30 Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

30 Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

With well over 1.5 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet.  It’s also the perfect social media platform to establish and build your brand, hence Facebook Business Page is the key. That staggering number of users equates to marketing opportunities galore for your business. But along with those opportunities comes a tremendous amount of competition. Having an optimized Facebook business page is a priority for your brand if you wish to set yourself apart in this very competitive social media marketing arena.    

So your ‘to do’ list just got a little bit bigger.

You may want to go through these 30 tips and optimizations one by one and check them off as they are accomplished.  Or, simply browse through the list and apply what you need. Then, before too long your Facebook business page will be a proud display of brand identity and engagements.    ___

Build a solid foundation for your social marketing strategies with these first ten tips.  What I refer to as the “no-brainers.” for your Facebook business page
  1.  Grab you Facebook vanity URL

Mark your online real estate. Claiming a vanity URL for your Facebook business page is a no-brainer.  This is your custom brand―use something short and memorable. Your brand name or domain name is ideal.  It gives your page an easy to find URL that looks professional.   Also, be aware that Facebook usually requires a page to have at least 25 Likes before claiming a vanity URL.  But for your facebook business page that should be a breeze, right? If you haven’t done this already then this is check mark number one, this is your first step on how to create a facebook business page.  Go get it!

  1.  Complete Your About Section on Facebook business page

It’s who you are and what you do.  Completing the About Page of your Facebook business page is crucial.  It’s quite often the first place visitors will check out to find more information about your brand.    You might be surprised at how many Facebook About sections are ‘bare bones’ at best.  So, make sure all of your pertinent information is listed including website, contact information, social links, and benefits to your customer.  Deal with us, you are still on how to create a facebook business page section.  Here are some great great examples: 

Netflix the video streaming service posts clips of their new hot shows to keep their audiences in the loop.

Facebook Business Page - About Us Cats get all the attention on social media, so dies MeowingtonsAn online retail brand sells anything and everything related to cats – purrrrfect. facebook business page - about us

  1.  Use Correct Image Dimensions

Remember we are talking about the basics here “how to create a facebook business page” and correct image resolution is important.  If you display a distorted, out of focus image, people will, at best, think you are lackadaisical and, at worst, skip your Facebook business page entirely.  Take the time to get it right. For optimal image resolutions check out this piece by Have Camera Will Travel, or simply put your trusted friend Google to work.    

Recommendation: Use an image that’s at least 820 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. But if you want better quality, use an image that’s at least 1640 pixels by 720 pixels.

Facebook Business Page Examples of assembling multiple photos into a collage, and yes; we are still on “how to create a facebook business page” facebook business page hot to create facebook business page

  1.  Create Eye-Catching Images to Include with Your Posts

While we are on the subject of images, know that visuals are a powerful tool for any social media marketer.  Using an eye-catching image within a post will draw in folks browsing your page to go a bit deeper to see what your brand is all about.  Through visuals you can convey the exact message you want because they have the ability to communicate emotion and meaning almost instantly.   You don’t even need to be a great photographer.  Just grab your smartphone, snap a picture, apply an edit or two and … Boom!  Done.  What’s also impressive about including visuals, as your analytics will show, is that they usually produce better engagement results than non-visual content.   

Check out Sandra Dieckmann’s Facebook cover, where she rotates her latest and greatest pieces. Don’t be afraid to show off a little!

facebook business page   This Facebook business page cover by D&AD goes back to the roots of creativity, see image below. Creative Facebook cover Lets do one more example,  NoteMaker, an online stationery shop, displays some of their key items of stock neatly and effectively by ordering them by colour, truly an eye-catching design for a facebook business page! Product display Facebook cover

  1.  Pin a Post

Have a post that you are particularly proud of?  Take advantage and use it as a marketing tool. You have the opportunity to pin a post to the top of your Facebook business page feed.  This way it will be the very first post your visitors see.

And, just like the old saying―first impressions are lasting impressions.  Make it count and pin it!
How to Pin a post: 

You'll need to be an admin or editor to pin Page posts. 

