Boost your Marketing Strategy With Advanced Twitter Search

The power of social media channels is underestimated. Your social media accounts are not only good to promote your company and content. You can also search for useful information in your social media accounts. For instance, using Twitter Advanced Search you can:

  • search what your audience is tweeting about your company
  • find interesting topics. 
  • compile a list of influencers that Tweet in your niche
  • identify leads 
  • refine your audience
  • boost engagement

Yes, all of that. But how do you use Twitter Advanced Search for your benefit? In this post, we give you a complete guide so you can get more leads, find interesting content, and much more. 

Why Should You Use This Advanced Twitter Feature

Why Should You Use This Advanced Twitter Feature

Searching for a specific tweet or hashtag can be tricky using the regular search feature.

Not all people that talk about your company or products/services are tagging you in their posts. Not all the topics you look for, respond to your keywords. The familiar search bar on top of your feed is not designed to find that tweet from Richard Branson from 2017 about the hyperloop train. When you use Advanced search, you can find highly specific information.

But, the advanced search feature is not that easy to use as the simple search bar. In the following sections, I’ll walk you through the essential steps to master Twitter Advanced Search. 

Advanced search offers filtering options that help pinpoint your search for specific criteria. For example, you can search by date, by location or by keyword. 

You can filter to see a specific Twitter discussion or what your competitors tweeted last month. 

Let’s say you want to find a specific tweet, but you cannot remember who tweeted it. With regular search, you wouldn’t find it. But with advanced search, you can type any phrase you remember of the tweet and find it. 

How Do You Search for Tweets with Advanced Search Feature

You’ll start the search from the search bar and then move on to the filters. Here’s how you do it step by step:

#1: Enter your search query into the search bar on Twitter. 

#2: Click on the three dots at the right of the bar. 

#3: On the menu, Click on Search Filters, then in Advanced Search. 

Twitter Advanced Search

With the filters, you can choose if you want to find tweets from anyone or only your followers. Select the latter to find what your followers are tweeting about your company. 

You can also find when influencers tag your company

Twitter Advance Search

Open the Advanced Search menu. You’ll find a list of categories to search. You can search by: 

  • Word – you can search by a specific phrase, hashtag, or keyword. 
  • Account – from or to specific accounts. For instance, a tweet discussion about your product between two influencers. 
  • Replies– you can include replies and original Tweets or only replies
  • Links– you can include only Tweets with links
  • Engagement – you can search by the level of engagement. For instance, with a minimum number of replies, likes, or retweets. 
  • Dates – you can search by specific dates or range of dates. 

Step #4: Click Search to see the results.

How To Apply Advanced Search for Business

All right, that is very nice, but how can you use this feature for your business? For starters, you can use an advanced search for finding and identifying leads on Twitter. 

The number of Twitter users has grown under the pandemic to close to 330 million monthly users. The sheer amount of users covers every type of interest around. This opens a huge opportunity for marketers for lead generation. 

Twitter search

Here are some advanced searches techniques that can help you get potential leads:

Sentiment Searches

Yes, you can find out what people are saying about your brand. Sentiment searches allow you to check what is the social sentiment around a topic in your niche. For instance, I want to find people asking questions about home treadmills. I searched for the phrase: under-desk treadmills?

Twitter advance search

This simple search let you know what are the questions people ask about under desk treadmills. If you happen to be in this niche, this helps you learn valuable information about the concerns and pain points of potential customers. A person looking for an under desk treadmill can have questions about the product size, weight, or delivery options. 

This method helps you find users that are looking for recommendations. Take the opportunity and answer to their tweets, leaving a link to your site. 

You can also check up the competition with sentiment searches. Add your competitor’s name to the search and find out what users think of their products. 

Search for Usernames

Identify and track new leads by searching for usernames. For instance, if we want to know tweets that other Twitter accounts sent to @Milliestopshate ( Millie Bobby Brown):

  • Scroll down the Advanced Search menu until you find To Account. Write the Twitter handle of the account you’re looking for. Click Search to see the results. 
advance twitter search

You can do the same with your company Twitter handle. Look who has sent you tweets and what they are about. Let’s say you’re a sports clothes retailer, and you want to know if your followers have questions about “long-distance running shoes”. Simply add that keyword to the search in the menu. You’ll see how much interest generates the keyword in your followers. A quick and effective method to gauge your audience. 

Search Tweets from a Specific Account

In this case, I searched for tweets from the @Stranger_Things twitter account, starting from March 2020.  I wanted to know what is the anticipation about the next season. It gives me all tweets from the official Netflix Stranger Things Twitter account, and any tweet tagging the official account. 

advanced search twitter

To search for tweets from a specific account: 

  • Scroll down in the Advanced Search menu until you find From Account. 
  • Type the account Twitter Handle. Click Search to see the results. 
twitter advanced search

Search by Location

Find tweets in a specific country or city with the location filters. This helps you find who is interested in your niche, and target leads in your area. How do you do it?

