5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile
Facebook Profile
Would you purchase a brand new SUV, drive it to and from the office for months, and then never take it in for service? Of course not. Just as a vehicle needs periodic maintenance for an optimal ride, your social media accounts also require a few ‘touch ups’ from time to time. It’s important to periodically check under the hood of your social media profile to make sure all aspects are still relevant and your brand’s marketing message is on point.

Author: Jim Waddell


From a business perspective, your brand can’t afford to shift into neutral and just coast for a while.  Nope. Social media is all about what’s happening right now and you would be wise to keep churning out quality content.  Facebook, perhaps the most popular social media platform, does indeed let you “connect with friends and the world around you.”  

Facebook profile

Here are 5 easy ways to improve your Facebook profile and it will take less than an hour:

  • Make sure you’re using correct image sizes
  • Make sure your Bio is engaging and use all available profile input fields
  • Ask customers for positive reviews or testimonials
  • Showcase your top content with pinned posts  
  • ‘Like’ relevant pages from your Facebook page

1.  Make sure you’re using correct image sizes (and while you’re at it, change your cover photo)

Do you have some time to spare?  Good, because it really only takes a few minutes to optimize your photos for Facebook.  It’s a simple check to make sure your images are within platform guidelines. Each social network has optimal image sizes and knowing what those are is important.  Often all it takes is a digital crop or two to edit your images.

Keep in mind that your photos will be used in a variety of instances and they will appear on different devices.  How will these images look on a mobile device compared to a desktop? Don’t assume that Facebook will automatically make sure an image fits correctly because that does not happen.  It’s up to you.

Remember that photo from last year’s holiday gathering?  Are you still using that one as your cover photo? Then, my friend, it is time for an update.  Your Facebook cover photo area is prime real estate and you want to keep your content fresh and interesting.  People will absolutely notice a new picture. Consider changing it seasonally or otherwise.

Facebook Profile Page

Bottom line: make sure to use quality high-resolution photos with the suggested proper size.  

2.  Make sure your Bio is engaging and use all available profile input fields

Keyword: optimize.  It’s key that the text in your bio clearly explains what your business is, and what it has to offer.  At the same time, you also want to make sure the copy is engaging. Make it interesting. For instance, you could include a favorite motivational quote, or a powerful business statement that reflects your brand.  This will encourage folks to continue looking at your profile and content feed.

Since you are tuning up your Facebook profile you should also take the time to make sure that all of the available fields are filled out.  Not sure what to include in one of the fields so you left it blank? Bad idea. Leaving a field blank is a guaranteed way to come off as lazy or unprofessional even.  

Facebook Profile

Additionally, note that social networks often update how many fields are available in bios.  Chances are that if it’s been a while since you have updated your business’s Facebook page there is probably a new field to fill out.  Stay on top of your engagement game and complete all suggested fields.

3.  Ask customers for positive reviews or testimonials

Does your business take pride in providing a top shelf 5-star service?  Then don’t be bashful. Ask a few of your friendly clients for a positive review of your service and then you can market these within your content feed.  It only takes a few minutes to ask someone for their feedback. On Facebook you can also take advantage of the visitor post section. Here people can highlight the quality work you’ve been doing!  This is paramount because people tend to trust their friends’ opinions much more than any business advertisements.

Having positive reviews listed on your social profile will go a long way in earning people’s trust.  If they like you and trust you, chances are that they will do business with you. Increase your following, gain more customers, and grow your business.  Treat an endorsement for your brand as if it was gold―because within social media, it is.

Facebook Profile Tips


4.  Showcase your top content with pinned posts  

Unlike other posts, pinned posts—on Facebook—stay put. Your best-performing content should be pinned so that it always stays on the top of your timeline.  When a new visitor comes to your page these posts will be the first things they see so it has to be a star attraction piece.

What can you use for pinned content?  Almost anything goes. It could include a welcome video, an announcement, a special offer, or, of course, a great review of your work.  Be creative. You might pin a link to a popular blog post where it shows a high number of likes, comments and shares.

Facebook Profile setup

If you were to do just one of the five suggested tips let it be this one.  Otherwise you’re just not making best use of your Facebook digital real estate.  Word of mouth advertising? How about ‘word of likes’ marketing. Pinning strong content that markets your brand will pay off huge in social proof. Two thumbs up!  

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Facebook profile

5. ‘Like’ relevant pages from your Facebook page  

Another easy way to spruce up your profile is to ‘Like’ relevant pages from your Facebook page.  When you make your interests or the pages you like a public part of your profile, you’re giving folks another means by which to conceivably connect with you.  Sure that’s delving a bit deeper and thinking strategically about your entire Facebook profile but when building a brand, you want as many meaningful connections as possible.  When you ‘Like’ you are sharing more about yourself. More about your business. And, that’s the social part of social media after all.

Updating your interests is another easy way to tell people a little more about yourself and your business in a way they can relate to.  You could include positive interests or associations, such as local charities or unions; and even casual interests that you’re proud of.  These could be anything from your favorite sports team, or photography, to maybe website design.

Facebook Profile - UniclixApp

Also, consider the things you want your brand to be associated with.  These could include: industries, such as “marketing” or “copywriting”; industry leaders, like “Jack Welch” or “Daymond John”; and others.  So take a look at your ‘Likes’ and interests and delete (or ‘Unlike’) anything you don’t want people to associate with your brand. Your image matters.  Keep it polished.


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If you have a plan for your future social content, you can schedule your posts in advance (with a tool like UniClixApp. Then, you won’t constantly be watching the clock. You may even be able to take a vacation.

Share what’s new with your brand and take in the world around you all in one place.  Facebook. Enhancements to all your social media profiles, including the almighty Facebook, can be made in a surprisingly short amount of time.  It’s important to keep your profile updated, interesting, and relevant so don’t forget to schedule periodic tune ups for your profiles to keep your brand’s social media engine performing at optimal speed.


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