A Must Have List of Twitter Tools: 80+ Free Twitter Tools And Apps That Will Increase Your Twitter Engagement

2020 is almost here. Times are changing fast, especially for digital marketing folks. It is no news that social media marketing is a key strategy for growing your website (or blog) traffic quickly. Just look at the radiant Kylie Jenner who harnessed the power of social media alone to (arguably) become the youngest billionaire on the planet! 

But if you are struggling with your Twitter marketing and not getting the retweets or clicks you deserve, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will look at some of the best tools that help you get twitter traffic and increase your engagement. 

Over the years, I’ve used Twitter to pretty much start and grow a couple online businesses. From blogs, e-commerce stores, digital agency, and SAAS products. In a nutshell, Twitter is a great medium to start and promote your brand greatly.

With the platform’s 300+ million users, it is certain that businesses can leverage it to increase reach and grow your customer (or client) base.

Finding the right Twitter tool can be challenging at times, especially fit for purpose tool. And there’s a tool for just about every action that’s a part of your Twitter growth strategy.

Tools can be extremely productive, for increasing the engagement, following the right audience, managing communication, efficiency, research, and so much more. 

At Uniclix, we work closely with Twitter influencers; hence we tend to come across a variety of suggestions on Twitter social media tools. We’ve collected and used a bunch, so we thought will share with you! 

In this post, we will look at 80+ tools that will make your Twitter marketing strategy smother, and see instant results on your engagement. 

Here are all the tools we’ve found helpful and many more that we’re excited to try. 

80+ Free Twitter Tools and Apps that will Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Navigate this List Fast

Looking for something in particular? Try clicking one of these categories:

Follow/Unfollow |Analytics | Twitter Chat | Content |Hashtags | Pictures | Mentions | Scheduling | Best Time to Tweet | Trending Topics | Twitter Clients | Miscellaneous 

Twitter Booster: Follow / Unfollow 

One of the most powerful twitter growth platforms on the market, Grows your community on Twitter by targeting the right audience. Think of our Booster tool as a matchmaker that connects you with people most interested in what you have to offer. Prune your list of those you follow by seeing who follows you back, who’s recently unfollowed you, and who’s inactive.

Stemming from this, this helps you find & share content on the fly; and finally allows you to setup and track custom streams of social content, all organized by tabs so you can monitor them by category. Respond & comment directly on the content of your interest from the streams. 

ManageFlitter: Follow/unfollow in bulk

You can quickly sort your account and find people you might like to unfollow*, mute or block. Prune and clean-up your stream to get more out of Twitter. Moreover, they provide follow filters that helps you surface the right users to follow ny searching and filter people who have Tweeted about a keyword and find people in a certain location.

DoesFollow: Keep tabs on who follows whom

Does @BarackObama follow @realDonaldTrump? As expected, Nope. This app will help you keep tab on who follows whom. No setup required, just go ahead and plug the names. Well, it can be fun at times; so go ahead and give it a try it.

Tweepi: Clean up your followers 

Tweepi is a simple to use, yet incredible Twitter tool that will help you get Twitter followers fast. Forget about spending many hours of your time trying to discover and engage with users on Twitter; this tool will help you spend only a few minutes of your time on actions that will help you add more Twitter followers.

You can also use this to cleanup your Twitter account(s) and get rid of irrelevant, undesirable, or inactive users.

Commun.it: Track everything you need to know about your followers

This comes with a full-fledged follower dashboard to help you stay on top of everything metric related to your followers – their tweets, their retweets, influence, and much more. You can sign up for the free version to access 3 monitored leads, 3-day analytics limit, and 10-weekly engagements. Their paid options start from $19.99.

Twindr: Curate your Twitter feed with the help of Tinder

This iOS app allows you to clean up your Twitter feed by incorporating Tinder features (the swipe motion) to your Twitter followers. So, for example, you can swipe right to follow someone you like and vice-versa. 

FollowFly: See the best content produced by people 

We are living in an age where almost every brand worth its salt is producing content almost every day. So, staying on top of the “best content ever” can get a little overwhelming…unless you’re using FollowFly. Thanks to this app, you’ll never miss out on great tweets and content shared by your favorite brands. 

Twitter Tool to Analyze Your Performance

Daily 140: Track your daily Twitter metrics

Want to learn what your influencers, competitors, and followers are doing on a daily basis? This app emails you once a day with all the deets, including, all the new people followed by your competitors and tweets favorite by them. 

