How to Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours [2019 Secret Hacks Revealed]

Smart marketers know the importance of twitter marketing for their small businesses therefore, are always on the look out for new twitter strategies to get more twitter followers fast. In this guide, we’ll look into the some of the best hacks to get 100 twitter followers quickly in 2019.

If you’re on this page then you came either from Google, social media, was referred by a friend or most likely me 🙂 to find the best ways to increase your twitter followers fast. Most people find this difficult, in fact when I started out on twitter years back, I only grew to about 200 twitter followers after a year.

That’s pathetic! Fast forward to today, I’m writing this actionable guide to grow your twitter followers. Here’s the thing…

Why am I even qualified to teach you how to get followers on twitter (or talk about twitter marketing)?

Well, I certainly am not the greatest twitter marketer out there but after spending (or rather much, wasting) a whole year to grow my twitter followers to just about 200, I grew to over 2,000 the following year. That’s not much but considering I got only 200 followers the previous year, then it’s a great growth rate.

That’s a whooping 900% growth from the previous year!

Today, I have over 5,000 twitter followers (actually 5,961) with minimal efforts but here’s the thing…

It’s not about trying so hard to get free twitter followers, it’s about using the best, less difficult and smartest strategies to grow your following. What more?

Out of those 5,000 amazing twitter followers, over 300 are verified twitter accounts and 1,023 have at least 10,000 twitter followers. This shows real followers and not just some random bots on my account.

SN: I use socialrank to analyze my twitter followers. For example, it tells me how many verified accounts follow me or how many accounts with at least 20,000 twitter followers are following me.

In fact, I’ve grown 2 other new twitter accounts to 200 each in 2 days and that’s exactly what I want to show you in this week’s guide. Interested yet?

I bet YES!

But come to think of it; why 100 followers and not more?

Over the years, I’ve built a great twitter account with 1000s of genuine followers. I did not do that in a day, week or month. 6,000 twitter followers didn’t happen in a month; it’s a gradual process you need to follow patiently.

Unless you are a celebrity, do not expect to get more than 500 twitter followers in your first 14 days on the platform. As a matter of fact, most small business twitter accounts get far less which isn’t really good and that’s where I’ll help.

Ready? Let’s get on with it…

Note: the goal of this guide is to take you by the hand to help you add 100 new twitter followers in 24 hours. This is to say, the strategies and hacks mentioned in here can be implemented right away (or in minutes) so follow up as you read.

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How to Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours: 2019 Secret Hacks Revealed

Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours
How to Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours: 5 Secret Hacks Revealed

To begin with, getting thousands of twitter followers comes easier with a well optimized following. Before that, my name is Simon Zaku, expert content writer and social media marketing specialist, blog manager here at Uniclix and I did not grow my twitter account to half of 10k with a creepy account.

In fact, I used my twitter account to start off a top class, nominated marketing blog which has gotten many recognition from publications, websites, blogs and even get 100s of influential marketers all over the globe follow my page. Why all these?

With a powerful looking twitter profile you can set-up your small business or agency the right way and build a great twitter brand. If you’ve not seen my twitter page, here’s it;

All strategies we’ll be looking at in this article would be less effective if you don’t have a well optimized and professional twitter page. Now you may be wondering how important a well optimized, professional page on twitter is but here’s the thing;

To get real twitter followers, you need to have a great page. In fact, 99% of influencers will only follow you if you have a great twitter page. Twitter influencers only follow profiles that are professional or at least look real.

Here are a few tips to get your twitter page optimized in just a few minutes. Ready?

Have a Great Bio
Use Professional Profile & Cover Image

Include a Social Proof

Pin Your Best Tweet

How to Write an Enticing Twitter Bio

To get the perfect bio for your social media pages, you need to learn to psychology of humans and their relationship to social media platforms. Social media bio is one of the major determinants to growing your twitter page quickly.

Personally, I love to check a profile’s bio before even scrolling through the feed to see whether the person is worth following.

On your bio, you need to tell people who you are, what you do, why they should hit the follow button and most importantly social proof. Why social proof?

Social proof is a key thing on social media and every social media marketer should pay good attention to that. According to Wikipedia;

“Social proof, a term coined by Robert Cialdini in his 1984 book, Influence, is also known as informational social influence. It describes a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation.”

Well, it doesn’t have to be “people copying or following other people’s actions”; it is also people seeing enough proof (or evidence) as to why they should trust you, click your links, listen to you or even pay for your products or services. For instance, stating where you’ve been featured, quoted or appeared on is a powerful social proof and could make people trust and follow your stuffs.