To pin a post to the top of your Page's timeline:
  1. Go to the post on your Page's timeline
  2. Click  in the top right of the post
  3. Select Pin to Top of Page


You can pin any type of post, it can be a text, images, video, or even live videos. Here’s an example of live video and how it looks like Refinery29’s Facebook Page:


  1.  GIFs

In the same way that emoticons convey a certain emotion or reaction, GIFs (short animated pictures) essentially perform the same function. And we all love to share funny reaction GIFs on social media, especially the millennials. They really identify with and enjoy using GIFs. So mix in some humor to your Facebook business page content with GIFs and see what affect that will have for your engagement numbers.  Chances are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here are some great GIFs Bernie Sanders Boo GIF - Facebook business page

  1.  Promote Your Page within your Email Signature

I’m sure you’ve seen this many times within emails you have received.  A link or two at the bottom included after the signature for a website or a social media profile (often a @Twitter link ).You should do the same―put a small link to your Facebook page just after your email ‘John Hancock.’ Many people often overlook this but doing so will surely bring more visits (and more Likes) to your Facebook business page.  

  1.  Tag Other Accounts

If you’re trying to get someone to notice your business or perhaps build a partnership, tag them in your content posts. Even if you just want to show some love to your favorite profiles―tag them. Tagging helps send eyeball traffic to the other account and fosters a reciprocal relationship.  

  1.  Use Hashtags

Including industry specific hashtags will help your business reach a wider audience and connect with others who have similar interests.  You can also put your brand’s spin on trending subjects by including popular hashtags in your posts. In other words, you can join the conversation of the day.  Be sure to offer relative content though as everything you post (including hashtags) reflects on your brand’s image and the last thing you want is for someone to think you are just spamming.    

Don’t put your #hashtag in the middle of the #sentence. That makes #reading the sentence #annoying. Hashtags are also a great way for Facebook business page & social monitoring. If you have a specific hashtag for you brand, you can quickly check what others are saying through hashtag monitoring. This is a great way to measure your positive and negative sentiment.

You can use UniClix to set up social media streams that monitor conversations and keywords. social mentions When you see an opportunity to reach out to potential customers, influencers, or advocates, you can respond directly or assign the response to someone else on your team.

  1.  Include a Call to Action (CTA)

If you are building a solid foundation for your Facebook business page you must remember to include CTAs within some of your posted content.  Otherwise you may end up wondering why that terrific post from the other day didn’t stir up a bit more engagement. Don’t expect your followers to magically know what you want them to do.  Tell them. Include a CTA such as “Please share your thoughts, comment below” or “Sign up for our email newsletter.” To put it another way, you want to emotionally engage your fans. Make them feel something and then get them to take a desired action.   Here is a great article on Call To Action: 31 Call to Action Examples You Cant Help But Click  ___

Take a breath.

Now that you (hopefully) have a solid foundation to build upon let’s keep the flow going and add a few more engagement layers to your Facebook business page.   

  1. Update/Change your Facebook Cover Photo

Breathe some new life into your page.  Maybe it’s just time to switch it up and change your picture. This will bring an updated fresh look to your followers and helps to attract new potential customers.

 You can even get creative. For instance, think of the cover photo as mini billboard for self-promotion.  A big announcement? A contest? A new logo? An industry award? You get the picture (pun intended).
  1.  Test Different Media Types

One of the things that makes Facebook such a lively platform is the various media formats it supports. If you’re finding that some of your content seems to go basically unnoticed, then do some experimenting.  Your presentation matters; maybe it’s not the content that’s missing the mark, it could just be your chosen format.  Try something different.   A lengthy written article covering sales techniques can be a bit salty for most, but as a video or a podcast presentation, well … that’s a different story.  Perhaps that media format, along with the entertainment value, might just be what you need to better connect with your audience.

  1.  Recycle Previous Successful Content

Use what works.  Simple. Recycling prior successful content is a strategy that is often underutilized.   Sure you want to create original content each and every time but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Take a look back and see what has performed well for your business in the past.  Then spin-off that content to create new material for you to post. Chances are that some of your fans may have missed it the first time around anyway.   Don’t get bogged down with the notion of re-using content.  Your favorite radio stations play the same popular songs over and over.  Why? When you have a hit song it works so perfectly. Similarly, when you have created well received content go ahead and recycle.  It works. With Uniclix platform you can reschedule old content directly within the platform.

  1.  Share User Generated Content (UGC)

Here is a way to make your fans feel appreciated and at the same time, lighten your creative content workload.  Share user generated content. Your loyal adoring fans like to create and share content that reflects the brands they love―your brand.  So you can make them feel extra special by sharing the content they have so thoughtfully created for you. This is a neat little trick to use when your creative juices are running a bit low.   

