The 12 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Help you Grow in 2021

Digital Marketing Tools: a detailed list of the best 12 tools that we use in daily bases.

I’m a fan of finding the latest new gadgets, digital marketing tools, and apps. Finding new digital marketing tools is always a great bonus. 

Finding a new digital marketing tool doesn’t guarantee success and won’t help you with strategy, however when executed well it can give you a great competitive advantage. 

Digital marketing should be a key part of any modern business work plan, although it can be a bit overwhelming at first. So much to take care of – social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, web forms, analytics, etc… 

Investing in Digital Marketing Tools

Your consumers are online, and reaching out to them can only be done by the implementation of the right marketing strategy. 

With the right tools, you can easily track down your digital marketing effort. The same cannot be said of your offline marketing efforts. 

Who called to inquire about your product from the billboard?
Which TV ad brought in your last customer? 

You can guess, but it won’t be accurate

Let’s get focused now, let’s dig in.. 

To help take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, we have outlined a list of 12 digital marketing tools that every marketer should use. 

To help with navigation, we have listed the products below and we’ve added the jump links below. 

Here are twelve of my favorite to try out.


Price: ranging from $99 to $399

Ahref’s pricing is on the high-end side, starting at 99 monthly plan for its Lite plan. The plan gives you one user, 500 tracked keywords per week, 25 domain searches per day, five campaigns and top 20 keyword analysis. 

The 179 monthly plan “The Standard” is mostly designed for small to medium businesses, upping the platform capacity to 10 campaigns, 1,500 tracked keywords, 100 domain searches, etc. For more advanced users and agencies they have an “Advanced” plan for $399, and an “Agency” plan for $999 which includes multi-users, unlimited campaigns and larger keywords tracking capabilities. 

Ahref’s is an SEO tool with a comprehensive list of features that helps you track, analyze your website traffic. Basically, they help you learn why your competitors rank so high and what you need to do to outrank them. 

Ahrefs features allow you to check any domain (including your competitors) domain ranking, keywords ranking, backlink, site structure, top content, new keywords, content suggestions etc.

Ahref crawls about 5 billion web pages on a daily basis, they have indexed more than 16 trillion links and have data for around 180 million keywords in the U.S. alone. 

Below is outlined summary of the some key Ahref’s features: 

Organic traffic research – provides users with a list of keywords that your competitors are ranking. You can filter based on new trending keywords, specific articles, top ranking keywords, top raking articles etc. 

Backlink checker – Want to discover the backlink profile of your competition ? Ahref’s allows you to see which websites link to your competitors site and articles, it is very useful to find backlinks to find sites that have backlinked similar articles that you are publishing. One of my favorite features. 

Paid traffic research –  learn and get a better understanding of your competitors marketing strategy, and how they funner their paid traffic. 

Additional Ahref features include:

  • Keyword research
  • Traffic search 
  • Keyword gap tool
  • Internal link audit
  • Site SEO audit
  • Content Explorer
  • Disavow tool
ahrefs dashboard

Google Search Console

Price: Free 

Search console its a great tool to track and report on your site presence in Google SERP. Put is this way, every time you publish a new post on your blog or page you have an xml site map which is submitted to Google Search Console, in addition, the Google Search Console shows you how many impressions you are getting, how many clicks you’re getting, which pages are popular, which keywords are getting a lot of impressions, clicks, etc. 

In addition, you can use Google Search Console to analyze your page performance based on ranked keywords and optimize your content by adding those keywords in. Google Search Console in combination with Google Analytics are the must-have tools for any blogger. 

To put it simply, Google Search Console is a perfect tool to improve and optimize your website; from providing intel query, who is linking your site, and if there are technical errors. 

Why use Google Search Console?

GSC is valuable for anyone needing to monitor

1. Site performance in search results

2. Content accessibility

3. Malware and spam issues

google search console

Google Analytics

Price: Free 

Google Analytics is a vital tool for digital marketers. Google Analytics helps understand how effective a digital website campaign has been, review SEO performance, and track down website traffic.

Google Analytics is completely free to use and pretty easy to install. 

GA shows who is visiting your site, how they got there, what pages they’re looking at. All of this information and much more can help you make important decisions that could end up allowing you to sell more products, acquire more subscribers and ultimately drive your bottom line.

How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website?

So, What’s the Difference Between Google Search Console and Google Analytics?

To sum it up: Google Search Console its all in tool to check on your SEO performance, optimize your content, and monitor the technical structure of your blog & site. On the other hand, Google Analytics it’s a great tool to understand who is your consumer, how they find your site, and they are using the site. It’s a great way to understand your content marketing efforts and what needs to be improved. Therefore, a combination of both tools together they provide a whole lot of insights into your content strategy, what is working well and what requires optimization. 


