Facebook Group Cover Photo Size, Facebook Page Cover Photo 2021

Having the right Facebook group cover photo size is vital since it’s what your audience sees as soon as they land on your Facebook page. 

This image should be captivating and should clearly represent your group’s purpose, but most of all, it should be the right size!

And as Facebook keeps tweaking their group cover photo size guidelines, it could be challenging to keep up. That’s why we have decided to compile all the specifics you need to keep your Facebook group cover image updated in 2021. 

We will touch on the tips you can use when creating a Facebook cover photo and show you how to add the cover photos to your Facebook group.  

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Does My Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Even Matter?

Yes it does. It is stretched across your entire Facebook group page and it’s bigger than your personal profile cover photo. Your group photo tends to be your one shot to make the most important – visual – first impression on your visitors. 

Your Facebook group photo also sets the tone for your group and conveys what your message is. A solid cover photo can work wonders in establishing your authority to the group and show that you’re serious about your brand. 

Also, if your Facebook group is closed, your cover photo is essentially the only thing visible to non-members who want to get in. Using a stunning group cover photo will give you an advantage by increasing the number of potential members who might be interested in joining your group.

We recommend that you avoid using the generic photos stock photos that everyone applies to their social media profiles. If your group is business-related, then create a Facebook cover photo that showcases your brand including its personality, products, and services.

Okay, So What’s the Right Facebook Group Cover Photo Size in 2021?

The ideal size is an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 or 1,640-pixels-wide by 856-pixels-tall. Try to stick with this size if you want best results and minimum auto-cropping.

According to Statista, at least 96% of Facebook users access it through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that your Facebook Group Cover photo should appear flawless and perfect on both smartphones and tablets if you want to make the most out of Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t stretch or interfere with the quality of your cover photo to make it fit onto various devices. Instead, it automatically crops your cover photo. On smartphones, your image will appear in its entirety but on the desktop, it will be cropped at the top and bottom.

Try to stick with the ideal Facebook cover photo size if you want the best results and minimum auto-cropping.

Facebook has changed the group cover photo size rules a lot of times in the past few years. In 2017, Facebook updated it to a size which worked great on desktops but looked terrible on mobile devices. 

Their 2018 update wasn’t good either. Next, they released this current update which seems to have been fixed and maybe here to stay. 

It has happened to the best of us; we’d toil away for hours, creating the perfect Facebook group cover photo and then upload it – only to find that it has almost cut in half. Raise your hand if you’ve been through this as well.

The best way to avoid that heartache and pain is to make sure your image resolution is 1640×856 pixels. This will give you the perfect ratio that displays your photo impeccably on both desktop and mobile view. 

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How to Create a Flawless Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Canva

If you can’t decide how to choose the right Facebook group cover photo size Canva, just follow what we do. 

We call it our 3C approach: clarity, cohesion, and class.

If a photo catches your fancy and you want to make it your group cover, ask yourself does it communicate with clarity and cohesion what your group is about? And a little class never hurt anyone!

If it doesn’t, you should head to Canva and create a visual masterpiece that will attract the right audience for you. 

Canva is known as one-of-its-kind online graphic designing tool that allows people to create stunning designs both online and in print. Consider it your own highly skilled graphic designer minus the cost! 

By using this simple drag-and-drop design feature, you can create amazing fonts and graphics, thanks to Canva’s library of over 1 million high-quality images. Also, remember to use Uniclix which lets you schedule and post content on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks with the click of a button.

Let’s see how you can create the Facebook group cover photo size canva of your dreams:

Create Your Concept

We cannot stress enough the importance of clarity and it all starts with your message. What is the purpose of your group? Who your group is for? How will it benefit your members? 

Having a clear, precise hook is non-negotiable and you can even create a valuable freebie for new members once they sign up for your Facebook group. 

Why all this effort? You’re probably not creating a Facebook group just because you’re bored. 

You want to connect to the right audience and your target market so you can sell your products, services, or even ideas. And that will only happen if you can convince your audience to invest in you (it could be an investment of time or money). And, again, the only way to convince someone you’re good at what you do is to let your work speak for itself. 

Use the Right Resolution 

dimension for Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2019

Choosing the right Facebook group cover photo size is extremely important or your photo can look blurry, outstretched, or can crop off crucial elements. So, make sure your photo’s dimension is 1640×856 pixels. 

Then download your picture or template and import it into your Canva Account. If you need help with uploading the group cover photo to your Facebook profile, check out this link.

Bonus: Download this social media sizes & dimensions Kit here (NO OPTIN REQUIRED).

Here are the Facebook optimal image sizes as of June 2020.