  1.  Use Custom Facebook Tabs

A great feature to take advantage of is the use of Facebook tabs.  Custom tabs let you control the content your visitors see when they come to your page.  For example, if you want to create a custom landing page within your Facebook page to get more email newsletter subscribers, then use a custom tab.   A custom Facebook tab allows you to create a customized landing page for almost any purpose.  Run a trivia contest, market your free product trial, poll your Facebook audience on a trending topic, or simply highlight a future event for your business.  Endless opportunities. These are easy to set up and it creates a much richer user experience on your Facebook business page.

  1.  Offer a Facebook Contest

Everybody loves a fun contest.  How to get the word out and have your FB friends share your contest with their friends?  Simple. Offer an extraordinary prize. Need a few ideas? You are sure to find one you fancy here: Creative Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Use Today.     Great resource: 25 Creative Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Use Today   FB contest idea for Facebook business Page

A Facebook contest is a terrific opportunity to engage your fans and have some fun as well within your Facebook business page.  
  1.  Use Facebook Reactions to Poll Audience

So, how did that Facebook contest work out?  (hint, hint) That was just a little reminder about the previous suggestion.   Want a sure-fire way to increase your brand’s engagement numbers?  Ask your audience a question; specifically conduct a fun amusing poll using the Facebook reactions feature.  What’s the popular opinion on a given subject or the big game next weekend? Set up the voting according to the reactions you’ve assigned to each answer then sit back, monitor and enjoy the voting process.  If you are clever enough go ahead and offer a poll of this kind each week to draw in more responses and more potential customers.

  1.  Experiment Using Humor and Wit

Not to be overlooked is the universal fact that we all like to laugh.  Humor mixed into your social media updates can be a powerful engagement tool.  For example, a funny meme or GIF actually creates an emotional connection between the brand and the reader.  So feel free to experiment by adding a bit of humor to your posts and see if it resonates with your fans. Dry humor, dead pan sarcasm, or maybe dish out some shade in the direction of your competitors.  Share the humor and the smiles with your following.

  1.  Increase Transparency

Honestly, people want to get to know you.  They want to learn about your story, what motivates you, and what drives you.  Increasing your transparency when you share content strengthens loyal fan relationships and builds trust.  Ponder this question: would you post your all-time 5 biggest mistakes you’ve made? If so, your audience would undoubtedly appreciate your candor and truthfulness.     When your fans ‘like’ and trust you, they buy from you.  Why not give them an inside look at your business? You just might be rewarded with a long term customer relationship

  1.  Offer Behind the Scenes Access

Following up on the previous tip to raise transparency levels you may want to also offer behind the scenes access to your business.  This makes fans feel special; as if they belong to an inner circle concerning your brand. In short, this special access is a powerful way to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer.         Show your fans what your business is all about and the “day-to-day” operations.  How about a video tour of the office, or of the warehouse where the products are actually made, or perhaps an inside peek at the legendary storyboard brainstorming room.  In other words, open the door to your business and invite your fans to come in. Welcome.  It may not be quite as fascinating as a tour of the Wonka Chocolate factory, for instance, but I think you get the idea.     ___

The next group of ten are what I like to call “top shelf.”  

I keep most of my favorite (i.e. best) shirts in the top shelf.     So, these are some of the best ways to optimize your FB business page and drive your brand’s engagement levels to new highs.   

  1.  Include Like Buttons on Website or Blog

Having Facebook Like buttons on your website or blog will bring in additional traffic to your Facebook business page.  For a growing business that’s exactly what you want. Turn your website customers or blog readers into social media fans and remember to entice them in to Like your page with a specific CTA.   Consider also using a popup on your website with social channels.  A search for your business on Google might only lead customers directly to your website so having a popup is another terrific way to funnel website visitors to your social media platforms.

  1.  Create a Facebook Group

If you really want to set your brand apart from the competition, then start your own Facebook group.  Here you can really engage with your tribe. Share and discuss topics of mutual interest with like-minded individuals.  And, having a popular Facebook group will certainly expand your reach and grow your audience.