Price: ranging from $10 to $59

Uniclix is a social media management web application that supports Twitter, Facebook,  and LinkedIn.

Their vision is to create a social media management platform that is affordable and easy-to-use so that small businesses and individuals can grow online presence by taking advantage of the same powerful tools used by large corporations.

As a Uniclix subscriber, you can schedule social posts to your multiple accounts at the most effective times of the day and easily share content that Uniclix auto-suggests based on topics relevant to your audience.

Twitter users can take advantage of our smart audience booster tool that helps grow Twitter followers by connecting you with like-minded people and organizations.

Here are the main features Uniclix supports:

  • Publisher
  • Content curation
  • Social monitoring 
  • Twitter growth
  • Analytics

1) Publisher: UniClix is a management app designed to aid social media users, individuals, influencers and small businesses with social media management. UniClix allows its users to plan and schedule social content ahead of time which is scheduled for the best time. Talking about “best times”, the application is also designed to automatically find the best times to post on your social media accounts easily. Additionally, the tool allows you to save the content on Categories for future reuse and reposting.

2) Content Curation: UniClix also allows users to find and repost useful social media content on the internet to their various social media accounts. How useful is this?

Well, to grow effectively on social media networks, content curation is key. As a matter of fact, brands would normally find these useful content manually on the web to repost but with tools like Uniclix and Quuu, brands can now easily find and repost useful content without having to spend hours on Google. What Uniclix does is it takes all the workload away by recommending useful, handpicked content for you. 

UniClix Content CUration: MeetEdgar Alternative

3) Social Listening/Monitoring: How do I monitor what people are saying about me? How do I monitor what people are saying about the topics I’m interested in?

UniClix generates custom streams to help users monitor what others are saying about them and topics of interest. UniClix also helps users to easily react to conversations and increase engagement.

UniClix Monitoring - -Digital Marketing tool

4) Twitter Growth: Wondering how we were able to grow from about 20 twitter followers to over 12,000 in less than 6 months? 

The answer is Uniclix’s twitter Growth Feature!

How does this Twitter growth feature work and how important is it?

Twitter has always been one of the largest social networks in the world with over 300 million monthly active users (source). This means your customers and fans are hanging out on twitter but here’s the problem…

Growing your twitter followers is a heck load of work and most times, people eventually “give up” and end up leaving the platform. That’s exactly where Uniclix comes in; the twitter booster basically helps you grow your twitter account easily. 

Uniclix Target audience - -Digital Marketing tool

With this, you won’t have to manually find useful accounts to follow, tweets to engage with and inactive users to unfollow. 

5) Analytics helps track your social growth, and get meaningful stats on your social media accounts, helps you get a meaningful and concise snapshot of your key Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn activities.


Price: ranging from $99 to $499+

BuzzSumo is a very high-level platform, the focus of the platform is on content which is a key part of any social media tactic.

One of the most important features of BuzzSumo is The Most Shared content report. Search for a topic and you’ll find the most shared content on social media profiles, google, etc.

Another powerful feature is Content Analysis. Analyze content for any term or domain as articles analyzed, total shares and average shares.

Using BuzzSumo you can see What’s Trending Now across social channels

Filter by topic, time or create your own trending feed by custom domain or topic.

Real-Time Monitoring of brand mentions, competitor mentions, content from a website, keyword mentions, backlinks or an author. Visit BuzzSumo to learn more about their features and functionality.

buzzsumo content marketing

Pros and Cons of BuzzSumo


  • Fluid interface, flexibility, and customization
  • Twitter growth and engagement boost
  • Allows you to profile link-building alongside your content creation
  • Secrets to successful content creation


  • Requires blogging experience
  • Pricing – Significant limitations on entry-level plans
  • Lack of influencer outreach capabilities outside of Twitter

BuzzSumo is definitely one of the best tools for content creation, research and influence marketing.

It is important to learn how to properly take action and what to do with the information you acquire from it.


mailer lite dashboard -Digital Marketing tool

Price: ranging from $15 to $360

Mailerlite is an email marketing software founded back in 2010 with an aim to help small businesses and bloggers to take advantage of powerful email marketing services.

Primary reasons to use Mailerlite

  • Pricing 
  • Great customer service
  • Practical and easy to use dashboard

Other important features are Automation Tools, for free accounts as well.
Auto Resend feature which helps you to resend your previous campaigns to those users who didn’t open or clicked through your emails.

Drag and Drop Editor – Create professional and high converting emails with ease. No HTML coding needed. 