Audiense: Understand your target audience better

This is an all-in-one platform that provides analytics on your audience on Twitter. If you want to identify and understand your audience, regardless of how specific they are, this is a great app for you. 

Riffle: Study your users in detail

Riffle is a browser plugin that offers pretty thorough insights into any (or all) of your users on Twitter. You can see popular hashtags, statistics, and shared links, among other things related to your audience on Twitter.

Twitonomy: A complete dashboard to analyze user profiles 

Do you want to what a specific user likes, who they follow, or who they engage with on Twitter? Twitonomy provides valuable insights into the behavior of your or even your competitors’ Twitter users.

Klout: Measure your influencer score

Klout is a crafty little app that lets you track your influencer app on a scale of 1 to 100. You can also use it to schedule and create new tweets.

SumAll: Get email reports for your Twitter metrics

You can sync the SumAll app to your Twitter account to get daily/weekly emails on your user engagement, your mentions, and your new followers.

SocialRank: Find your most loyal followers

With SocialRank, you can find your top fans and most engaged followers. This can be highly useful if you want to track some of the most influential people to engage with on Twitter.

Klear: Get snapshots of your Twitter stats

Sync your Twitter account with Klear to see who is a part of your close network, which demographics you fit, and who you follow, among other equally valuable insights.

Bluenod: Get a detailed visualization of your users community

Thanks to Bluenod, you can see a multifold map about the community of your Twitter followers or the people using a specific hashtag.

Twitter account home: See your comprehensive profile overview

To see a highly detailed summary of all your Twitter activity in the last 28 days, head over to analytics.twitter.com. From your top mentions to your top tweets, you’ll find every account of all your activities here. 

Social Bearing: Look for Twitter profiles and tweets

Social Bearing is one of the most powerful search engine for anything Twitter. You can search for keywords, usernames, locations, followers, or interests, and then use this solid information to find new people to follow or analyze your competitors’ performance.

Stats for Twitter: Analyze your account

This iOS app lets you analyze anyone’s Twitter account, including your own. It also provides a detailed breakdown of all important Twitter stats, like your competitors’ new content, their new followers, their most popular tweets, etc.

Twitter Tools for Chats

Beatstrap: Collaborate with your team

This is a team liveblogging app that allows you to cover events, sports, and live news via hashtags. You can use this handy app to collaborate with your team through Twitter.

TweetChat: Manage your Twitter chat

Want to follow a specific hashtag to track the active tweets? This free tool allows you to track most popular hashtags and conversations, which you can use to create share-worthy content and gain more followers.

Twubs:  A Homepage for your Twitter chats

With Twubs, you can index a hashtag for your TwitterChat and collect/see all the tweets from one single location

Chat Salad: Keep an eye on upcoming chats

Chat Salad lets you see the upcoming Twitter chats and which hashtags they are using along with when they are scheduled (so you can join in when the time comes).

Nurph: Plan and organize your Twitter chats

This amazing app not only allows you to bring together your chat but also provides you with chat replays and follow-up statistics.

TwChat: Join real-time chat rooms

All you need to do with TwChat is submit your hashtag and then you can enter the chat room to engage with fellow tweeps!

Twitter Tools to Find New Content and Connect with Users

Nuzzel: Learn what the people are reading

Nuzzel allows you to see what topics are trending among the people you follow and their friends you maybe don’t follow. Get it? It’s a sort of discovery tool to find content ideas from your friends and their friends and so on. 

BuzzSumo: Find the top influencers

Want to see which influencers are getting the most shares and mentions on Twitter? Use BuzzSumo and type in any target keyword to find things like headline ideas, the most talked-about people on Twitter, what they are working on, and so much more.

Swayy: Find what your followers want

Swayy makes it easy to access content ideas and topics your followers are most interested in, at any given time. 

Twipho: Find stellar photos to share

Just type in a keyword or set a location to search all the pictures related to your topic ever shared on Twitter 

Digg Deeper: Search top stories from people you follow

This app displays the most popular content pieces shared by people you follow on Twitter. 

The Latest: Get the top-performing Twitter links on a daily basis

The Latest is a real-time app that provides most interesting links on Twitter on a day-to-day basis. So, for example, if you want to know what the most interesting people on Twitter did today, The Latest will spill the beans on that.

Twurly: Get daily emails of best Twitter links

Don’t have time to go through your entire Twitter feed to find the best links? Get Twurly which analyzes the page authority and popularity of all the links in your feed so you only see the bestest stuff.

