twitter followers organically using 2 things;

  • Keywords
  • Similar accounts
get 5,000 free twitter followers

Basically, when you sign up for a free Uniclix account, you get access to the twitter booster where you can tell us what your twitter brand is all about. For example, you can use certain keywords to tell us what your account is all about.

You can also use similar twitter accounts to tell the system what your account is interested in and which followers you want to engage with best.

Using these, the twitter booster system automatically finds and tells you, who to follow, who to unfollow and who to engage with. Get the idea?

Using this very feature, we were able to grow from 0 to 6,825 twitter followers that engage with us in just 3 months. Ready to try Uniclix?

Lumi Dakaj is a Twitter Expert and the person behind our very own Twitter account, @Uniclix. Follow us on Twitter @Uniclix

“There were a lot of different tactics that went into getting my first 5,000 Twitter followers. A lot of trial and error.

But, If I had to pin it down to one main thing – it’d be my blog.

When people share my content, my Twitter handle is included. And when thousands of people share a blog post, that Twitter handle gets seen by a lot of people.

Of course, don’t start a blog just to get Twitter followers. But, if you have a blog already, make sure your @username gets added to those tweets.

Most social share button tools provide this feature. And if you use WordPress, you’ll find plenty of social sharing plugins you can use.

And if you don’t get many shares on your content, check out platforms like Triberr and Quuu Promote – they’ll help accelerate the process.”

Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard. He used to manage the content marketing efforts for brands earning well over 8 figures in annual revenue. Now he teaches bloggers how to create a blog that thrives in a noisy online world.

“I follow a method taught to me by Twitter expert Marc Guberti. 

Marc wrote about his 2-step method in a guest post for my readers: 

Is Twitter Any Good? Now You Can Be Absolutely Certain

The method goes like this:

Step 1:

When someone retweets my Twitter post, I follow them. The culture on Twitter is to follow back like-minded people, so people follow me back and my following count grows. 

I’ve had such success with the method, I expanded it to likes. If someone likes my post, I follow them. Again, since the culture of Twitter is to follow back people in your niche, my following grows. 

Step 2: If someone follow me, and they’re in my niche, I follow them back. 

This method is so successful, I currently have 18,200+ Twitter followers. I detailed my results in this post:

How to Quickly and Easily Get Hundreds of Twitter Followers Part I

If you follow these steps daily, this action plan should only take you five minutes a day. 

Bio Janice Wald is an author, speaker, freelance writer, blogger, and blogging coach. She blogs at where she shares tips for bloggers.

“Twitter is the place to build relationships. If you follow people, most likely they will follow you back. 

Find Twitter users who work or share contents in your niche. Follow and retweet their posts to come into their attention. You can also explore their followers’ list to detect people of similar interests. 

Don’t follow anyone with a blind mind unless you are a fan of them. Some people follow only numerous accounts and there is no use of following them. If you find a potential follower, check his or her following rate to analyze their follow back trends. If it’s high, follow them to expand your network. 

Tweeting and reciprocation are other ways to get new followers. Tweet trending posts in your niche to build an online reputation and improve your social media presence. Reciprocate people who tweet or retweet your posts. 

Follow and unfollow are other important things you should do to create a strong Twitter network. Use Twitter unfollow tools to detect your new followers, unfollowers, and non-followers. Follow back genuine users and unfollow unfollowers to keep your community clean and healthy.”

Manoj is a writer, blogger, and founder of He is a technology enthusiast and writes about anything related to it including blogging, social media, SEO, affiliate marketing, make money online, digital marketing, and WordPress.

“When you start a new account on Twitter, nobody knows who you are. The first followers might be your mother, a friend and a couple bots.

Make sure your profile look professional and complete, like you are a real person, not a bot, or nobody will want to follow you. For instance, I generally don’t follow back profiles without an avatar or with promises of followbacks and such.

The first followers are the hardest, so there is a simple formula:

1)     Follow people

2)     Engage with those people

3)     Follow more people

At first, you have to take it slow, both because this takes time and because Twitter will throttle accounts that expand too quickly.