Here’s an example:

great twitter bio
Larry Kim’s Twitter Bio

Other vital social proof strategies are;

  • Including where you work. This is especially important if you work for a big, reputable company. For example, “Social Media Marketer @Microsoft” or “Former @Google SEO”. Get the idea?
  • Websites you’ve written blog articles for. For instance, “bio appeared on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur…”
  • Results you’ve achieved in your business. This must not be particularly huge but just mention something you’ve done (work related) that could act as a social proof. For instance, “Drove 100,000 visits in 5 months with just 15 blog articles”.

SN: Here are two (2) great articles to learn more about how to write the perfect bio (by Samantha Kelly & Chris Makara):



Use Professional Profile & Cover Image

A twitter profile isn’t complete without professional images. In fact, this should not be restricted to just your twitter profile but also your tweets and posts. What do I mean?

You must develop the habit of publishing quality, professional images on your twitter page. This way, more accounts would be positive about following your page.

Talking about your profile and cover images, they should be professional and should depict who you are, what you do or what your company stands for. Think about it this way, what services or products do you sell?

Other questions to ask are:

  • What do I want people to know about me (or my company)?
  • What impression do I want visitors to have once they land on my twitter (or social media) pages?

Your profile image should not be some selfie, or group picture (except of course it’s a ‘company team photo’). When I started out, I got a professional photographer to get my images done at a pretty cheap rate.

Take clear headshots that are passport photograph sizes for your profile picture.

Simon Zaku
That’s Me, Simon Zaku!

How about your cover image?

Your cover image should focus more on your branding. Thinking about including what you do, where you’ve appeared or maybe your company’s team (or group) photo. This way, people would know they are dealing with a real twitter user and not some random bot.

You can get your social media cover images done on freelance websites like fiverr, for less than $10. As a matter of fact, I got my blog logo and social media cover image designed for $15 on fiverr.

SN: Don’t want to ‘dish out’ $5-$10? Here’s a detailed post where about 30 graphic design artists share their secrets to making a professional business logo (by Minuca Elena):

How To Make A Professional Business Logo – 27 Graphic Designers Share Their Tips

Also, I’ve seen a few twitter influencers use cool, free stock images on their twitter cover images which is also good. You could even do some quick write-ups on the images like your company name, services etc.

Now that you’ve gotten your twitter profile complete and all set up to start getting twitter followers fast, let’s move to the exact secret strategies to get the followers pouring in…

Side Note: Interested in setting up the perfect twitter profile for your personal or business twitter brand? We’ll be publishing a more comprehensive and detailed blog post on getting the perfect twitter profile so you can click the button below and we’ll hit you up when it’s live.

5 Secret Hacks to Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours

#1. The Pinned Hack

This is coined term I personally made up years back while I was looking out for secret hacks to get twitter followers. Basically, ‘the pinned hack’ involves getting in front of influencers’ followers using their pinned tweets (as you’ve guessed). How does it work?

This is how the “pinned twitter hack” works;

  • You get a “goldmine” of twitter users that are already super engaged with your niche influencers or industry thought leaders (using just their pinned tweets).
  • You reply to their @replies and follow them.

What’s good about this strategy?

  • You get your target audience at your disposal.
  • They are engaged users (followers) and not just some random bots.
  • They are FREE to hit up!

So here’s it; Like you guessed, it deals with pinned tweets. Why? It’s simple.

Influencers pinned tweets mostly get the highest (or at least one of the highest engagements, including @replies and retweets).

In addition, these engaged twitter users are public and are easily accessed (because they are the first tweets you see on any profile). One of the major reasons I love this hack is because you get to engage with real, organic twitter users.

Primarily, you get followed by the ‘perfect accounts’ that’ll engage with your type of content.

Here’s the 3-step process;

  • Make a list of 3-5 of the most engaged influencers in your niche. This should be super, super related to your type of business or personal brand.
  • Visit their twitter profiles then click on their pinned tweets.
  • Engage with users (as much users as you can) that has replied to that pinned tweet and follow each person you engage (or reply to).

Additional Tip:

To find the most influential (or engaged with) thought leaders in your niche, you could run a quick google search like;

“Top [insert your niche] experts/influencers to follow on twitter”.

For example, “Top travel experts/influencers to follow on twitter”.

