7 All-Time Great Tweets And Why They Work

Twitter is a perfect social media platform to engage, entertain, and build relationships. As a business brand you would be wise to take advantage of the real-time marketing opportunities that Twitter provides. In search of the perfect Tweet? Heck―aren’t we all.

Author: Jim Waddell

Tweets have a relatively short shelf life so it’s critical to make the best use of those 280 characters.  This can be through written text, visual imagery, or a mixture of the two; but by all means stop boring your followers!  Let your personality shine through.

Whether you are a solopreneur striving to grow your following or a marketing manager in charge of your brand’s digital media strategy there are times when we all could use a little inspiration to keep the marketing machine going.


So, without an accompanying dramatic drumroll, here are 7 winning great tweets from popular brands that make our all-time great list:

First up is Delta Airlines. 
Great Tweets

Their awesome Tweet is both clever and funny.  Followers wouldn’t expect a picture of the “rear” of a jet plane but linking it to a very popular song at the time is priceless.  You can’t help but smile. In a world of flight delays, waiting time and lost luggage, Delta is reminding their tribe to lighten up and laugh a little.  

If the marketing goal was to engage and entertain I would say they hit a home run.  Will it make customers choose Delta over another airline? Who knows? But consider this:  how many ready, able to buy, customers walk into a clothing store and they are invisible to the store clerks.  No engagement? Fine. I’ll leave. No sale. Hmm …

Delta’s simple but unique Tweet generates a good vibe and, more importantly, it entertains their followers.  That’s spot on engagement. Well done.


Next up is everyone’s favorite cookie: Oreo 
Great Tweets

Oreo’s brilliant Tweet was sent in the middle of a Super Bowl when unexpectedly all the lights went out during the game.  Kudos to the creative brain who came up with that one. Simple, direct and spot on. It’s a great example of real-time marketing via Twitter.  In the moment marketing can largely be hit or miss and many brands might shy away from this social media strategy for that reason but Oreo was not afraid to experiment.  

The almost 15,000 re-tweets proves that their tweet resonated with their followers.  After all, everyone can relate to dunking a cookie in an ice cold glass of milk―even in the dark.  And, maybe it’s a not so subtle reminder during one of the biggest television events that Oreos make a terrific snack.   


Airbnb also makes our list of great Tweets.  
Great Tweets

Airbnb’s video tweet puts a unique spin on the statement that we all need a place to call home.  Travelling around the country, or the globe, or the galaxy(!), it’s nice to come home. The ingenious Tweet works well because it is so very relatable and it entertains us at the same time.  Airbnb also further takes advantage of the ultra-popular Star Wars phenomenon by using the hashtag #Maythe4thbewithyou.

Their Tweet resonates with all the hardcore Star Wars followers and of course they will share it with their friends.  Smart. It is also a clever non-intrusive reminder that if you have travel plans this 4th of July Airbnb can be your home away from home.  Marketing message received Luke.


Now, let’s take a look at a Tweet reply form Wendy’s 
Great Tweets

This is actually a Wendy’s reply to a Tweet from a customer asking how many re-tweets it would take to get a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets.  A noble quest for sure! It makes our list of greats for three reasons. First off, it shows that a gigantic brand can actually listen and respond to their customers.  We are listening Carter and the answer is: 18 million (only!). That audacious response in itself is quite humorous. Second, Wendy’s reply tweet basically started an Internet movement to help a kid get his chicken.  He even whipped up a website (nuggsforcarter.com) and he sells t-shirts to gather up as many re-tweets as possible. Wow, that’s some serious engagement.

Lastly, there is a bit of intrigue created around this whole event―helping Carter get his chicken.  What will happen? Check back for social media updates. That is all free publicity for the burger gal with the red hair.  And, how did all this come about? Simple, Wendy’s pays attention to their customers. Try and top that Mr. McDonald.


Next up is a sports related Tweet: “Daa-Bears” 
Great Tweets

Even sports brands aim to boost their social media engagement numbers.  As you can see the Chicago Bears football team took full advantage of the expanded character limit for tweets.  “Daa-Bears” is a classic line from a favorite Saturday Night Live sketch. Bravo to their marketing squad for aligning the NFL team with the typical Chicago over-the-top catch-phrase.  No doubt that all of their 1.5 million followers appreciated and shared this tweet.

It makes our list (not because I happen to be a Bears fan) because it’s unusual, funny and effective.  Mix a little humor into anything and engagement numbers tend go up. Blend in a unique beloved catch-phrase from a classic television show with a pro sports team and you have social media gold.     


Trending now: Netflix 
Great Tweets

These days it seems that practically everyone has Netflix.  Their amusing and witty Tweet is from the Online show sensation Making a Murderer.  In short the Netflix brand cashes in on the popularity of the show, their digital content, and even Google.  Search for answers and spoiler alerts about the show on Google? Okay, but even the all-powerful search engine doesn’t have the answers.  Very cleverly done.

Netflix was essentially fanning the flames surrounding their highly popular show.  The takeaway is that your brand needs to keep up with the trends and if your brand happens to be the center of attention then by all means jump in and join the conversation.  Their Tweet also skillfully uses the omnipresence of Google to drive home their marketing message. That is―nobody knows what will happen next so tune in, stream the show, and be a member of the Netflix tribe.  


Lastly let’s take a look at a Tweet from Amazon Help. 	
Great Tweets

I know what you’re thinking.  

How is this relatively vanilla Tweet on a list of all-time greats?

It’s a great example of how engagement even on a very personal level is possible even through social media.  While it’s true that Amazon is the reigning giant among the retail world, on a deeper level, their Tweet says we are here to help, we hear you, and we respond.  For each Amazon customer who might have an issue at some point that is music to their ears.

The Tweet reveals that Amazon cares.  They are upfront, honest and transparent in what they are offering.  In fact, their entire Twitter account (Amazon Help) is dedicated to serving customers.  While it’s not a particularly witty or funny Tweet it does reveal their rock solid customer care philosophy.  Does your brand share that same vision? So for those reasons their Tweet to Charlene makes our all-time list.  


Perhaps your brand will make the next great list? 

Remember, Twitter is a media platform built on engagement.  As a brand using Twitter you have an opportunity with every single Tweet to communicate more effectively with your audience.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with real-time Tweets. Be unique, authentic, and relatable in your content. Also, mix in a dash of humor when possible and ride the wave of popular trends.      

Most importantly, strike while the iron is hot.  When a moment of inspiration hits you. Sure crafting a great Tweet might be the job of an entire marketing department but don’t overanalyze, more likely a winner is born out of something you passionately feel.  

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