As you get more followers, engagement with each one becomes a little less important, but it still helps.

How do you know whom to follow? Look for highly-credible people in your niche who have lots of followers and who also follow lots of other people. Then go to the “following” tab. This is important, don’t go to their followers. They will have many bots and spammy accounts following them. If they are highly credible, they will be following pretty credible accounts. Follow those, too.

Don’t just follow all the same people as one other user, though. That could be trouble. Follow the people that a couple dozen highly credible people in your niche are following. Over time, 10-30% of them will follow you back without engagement, and 50-80% will follow you back with engagement.

You can always unfollow people who don’t follow back, but I suggest you keep following some of them.”

David Leonhardt is President of THGM Writers, leading a team of book writers.

“My 5 secrets to gaining followers on Twitter are:

1. I follow people in my niches of blogging, writing, editing, and book publishing (including authors).

2. I share content relevant to those in my niches.

3. I participate in #FF (Follow Fridays).

4. I engage with people. I don’t just share links!

5. I hire help in managing my Twitter account. I am a busy person and I run Wording Well. I often don’t have time to “do it all,” so I sought out the services of Jessie Synan as my Twitter virtual assistant. In five months, she grew my following from around 3400 to nearly 5000. Plus, she shares my content, the content of others, and engages with my fans. I still do this too (just try and figure out which Tweets are mine and which are hers!!!) so I can stay connected to everyone!”

Lorraine Reguly is an author, teacher, freelance writer, an editor, a coach, and an inspiration to many. Follow and Tweet Lorraine on Twitter @lorrainereguly!

Reaching your first 5k followers on Twitter is hard. Takes a lot of time unless you’re buying followers. Here’s what worked well for me.

Following everyone who’s an expert in my favorite topics (blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing). By following them closely, you can also easily find out other active members on Twitter who regularly tweet valuable stuff related to your topics, you can follow them too. Most of them will follow you back. You just need to make sure to tweet something interesting regularly. 

Don’t self-promote when you’re getting started. Instead, tweet others, tag them, retweet and like their tweets. More importantly, start following more people every day. It’s the best way to get initial followers. You can also cross-promote your Twitter handle on other platforms such as your blog, YouTube, Facebook, email lists etc and ask your existing followers to follow you on Twitter. It works great too!

Anil Agarwal is the founder of blog, where he is helping website owners and bloggers in taking their traffic and revenue to the next level.

“I played the game follow/unfollow. Approximately 50-100 people a day. But with one trick.

#1 I found active users on Twitter who have similar knowledge as mine

#2 Followed to whom they are subscribed

#3 Followed who leave comments

#4 Actively shared articles of these people

#5 After about six months, I already had over 5,000 followers”

Michael Pozdnev is the founder of I Wanna Be a Blogger, a place where he teaches blogging newbies his SEO and content marketing tricks. Follow Michael on Twitter @MPozdnev.

“Twitter is my preferred social network. It is a great tool to make new friends meet like-minded but also an excellent source of promotion for brands, business, blog posts, etc. 

There are lots of tactics and marketing strategies, both good and bad. I do not follow any unique tactics. I recommend you tweet about what you like and maybe are experts in. Follow those who are like-minded and have something useful and engaging to say on Twitter. 

When it comes to your website or blog, make sure your visitors easily can share your content on Twitter. Also, make sure to include your Twitter handle in the retweets. It can help you boost your articles and increase the number of visitors to your website. 

I do not believe in any secret formula for success, whatever all experts tell you. 

Simple rules. Make sure you tweet about something that you prefer and are interested in. Follow the genuine users who follow you. Possibly even those who like your tweets. Finally, once awhile check your followers and unfollow those who have unfollowed you to clean up your community. This has worked great for me and I have over 7000 followers.

Peter Nilsson is the founder of WP Newsify. He is a big fan of WordPress and loves to write about WordPress, themes, and plugins. Follow him on Twitter – @peteatwpnewsify.