#2. Follow-First Hack

As a new or beginner twitter user, the follow-first hack is a must for you. Unless you are an influential, known celebrity, you must devote the habit of following relevant twitter users daily. In fact, the most successful twitter marketing influencers still follow lots of twitter users.

Think Sam Hurley, Rebekah Radice, Zac Johnson, Keith Keller, Ryan Biddulph or Adam Connell?

They’ve devoted valuable time to finding and following relevant twitter accounts to follow on the platform. Most times, people follow back and this boils down to having a cool twitter page. Get the idea?

Imagine getting follow by random, bot twitter accounts with no profile pictures, creepy bio and no tweets at all.

You must likely wouldn’t follow back right? That’s correct!

To find relevant people to follow, I am sharing two (2) most recommended ways to find and follow twitter users for the maximum follow back chances.

1. The first is to search relevant niche keywords related to your business, company or agency. For example, to find relevant twitter users to follow, we at Uniclix could search (on twitter) keywords like “social media marketers”, “twitter experts” or “social media managers”.

twitter search

2. Use twitter’s trending hashtags (that are relevant to your business) to see who to follow. To do this, log into your twitter profile then navigate to the hashtags section and then scroll down past the ‘trending hashtags’. There you should see relevant tweets from followers that are most likely related to your business.

twitter follow suggestion

Go through each person’s bio (this is very important) before hitting the follow button. For a start, I’ll recommend you follow 20-30 relevant twitter accounts that are active.

Extra Tip:

To follow only relevant twitter accounts, be sure to check their twitter feeds to see when last or how often they publish tweets on their social wall.

#3. The Testimonial Hack

The testimonial hack is pretty much another strategy I learned months back on twitter. Here’s what’s on your mind;

“Simon, what’s this testimonial hack and how effective can it be to adding 100 twitter followers in less than one day?”

Great question, dude!

Without wasting much of your time, let me show you how ‘the testimonial hack’ works; the one hack I used to generate 17 new twitter followers in about 2 minutes. Yes, less than two (2) minutes!

To begin with, how significant is “17 new Twitter followers”?

Well, if you’ve been on Twitter for a while now then you would have figured that getting a single (real) follower can be frustrating!

Does this sound like you?

You log into your Twitter account to see what’s happening, send out a few tweets, Insert one or two hashtags, follow a dozen twitter accounts (that never follow back), just to get 1, 3 0r 5 more followers increase.

Frustrating, yeah?

At the end of every. Single. Day!

Sounds exactly like you? (If yes, then be sure to read through this one short secret strategy right now!)

Here’s it; It’s a tactic I haven’t seen on the internet yet but it’s brought me 17 followers in 2 minutes! Gotten you interested?

It’s what I refer to as ​“Steal their Fans” technique. It simply involves stealing other users’ followers. Not just any user that comes your way but think; competitors, influencers, business, partners, blogs, publications e.t.c.

There are two main ways;

“You simply get them to tweet nice things about you Or You get them to retweet your tweets”

Either way, get them to get you in front of their followers. For an influencer, lets use Gary Vee as an example.

What do you think will happen if Gary Vee sent a short tweet about you? Something like;

“Great video by @(​your Twitter handle​). Talks about exactly why 99.9% of entrepreneurs in this generation will fail. (​Link to your video).​” Or;

“Want to know what a great customer experience feels like? Check out what @(​your handle) ​has to say about his @Apple customer care experience in this new video. Your customers should feel this way!

gary v twitter
gary v twitter

Hundreds, if not thousands of Gary Vee’s fans will follow your twitter account within seconds of sending any of those tweets.

But first of all, how do you get them to tweet about you? Here’s the thing…

As a beginner, aiming to get mentioned or retweeted by top influencers like Gary Vee or Noah Kagan is not a wise way to start. Instead of aiming for top class influencers (with millions of followers), why not go for ones with hundreds of thousands; they’re easier.

They’ll more likely tweet or retweet your stuff online. As a matter of fact, I get dozens of twitter influencers with at least 200,000 followers sharing my articles and content.

So here’s what to do; get a list of 15-20 influencers in your space with enough twitter followers (don’t forget to stay between 10,000 – 250,000 for a start).

Like seriously, pause reading this for a sec and create this list! After that, go through each of them and quickly add a 3-star marking beside anyone you’ve ever bought from. Think courses, E-books, Paid content e.t.c.

Done that?

Now, give a 2-star marking beside anyone you’ve learned from. This should be more of free content like youtube videos, engaging blog posts, courses or ebooks. After that, give 1 star rating to influencers you’ve not had anything with. The next step?