Filta: Search the bios of your followers

Want to know which of your followers are into ice hockey? Get Filta and access the bios of all your Twitter followers for any keyword you fancy.

Followerwonk: Look up Twitter bios of your followers

Followerwonk is like a comprehensive database of all your Twitter feed, your followers and your competitors. 

Hash: A picture of top Twitter stories and hashtags

Hash gives you a visual presentation of the most popular and trending stories on Twitter. 

Brook: Get a daily report of top tweets

Brook sends you a daily email of the 5 top tweets from any top Twitter people you want.

Twitter Tools for Everything Twitter Hashtags

Rite Tag: Get top hashtag recommendations

Rite Tag

Looking for a way to see a specific hashtag’s popularity and overall reach? Get Rite Tag to get best suggestions regarding Twitter hashtags in your niche category.

Hashtagify: Learn a hashtag’s analytics

Type in any hashtag you want and discover everything about it – recent conversations, influencers, related tags, usage, etc.

Tagboard: Create a hashtag mood-board

With Tagboard, you can create mood boards around a specific hashtag by pulling up all the relevant content. 

Twitter Tools for Pictures

Pablo: Create a share-worthy picture within 30 seconds

Who wants to spend hours creating stunning images to share on social media when you can do it in 30 seconds? With Pablo, you can add beautiful backgrounds, inspiring quotes, your logo, or many other elements to create eye-catching images.

Spruce: The simplest way to create the greatest images

If you don’t have time or patience to spend hours to create attention-grabbing images, use Spruce for the task. 

Twitshot: View and share pictures from web pages

Just enter any URL and Twitshot will churn out all the pictures associated with that specific web page. This makes it super easy to see what you may want to share with your users.

Share As Image: Use text from a web page to add to your picture

Just highlight text from any web page you want and click the “share” button. This tool will turn the text into beautiful image to share with your followers.

Finch: Find or create new pictures

With Finch, you can turn your content ideas into endless streams of great pictures.

Twitter Tools for References and Mentions

Warble: Get notified every time someone shares your content


Warble will send you an email any time someone shares your blog posts from your site – even if they use a link shortener or “forget” to mention your username.

Keyhole: Get notified every time someone mentions a particular hashtag or keyword

Keyhole will help you track whenever someone mentions a specific URL, hashtag, or keyword. You can use this to keep an eye on mentions of your brand or content online.

The One Million Tweetmap: Track keywords in real-time

This is a geolocation app that lets you follow any keyword whenever it is tweeted at real places, in real-time. 

Twilert: Get email notifications for keyword mentions

Twilert will send you email every time someone mentions a keyword you’re tracking.

Mention: Stay on top of your mentions

The title pretty much says it all. This app helps you monitor any time you or your brand is mentioned on Twitter. It also analyzes any/all your keywords which you can see via email notifications or on your Mention dashboard.

MentionMapp: Get a picture of your mentions

This gives you a visual map of all your as well as your friends’ mentions on Twitter. 

Twazzup: Monitor your keywords in real-time

You can look for and track any hashtag, username, or keyword with Twazzup. This is a poignant tool to track all your influencers and users as well. 

Twitter Tools for Scheduling Your Tweets

Buffer: Set up your tweets


Buffer is an all-in-one tool that allows you to schedule your tweets, find share-worthy tweets, measure their performance, and much more.

Tweet4me: Use your DM to schedule tweets

Thanks to this app, you can use your Twitter direct messaging feature to schedule and send your tweets. 

Twitter Tools for Finding the Best Times to Tweet

Tweriod: Post your tweets at the best times

Analyze when’s the best time to post your tweets so you can get the maximum engagement. Tweriod studies your followers’ tweets as well as your tweets to do this.

TweetStats: Determine the best tweeting times for your brand

In addition to telling you when the most optimal time to tweet is, this app also tells you how many times you reply in comparison to original tweets, and how many tweets a day you’re sending.

TweetReports: Find out when your top fans are most active

This app analyzes the tweet stats from your top 25 followers and tells you when they are most active, so you can keep this in mind while publishing your tweets.

Trends24: See the hottest topics trending on Twitter worldwide


If you want to see the most trending videos, articles, or other content within the last 24 hours, this is the tool to use. It lists the topics on an hourly and geographic basis. For example, if you want to see what video is trending among Twitter users in Belgium or Belarus, head to Trends24.