Facebook Optimal Image Sizes in 2020

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size FAQ

How do I upload a cover photo to my Facebook group?

From the News Feed click Groups in the left menu, then select your group.
Click Upload Photo or click Choose Photo to choose from your Facebook photos and click Save.

How do you change Facebook cover photo?

Hover over the cover photo, click Change Group Cover and select Upload Photo or Reposition Photo. Click Save

What is the size of a Facebook cover photo 2021?

According to Facebook, the ideal size for cover photo is an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 or 1,640-pixels-wide by 856-pixels-tall. Try to stick with this size if you want best results and minimum auto-cropping.

Is there a difference between personal and business page cover photo?

Facebook business page cover photo dimensions are exactly the same as those for personal accounts cover photo.

What is the Facebook group cover size?

The cover photo size should be exactly the same as the Facebook group cover size. This means that the correct dimensions will be 1640 pixels by 856 pixels.

What is the Facebook group banner size?

The Facebook group banner size is similar to the Facebook group cover size. The ideal size for the banner is 1640 x 856 px.

Where can I find cover photos for Facebook?

There are many sites where you can create a custom cover photo for Facebook. You can Canva, Design Pickle, and even tools like Photoshop, Snappa, Stencil, and Pixlr.com to create an awesome photo with the right dimensions. In the next section, we are going to dive deep into Canva. It is an excellent tool that you can utilize to get the correct Facebook group cover size.

Edit the Image in Canva

You don’t need to be a pro to create a high-quality cover design; all you need is Canva. Here’s what you need to do to create your perfect Facebook group cover photo size Canva:

  • Open Canva and choose the “Facebook Cover” design option
  • Select from hundreds of professionally curated Facebook cover layouts
  • Choose from over a million stock pictures or upload your own photo
  • Edit your picture, edit text, add some gorgeous filters.
  • Save and share. 

Make sure you only select and craft a custom design that has the right dimensions, i.e., 1640×856 pixels. Also, don’t put any important information inside the grey areas; only design around the grey areas. 

If you have created a copy for your Facebook group cover, place it on the left-hand side. 

And that’s pretty much it. You can also take a look at this short video tutorial explaining how to create the perfect Facebook group cover photo size Canva. 

Tips for Creating Your Facebook Group Cover Photos

In addition to using the right size, there are a few more best practices you need to note when creating your Facebook group artwork.

Add a Short Description 

It is safe to say that one of the biggest purposes of a Facebook group cover photo is to catch the attention of potential members and get them interested. Sometimes, adding text to your visual component helps to explain what exactly the group offers. 

Even one small line will work wonders. Here is a good example:

This Facebook group above does exactly that. One small line “Facets of Blogging, Womanhood + Life” tell you exactly who the group is for. This ensures that the right audience will take notice as soon as they see the cover image.

Use High-Quality Pictures

Clean, no-frill images work best when it comes to design because like it or not, minimalism is super in these days. Simple but high-resolution images position your main content front and center without distracting audience’s attention.

In this example from J. Crew Clothing, you see the name of the group and that’s it. This simple image looks clean, clutter-free, and well-organized. And that’s what makes it amazingly effective. 

Steer Clear of Mobile-Only Cropping

The very top and very bottom of your picture will be cut-off on mobile devices even if you’re using the right Facebook group cover photo size. How to prevent that? Leave those parts of your group cover photo free of any important information. 

Simply use white space or empty design elements to fill up the topmost and bottom-most parts. 

Use Branding

If your business is connected with your Facebook group, make sure you make it clear in your group cover photo. 

Many businesses have a full-on brand logo inside their group photo which helps their followers know that the Facebook group is officially created by the brand. And you can maximize your brand engagement via Facebook if you leverage the power of Uniclix

This innovative tool will automate your post scheduling and help you achieve the best results effortlessly.

10 Facebook Group Cover Photos Resources

Creating a Facebook group cover photo should be a thrilling adventure that takes you a few minutes to complete. There are numerous tools that have thousands of pre-made beautiful templates which you can apply to make an awesome cover photo for your Facebook group. You can also use their features to build custom banners that represent your brand, from scratch. Here are the top 10 tools to utilize for Facebook group cover photos.

1. Bannersnack 

Bannersnack claims it is the best online banner-maker ever. It has thousands of facebook group cover templates that you can download anytime you want. These templates are 100% customizable so you get a chance to experience the beauty of designing a unique group cover photo. Even better, it is 100% free! Sign up today to get yourself a banner for your Facebook group. 