What’s that old saying about birds of a feather?  Exactly.
  1.  Promote Your Facebook Business Page with FB Ads

Think your brand is ready for the major leagues?  Well one sure-fire way to get there is to use Facebook’s advertising tools.  Put your business on the fast track to success. Promote your page with Facebook ads and you will reach your target audience that much faster.  Your brand will essentially be front and center to the people who are most interested in what you have to offer. Bottom line: Facebook ads get results.     For a few great FB ad strategies check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s (even though he is a Jets fan) post here: Facebook business Page

  1.  Offer a Question & Answer Session

You are the authority in your field.  So prove it. Offer a Q&A session with your followers.  Folks in the Real Estate industry do this all the time; it’s a great way to boost engagement and educate at the same time.  Facebook’s various media formats make it an ideal way to conduct an interesting Q&A event.   Think of it almost in the same way as a webinar.  Post a start date and time for questions. Then you could answer those questions via a live video feed, or simply a pre-recorded audio/video file, or even just post a list of top ten questions with answers.  Be sure to build up the hype and market the event to bring in tons of much wanted attention to your Facebook business page.

  1.  Facebook Video

As a social media marketer this should not be a news flash for you: the majority of posted content across mainstream social media platforms is trending toward video.  This is certainly true of Facebook as well. Video performs especially well with FB because it’s easy to share and entertaining. Why read when you can watch.   Also, with cameras and video editing tools on almost every cell phone now, anyone can produce some stellar video.  Need a little kick start for your content feed? Try adding video for your audience and then monitor engagement activity.  It could be just the creative boost that your followers want.

  1.  Facebook Live

We just talked about the marketing force that is video, so let’s take the video angle up a notch.  Consider a live broadcast. Anyone now on Facebook can, with a click of a button, be on the air live to their fans.  That is an opportunity for some serious engagement.   There are many creative ways to use live video.  Introduce a new product line, offer an inside look to your brand, take Q&As, or ask for audience opinions.  Be creative. Experiment with Facebook Live and start interacting with your audience in real time.  This is pure marketing gold.     

  1.  Showcase Success Stories

Success leaves a trail.  There is nothing wrong with a little FB business page self-promotion here.  Show off your past client success stories. Personal trainers often do this with their clients.  Diet and exercise can work wonders; just look at these folks who have taken my fitness program. The before and after images speak volumes.  A captivating story wrapped around your own success chronicles will no doubt lead to more customers and more interest in what your brand has to offer.   

  1.  Partner with Influencers

In the same manner that Facebook Ads can catapult your brand to appear in front of many new potential customers, partnering with an industry Influencer can yield similar impressive results.  Sure you may have to pay depending on the popularity of the influencer but the back end payoff can be huge. You will connect with a new audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads.  If exposure is what your brand needs, then strike a win-win deal with a popular influencer and get ready for the wave of attention that is headed straight for your Facebook business page.  

  1.  Share Instagram Content

If you have a Facebook business page, chances are that you have an Instagram account as well.  You know all those fantastic photos you post on Instagram? Why not connect the two and share them to your Facebook feed?  It’s a great way to reel in more followers. Your Facebook fans can now follow you on Instagram and vice versa.

  1.  Facebook Exclusive Promotions

Facebook is the most popular social media platform for a reason.  Now make your fans feel extra special by offering exclusive promotions, discounts, and giveaways.  These are great incentives for potential followers and it certainly gets them to take action. Your CTA might be something such as “Discount offered only to Facebook followers” or “Offer valid only for Facebook followers.”  Think of it as your fans being part of an exclusive club.   ___   By now you should have an arsenal of Facebook business page optimization tips to put into action.     Thirty plus one.  A bonus. Everyone loves a bonus.     

  1.  Use a Social Media Management Tool

If you are seriously looking to take your social media efforts to the next level, you should consider using a social media management tool.  This can save you time and effort by organizing everything into one platform for you to schedule updates, monitor your accounts, listen to what your fans are saying, and much more.  It’s almost as if you have your own crew of Oompa Loompas tirelessly working for your brand.     Alright.  That’s the last Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory reference.     Why use something like this?  Simple. It works. It will save you time and that’s something we can all use a bit more of.    ___ Social media platforms continue to offer a great opportunity for businesses to connect with the people who love their brand.  By improving your Facebook business page, you can reach new levels of engagement, connect with more loyal fans, and capitalize on marketing opportunities.  Hopefully the ideas presented here will help to put your brand on a fast track to success.

Facebook.  From dorm room to global influencer, that’s quite a story indeed.  What will your brand’s legacy be? Only time will tell, but I, for one, will be patiently waiting to hear your story.   


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