Get Started with MailerLite

mailer lite email marketing -Digital Marketing tool


Price: ranging from $99 to $399+

SEMrush is an online marketing research available to those looking to increase their content reach and understand how others create marketing opportunities.

SEMrush can help you

1. Determine the most valuable keywords your competitors are ranking for

2. Find out who your competitors are and the top competitors in your niche

3. Learn exactly where your competitors are getting backlinks from

4. Track your keywords and monitor their Google search position

5. Find out what keywords to use for your own products, pages, and blog posts

semrush dashboard -Digital Marketing tool


Price: ranging from $97 to $297

ClickFunnels is a business platform with very powerful sales funnel creation tools.

Businesses and individuals can use ClickFunnels to build landing pages, webinars, sales pages, billing pages, etc. There are many available page templates and funnel templates for designers and editors to use for their sales pages and landing pages.

It would be hard to list all ClickFunnels features but here are few

The Top 10 ClickFunnels Features:

  • CRM Integration
  • E-mail Integration, Notifications and Tracking
  • Custom Landing Pages with Customizable Templates
  • Affiliate Management
  • Customer Database Segmentation
  • SEO Management Tools
  • Performance Reports
  • Conversion Tracking and Database Conversion
  • Sales Trend Analysis and Sales Reporting
  • API

ClickFunnels is a highly recommended platform mostly from entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as it helped them create their own pages without needing any programming website design knowledge.

clickfunnels dashboard -Digital Marketing tool


Price: ranging from $9.95 to $30

Is a graphic tool really a Digital Marketing tool?

Canva is an online graphics tool, very simple to use and offers tons of templates that can help you out.

You can create professional-looking designs for almost every purpose. Marketing campaign posters, graphics for presentations, visual charts for blog content, etc. 


What can you do with CANVA?

-Design posts for social media
-Choose predefined template designs for your post
-Use free icon library in your design
-Access all premium pictures/icons for one price
-Create business cards

You can use Canva for free in its basic version. Premium elements can be purchased for an additional price.

Try Canva 

canva design -Digital Marketing tool


Price: ranging from $11 to $29

Why we have selected Grammarly as a Digital Marketing tool?

Grammarly is a browser extension or an app that checks your spelling, grammar, plagiarism, in a more advanced way and faster than other platforms such as Microsoft Words, WordPress and more.

Grammarly is useful for bloggers, content marketers, copywriters,

authors, students and any business professional who wants to draft an accurate presentation or social media post.

There are several ways to use the Grammarly software to check your work.

You can copy and paste the desired texture into Grammarly for grammar checking and for a spell check or you can import your Microsoft Words document into Grammarly. 

Another way is using Grammarly as your primary app while typing. 

Once you click on the “Correct with Assistant” button Grammarly will show you the errors.
Windows users can also install Grammarly as a plugin on their Microsoft Word.

Try Grammarly

grammarly  -Digital Marketing tool


Price: ranging from $69 to $199+

Great Digital Marketing tool, specifically to help with SEO. Yoast is a great platform for optimizing websites and stand out in the tough online competition.

Yoast offers plugins to add new functionalities to CMS based websites, SEO services to all who want a great online appearance.

Without a doubt, Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress especially if you are a fan of the WordPress Content Management System CMS


  • Content and SEO analysis
  • Offers multiple keywords
  • Free version available
  • Ad free Premium Plan
  • Internal link suggestions 
  • Insight tools


  • Some URLs don’t work very well
  • SEO content can’t be performed in many languages
  • Incomplete generated sitemaps
yoast seo wordpress -Digital Marketing tool


Price: ranging from $5 to $9.99

Our next Digital Marketing tool is a project management tool designed to organize your projects into boards.

Trello helps individuals and businesses organize and plan client work, new projects, new orders, share useful content and track all the work in process. 

Free version of Trello allows users to work with an unlimited numbers or boards, lists and cards and there are no limitations on the number of people or users can work with on the free plan of Trello.

trello desktop -Digital Marketing tool

Trello Paid Plans

  • Trello Gold – Designed for users who would like to access additional features as Power-Ups per board, customized backgrounds, premium stickers, 250 MB attachments and saved searches.
  • Trello Business Class – Allows users to add an unlimited number of Power-Ups to boards.
  • Trello Enterprise – Features designed to large companies that must coordinate projects with multiple teams.


  • Simple to use
  • Archiving
  • Unlimited Free Version
  • Mobile friendly
  • Extensions


  • Short on deep project/process management features
  • Limited integration options 
  • Unable to add multiple due dates on one card
  • Can only be used online

Of course, the list of great digital marketing tools didn't end here… Let us know in the comments what digital marketing tools do you use the most and why? 

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