Add near:[city/country] to find tweets from your chosen location. If you want to pinpoint around a zip code, just add within:[X mi]. In the following example, I searched for Technology News in San Francisco. 

twitter search

Search by Hashtag

You can create your own branded hashtag and add it to the majority of your posts. You’ll want to stick to one hashtag, though, so you don’t confuse followers. One of the most successful hashtag campaigns was #ShareACoke, by Coca-Cola. The campaign invited people around the world to share a coke with their loved ones and it generated a flood of user content for Coca-Cola. 

engage twitter feed

Credit: Coca-Cola Co. 

If you start your own branded hashtag campaign, use advanced search to check the campaign’s reach. You can also identify influencers using the hashtag and retweet and comment, increasing brand recognition. You can learn more about how to keep an engaging Twitter feed in our post. 

Search for Keywords and Hashtags for Twitter Ads

When you have a Twitter for Business account, you can promote your product/services through Twitter Ads. But how do you know how to target your ads to the right audience? 

Use Twitter Advanced Search to find user accounts in your niche with a large followers’ base and a lot of hashtags. You can search for relevant keywords and hashtags, to find where to target your ads. 

You have your search results, now what?

Save your searches for future reference, of course. 

You can save up to 25 searches per Twitter account. That is enough to cover your main searches. How do you save a search? 

  1. When you finish with your search, click on the three dots on the right hand of the search query. 
twitter search results

2. Select Save Search

Then, you identify and engage with the people that share your posts, tag you or tweet about keywords in your niche. 

Keep tabs on your tweets with other people 

Once you start engaging with potential leads, it can be difficult to keep track of all the comments and responses. You can forget and tweet the same user twice. 

Prevent mistakes that can hurt your brand image by using the option From Accounts and To these accounts so you can check who you tweeted before. 

Cut Out Irrelevant Results

Not all the results you get are relevant. When leading with trending or popular topics or niches the number of results can be overwhelming. Weed out the irrelevant results by using the exclusion filter. 

It is as simple as adding the [-] symbol before a keyword, hashtag or Twitter handle. For instance, let’s keep with the example of the under the desk treadmill. You want to find users looking for recommendations for under the desk treadmills, but you don’t want the Titan Fitness brand. So, in the Advanced Search menu, scroll down to keywords and search for under the desk treadmills – titan fitness. 

You can also find tweets without links, just scroll and mark the option on the menu. 


Are you having issues with the Twitter search? Well, nobody is perfect and even the best features can have mishaps sometimes. Let’s review the most common problems and solutions:

  1. You cannot see your Tweets and hashtags in search

First, you should know that Twitter says in their Help page: We may not show every Tweet in search results. 

The algorithm only shows the most relevant and safe content in search results. So if your Tweets don’t contribute to the conversation or contain sensitive content they may not appear in searches.  

Protected Twitter account – in this case, only followers approved by you can see your tweets.

  1. Your account doesn’t appear in Twitter account search

This can happen if your bio is not complete or if your Twitter account is inactive.  

Boost Your Twitter Account With Uniclix Twitter Booster

Boost Your Twitter Account With UniClix Twitter Booster

Using the search features help with growing your audience. But, you should attract your new followers to an engaging and active Twitter feed. Use UniClix Twitter booster tool to target your audience, filter users and track performance. 

Target your audience

UniClix Twitter Booster presents you relevant accounts you can follow according to hashtags you choose. 

Clean up inactives

Inactive users, egg profiles and unwanted avatars can damage a Twitter feed. Fake followers and trolls don’t generate engagement. Moreover, since the Twitter algorithm only presents relevant and meaningful content in searches, it can actually hurt your online presence. Twitter booster identifies and gives you a list of inactive and unwanted followers to clean. 

Track performance

twitter search uniclix

The central dashboard gives you visibility over trending topics, number of tweets and followers. This is updated in real time so you can always have the latest data analytics to refine your Twitter strategy. 

How Do You Start With Uniclix Twitter Booster?

Just follow a few simple steps and you’re set:

  1. Go to, tap on the top right menu and select Products/Twitter Booster.
  2.  Register for your 3 days free trial. Use the same email that is connected to your Twitter account. 
  3. Click on the Get Started button. 
twitter booster

  1. Connect to Twitter account
uniclix twitter booster

Simply click in the Twitter symbol. Your picture and Twitter handle will appear. Then you’ll be taken to a page to manage your linked accounts. If you have more than one Twitter account, add them here.  

twitter booster - accounts

  1. Select relevant hashtags

Here you can choose the topics and hashtags for your accounts recommendations. Based on your choices, the app automatically suggests relevant accounts to follow. 

Target Audience - uniclix twitter

There’s much more of you can do with Twitter to optimize your marketing results. Take the opportunity and use the advanced search to your advantage, identifying leads and increase your engagement. Hopefully, the tips I mentioned in this post can get you started. But a good search strategy can be time consuming. 

Using a tool like the UniClix Twitter Booster can save you time and effort. The app takes charge of selecting relevant accounts to follow, engage and that could be potential leads. Work your Twitter strategy in the smartest way, starting today with your Twitter Booster trial. 

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