  • Go on Twitter and send an honest review about how the 3 star influencers’ products have helped you.
  • Secondly, schedule tweets to all 2 star influencers on how their free stuffs has helped you, your personal brand or business.
  • Strike out all 1 star influencers (not needed)!]

Examples? I used this strategy on @Melyssa_Griffin and brought in 17 new Twitter followers 2 minutes after she retweeted, liked and quoted my tweet. I also used this same hack on FatboySSE and got dozens of new followers after he retweeted my tweet.

#4. Family & Friends Hack

I gave termed this strategy, the family and friends hack because (as you’ve guessed), it involves getting your close circle to follow you. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to go from 0 to 100 twitter followers in under 24 hours.

This strategy isn’t only effective on twitter but social media in general.

How’d you go about implementing this strategy? It’s simple and there are 2 quick ways to jump-star;

This hack is effective because people in your close circle are more likely to follow you than people you don’t know. It’s more like, telling your friends, business partners, employees or even family to check you out and follow your twitter page.

Twitter even allows automatic syncing with your email service provider. This way, you could easily import your email contact list to your twitter platform and automatically follow them. Most times, you’ll get more follow backs since these are people you’ve had previous connections with or are your business partners colleagues or even clients (or customers).

For your close friends, you could easily reach out to them letting them know you (or your small business) is on twitter and they could follow you up to get exclusive updates (and to show support too).

#5. Twitter Follow Suggestion Hack

The last but not the least twitter hack secret to get free twitter followers in 2019 (and beyond) is the ‘Twitter Follow Suggestion Hack’. To be able to grow my twitter account so quickly to about 6,000 amazing followers (while managing several other accounts and an award nominated blog), I discovered this unique strategy to letting twitter know what your twitter page is all about.

Basically, you find 1 or 2 twitter accounts that do pretty much the same type of business you do and follow them. Twitter then suggests a couple more accounts to for you to follow; now that’s where the magic happen…

Twitter randomly suggests accounts that are similar to the one you just followed and by following them, twitter algorithm also suggests your profile when people follow similar accounts to yours.

To set a practical example, let’s find and follow any good twitter user. For this, let’s follow @Sambel08.

After following, Sambel08, a follow suggestion box will pop-up with similar accounts to follow and by following these accounts, twitter algorithm will also recommend your profile to other similar twitter users who do not yet follow you.

With these five (5) actionable hacks, you should be able to pull off 100-200 twitter followers in 48 hours if well implemented. If I can, you can do twice better! Now here’s the thing…

What’d You Think About This Guide? Let Me Know What Strategy You Personally Use the Most 🙂

Less I forget, we’re currently working on a twitter follower app, uniclix, that would help get you 1000s of organic followers without spending much time. Join our waitlist and we’ll let you know when it’s live!


  1. Nice one, Simon! Lot of relatively quick yet effective tips for growing an audience. 😊

    I’m glad you emphasized engagement; this stuff doesn’t just magically happen!!! It takes logic, care, and commitment.

    Your content always delivers. (Cheers for including me, too!)

    Keep up the great work over there,
    Sam :))

  2. Yo, Yo, Sam!

    I’m so glad to see you here man. Yes, engagement is always key and always leads to effective social media growth.

    Thanks for the comment and the nice words too 🙂


  3. Hi Simon, I was so happy to read that generating more followers takes time and cannot be done quickly! WE cannot get to know hundreds of people that quick, it does take time to build relationships with others on social media just like offline.
    Thanks for all your latest tips here. I may have to give your new tool a whirl as well 🙂

  4. Hi Simon,

    I think testimonials and partnerships, in general, tend to be the best methods of building an audience quickly and reliably. I’d suggest doing more of that. 🙂

    Thanks for the tips.

    All the best,

  5. Cheers Simon!
    Nice Article I enjoyed reading every bit of it and I learnt alot. Thanks for the tips and I can’t wait to read more of your works.

  6. Hello, Jon!

    Testimonials and partnerships are really powerful social media strategies especially on twitter.

    Thanks for the comments 🙂


  7. Hello, Lisa.

    Most people think growing on twitter (or any social media platform) can be done ‘overnight’ quickly but that’s the opposite. Persistence and the use of effective, organic strategies cuts through…

    Thanks for the comment 🙂
    Simon Zaku
    PS: I’ll be super glad to see you try our tool, Uniclix (would be released sooner than later)

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