Trendsmap: Track your local Twitter trends

This map-based tool reveals hashtags and topics that are trending in any part of the world. You can filter the results using My City, My Country, and much more.

iTrended: Look whether a certain keyword trended or not

Wondering if a particular keyword ever trended anywhere in the world in the last 15 days? This is an official Twitter trend reports and you can use this free tool to track the performance of any keyword you want.

Best Twitter Clients: Tools to Read, Send, and Manage Your Tweets More Efficiently

TweetDeck: Manage your Twitter timeline


This is probably the most popular Twitter client of all times. TweeDeck lets you stay on top of your followers, people you follow, your favored hashtags, your keywords, and so much more! If you are using Twitter for business purposes, this is a must-have tool (and it’s free!) 

YoruFukurou: Manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time

This web and iOS Twitter client is highly configurable and you can use it to create Twitter search tabs, picture thumbnails, and many other filters.  

Happy Friends: Get updates on your Twitter users

This efficient tool sends you notifications about everything your followers and friends are doing on Twitter. 

Twitterrific: Powerful iOS-based Twitter dashboard

This Apple-exclusive Twitter client has many awesome features like “find a GIF”, muffled hashtags, add descriptions using VoiceOver.

Twitter Dashboard: The official Twitter client

You can use this incredible tool to connect with your customers and audience and see what’s being said about your brand on Twitter. You can also use it to schedule your tweets and track their performance.

TheHash: Find what people are talking about today

Hash gives you visual access to the topics and news people are talking about worldwide.

Other Twitter Tools Worth Checking Out

Like Explorer: See how many tweets or likes a particular topic gets

Like Explorer

Just type in a URL and see how many likes, tweets, and shares that topic has received.

TW Birthday: Find out when someone joined Twitter

If you want to know when a certain individual or business joined Twitter, just enter their Twitter username in this app’s search bar and voila!

IFTTT Platform: Create “recipes” to make everything work together

This fun tool lets you create chains of simple actions in one device and syncs it with your other apps. In short, you can connect almost all your apps to each other for a seamless life and business. 

Over 630 apps, including Twitter, Google Drive, Weather Underground, and many devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, iRobot can be connected with this wondrous tool. 

Zapier: Automate it all

You can automate a lot of your activities with Zapier, including scheduling your tweets, engaging with your customers, collaborating with your team, and much more. If you are having trouble managing your time and want to ease the load a little, Zapier can be a life saver. 

GroupTweet: Collaborate with your team in the easiest way

This app is handy if you frequently work together with your coworkers or teammates. With GroupTweet, all of you can share the same account without having to enter a password every time one of the team member has to login. It also automatically attaches your business username at the end of tweets posted by individual members.

Tweet Topic Explorer: Find most common words used by any user

This is essentially a word cloud tool that displays most common words used by someone (or you) in their tweets.

Listen To Twitter: Convert a topic into a musical note

Another great fun tool that turns any keyword into a musical sentiment. If you type in a topic that has happier connotations attached to it, the resulting melody will be in a higher pitch. 

Meerkat and Periscope: Live broadcast your videos

Both of these platforms allow you to connect to Twitter (and other social media accounts) and live stream video to connect with your fans.

CoSchedule: Create and share Tweet-worthy content From WordPress 

This app lets you easily create great content for your Twitter audience right from your WordPress account. 

Bedazzle: Add rich text to your tweets

This is a Google Chrome extension that uses Unicode to turn your plain old text into something with a fancier font. You can add this to your tweet editor to create impressive text.

Pullquote: Share great quotes and pictures from any web page

There’s just something about quotes and images that’s more attention-catching than a 140-worded message, don’t you think? 

Who Tweeted It First: Determine where a particular story originated on Twitter

Just type in a keyword, and this tool will show you who the first person to ever tweet about it was.

Little Pork Chop: Cut your message into short snippets

This tool chops up your message or content into Twitter-friendly sized snippets and publishes them all in a sequence. 

Twitter Bookmarks: Create bookmarks on Twitter

The name says it all. You can use this tool to create and save bookmarks to your favorite links, images, or anything on Twitter.

Which Twitter tools do you use?

Did we miss some goodies? Let us know about your favorite Twitter tools and apps, and your experience with them! And don’t forget to check out our innovative Uniclix Twitter Booster to expand your social network and curate posts based on specific keywords and hashtags (to create the most audience-relevant content). In addition, the Uniclix Twitter Scheduling tool will publish your posts according to what the metrics decide is the best time to get maximum engagement. Try Uniclix Twitter Booster app now to find the most relevant and active Twitter users and get them to follow you!

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