2. Adobe Spark Post 

Adobe Spark Post is a free Facebook cover maker tool that helps you to create striking and appealing group cover photos for your business or personal brand. You begin by selecting the size fit for the Facebook Group Cover photos which is usually 1640 pixels by 856 pixels. Then you spice it up by choosing the theme that fits your brand. You have the  chance to add an attractive image and amp your messages with fonts. See what you make out of this tool. 

Adobe Spark Free Facebook Cover Photo

3. Crello 

In 4 simple steps , you can download a unique Facebook group cover photo from Crello. Just like in Adobe Spark, you choose the format (size) for the cover photo. Then you proceed to select a template of your choice from the 20,000 templates available for free. Customize the template you choose to meet your standards. You can add or subtract any element from these templates including images of your products and messages presenting your brand. Once you are convinced of its perfection, you can download it for free and apply it to your Facebook group. 

Crello Free Facebook Cover Maker

4. Snappa.com 

Snappa offers you a chance to make designing of Facebook cover photos an exciting experience. It has many professionally designed templates that will make your Facebook Group Cover photo stand out. You can customize the graphics, templates and texts to create brand cover photos.  You also have access to 3,000,000 plus high-resolution stock-free photos that you can apply when making the cover photos for your Facebook group. 

Snappa facebook design cover photo

5. Fotor 

Fotor’s Facebook cover maker helps you create awesome Facebook cover photos in a few simple clicks. You can customize a premade template or start building your cover photo from scratch. After previewing and saving the final product, you can download it in the size that you prefer. 


6. Fotojet

Fotojet has a large collection of well-designed Facebook cover templates for any kind of season or style. Whether you prefer classical or professional, Fotojet has it all. Use these templates to inspire a creative banner for your Facebook group.  

Facebook Cover Maker

7. PicMonkey 

Picmonkey promises to help you make striking Facebook cover photos that will draw in new followers. You have access to templates that you can use to make on-brand designs. You can edit the graphics, fonts, and effects to match your style.

Picmonkey Facebook Cover Photo Maker

8. BeFunky

BeFunky is famous for its photo collage making features, but it also has much more to offer especially to Facebook users like you. You can quickly create a customized Facebook group cover photo by manipulating the features of the photo editor. Simply click on the edit panel and select the crop tool to resize your image to the aspect ratio of the Facebook group banners which is 1.91: 1. It is an easy tool to navigate. 

BeFunky Editor

9. Piktochart

Piktochart claims it can help you stand out from the crowd using their stunning Facebook Cover templates. With thousands of templates, you can make a great cover photo design for your Facebook group. 

Piktochart Facebook Covers

10. Stencil

Create a Facebook Cover photo in under 2 minutes using Stencil. This tool has the correct Facebook cover sizes so you don’t have to struggle determining the size to go with. You can also upload your own photo or choose from a million plus stock-free photos that it offers for your background image.  You also get access to 3,000 plus Google fonts that are safe to use in any of your cover images. 

Stencil facebook cover photo

There are many other free Facebook group cover making tools online. We presented these ones because we have used most of them and had a great experience. Try them out to make the most out of your Facebook group cover photo. Potential customers will be attracted to join your group and become part of your community when you have a stunning Facebook Group banner. 

Free Facebook Group Cover Photo Template 2020

Now that you know how to create a great cover photo, here are some free Facebook group cover photo template to get you started:

Bonus: Download free Facebook cover photo templates here (NO OPTIN REQUIRED).

You can find thousands of free Facebook group cover photo templates on the Internet. But if you want to choose the most exclusive and appealing free Facebook group cover photo template, check with us at Uniclix.

Key Takeaways

Your Facebook group cover photo will be one of the first things noticed by new potential members so do your best. Remember, if your business is tied to your Facebook group, it will have a direct impact on your branding as well. If you don’t how to get started, try the new Uniclix App to create graphics that will help you display what your Facebook group is about. If you need to revamp your existing group cover photo, start your free trial with Uniclix today and find out how we can help you.

If you are having a hard time curating great content for your Facebook group, try the Uniclix auto scheduling app. With just a couple of clicks, it can help you manage and grow your social media profiles by publishing the most relevant content for your audiences. 

All you need to do is set a topic of interest, and we will handle the rest! From selecting, writing, and posting the content to using a set of metrics to connect you with the right audience, Uniclix does it all. Forget about spending hours on fine-tuning your Facebook profile and let Uniclix grow your community.  

Useful Resources: 5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Facebook Profile , How to Change Facebook Page Name: A Comprehensive Guide , 30 Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page,How to Promote Your Blog: 10 Simple and Non-Spammy Ways

If you have a plan for your future social content, you can schedule your posts in advance (with a tool like UniClixApp. Then, you won’t constantly be watching the clock. You may even be able to take a vacation.

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