“When I started my online journey in 2008, Twitter was just getting started and It was one of the coolest and innovative social media platforms. Here are a few things that helped me gain my first 5K followers:

1. Twitter follow button: My blog ShoutMeLoud (Which gets about 1 million page views a month) was the first place that helped me get followers. I put the Twitter follow button in the sidebar, on the homepage that helped in converting visitors to Twitter followers.

2. Twitter chat: This is the fastest way to be seen by people who matter. Find and participate in the Twitter chat related to your domain/industry. Regular participation will help you get noticed by the smartest people in your industry. 

3. Optimize your Twitter bio & profile: Be as creative and as giving as you could be when writing your Twitter bio. Make it about people while don’t miss out on sharing why you matter. Oh! your headshot has to be likable. 

4. Engage: “Social = relating to society.”  Twitter is all about engaging and taking actions such as like, retweets to let others know that you have seen their replies, messages and you do care. 

Follow these 4 tips and you will get to grow your Twitter followers fast.”

Harsh Agrawal is an award-winning blogger who has traveled exotic places like Antarctica, Africa to name a few. His epic guide on Twitter tools has been shared over 5K times on Twitter. You can follow his work on Twitter @denharsh

“I was able to rack up 10,000+ twitter followers on @LadyBossBlogger in one year using my 7-step method:

  1. Use more than words (images, graphics, meme, gifs, videos, etc.)
  2. Less is more (no one wants to read a paragraph tweet!)
  3. Leave a next step (i.e. a tweet version of a call-to-action)
  4. Pick the right hashtags (#keywords #are #everything)
  5. Create a poll (people like to share what they know!)
  6. Retweet, reply & respond (if they reach out to you, return the favor!)
  7. Schedule with the best times in mind (tweet at the highest times for engagement rates)”

Social Media Expert and Influencer Elaine Rau, Founder of LadyBossBlogger

“Unlike the thousands of how-to posts and video guides out there, I wouldn’t say reaching 5,000 twitter followers was easy and I did it in 1, 3 or 6 months. In fact, I got to 5,000 twitter in about 2 years – years about 24 months which is pretty long and I know.

Just like I always say, getting twitter followers isn’t as easy as it seems and isn’t as easy as most online walk-throughs make it seem. Simply put, you can only get real twitter followers if you put in work. Now don’t get me wrong, it mustn’t be a ton of work but it must be consistent.

You must consistently apply organic strategies to your twitter brand everyday to grow your page to your first 5,000 followers and beyond.

What then are my favorite strategies to reach your first 5,000 twitter followers?

It’s simple, here’s it;

Leverage every single strategy mentioned by all the social media marketing experts mentioned in this post and as time goes, focus on the ones that actually produce results – I mean real results without having to suck your time.

Do this on a consistent basis and you’re on your way to your first, second and third 5k twitter followers within just a few months.

Ready to start growing your twitter followers?

I invite you to try out our tool, Uniclix App, a social media scheduling application for small businesses and influencers, for free!

We’re still testing out the software and making some few adjustments based on what users report thus jump on this offer and begin scheduling your social media content with Uniclix for free – Yes, all plans are completely free at the moment so you get access to every feature without paying a dime.

See you on the inside 😉

Simon Zaku is a content is the content strategist here at Uniclix and basically takes care of all our content writing tasks.

How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets
How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets

  1. Hi Simon, great tips here! Following back people in your niche and engaging with them is key. You keep on doing it and you slowly increase your Twitter following. The more you have the slower it becomes though to generate more followers.
    I have also found that many followers who don’t have a lot of followers may unfollow you as you tweet more with more followers. A little ironic but that’s how it seems to be working after my 10 years on Twitter 🙂
    I’m loving the new Twitter features that lets you now see who follows you back or NOT 🙂

  2. Hi Simon,

    Lots of great advice here for increasing Twitter followers (active followers for that matter). I have been using Twitter since 2012, but haven’t reached 5,000 followers.

    I think the reason is I haven’t been so active on Twitter. I will have to put some of the tips here into practice and see how it works for me.

    Thanks, Simon. Nice read.

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